Young & Hungry
Season 4

s04e01 / Young & Hawaii

2nd Jun '16 - 12:00am
Young & Hawaii

Gabi and a fellow traveler pretend to be newlyweds at a couples-only resort in Hawaii.

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s04e02 / Young & Hurricane

9th Jun '16 - 12:00am
Young & Hurricane

A hurricane traps Gabi in Hawaii with Josh. Elliot feels upset when Yolanda comes to his rescue instead of Alan.

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s04e03 / Young & Fried

16th Jun '16 - 12:00am
Young & Fried

Josh is made to think that Gabi has landed a job with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis.

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s04e04 / Young & Piggy

23rd Jun '16 - 12:00am
Young & Piggy

Gabi and Sofia both try and secure a promotion. Gabi's efforts to order bacon in bulk do not go to plan.

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s04e05 / Young & Fostered

30th Jun '16 - 12:00am
Young & Fostered

Elliot and Alan are surprised after their new foster daughter turns out to be not an infant, but a teenager with an attitude problem.

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s04e06 / Young & Assistant

7th Jul '16 - 12:00am
Young & Assistant

Gabi, Elliot and Yolanda plot to get Josh's new assistant fired after he proves to be too good at his job. Sofia has a change of opinion about her annoying new neighbor.

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s04e07 / Young & Bowling

14th Jul '16 - 12:00am
Young & Bowling

Gabi looks for her long-lost aunt. Josh remembers a childhood trauma involving bowling.

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s04e08 / Young & Sofia

21st Jul '16 - 12:00am
Young & Sofia

Having secured a job working for media entrepreneur Logan Rawlings, Sofia must land an exclusive interview with a hot new artist.

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s04e09 / Young & Matched

28th Jul '16 - 12:00am
Young & Matched

Josh and Gabi bet about who can get the most dates at a speed dating event.

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s04e10 / Young & Screwed

4th Aug '16 - 12:00am
Young & Screwed

Gabi, Sofia, and Yolanda have to stay over with Josh while their building is treated for termites. But Josh and Gabi are uncomfortable staying together and try to make sense of an awkward situation. Meanwhile, Alan suggests a weekend getaway to cheer up Elliot, but his destination of choice is Josh's penthouse, making it an even more crowded house.

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