Z Nation
Season 1

s01e01 / Puppies and Kittens

13th Sep '14 - 2:00am
Puppies and Kittens

In Upstate New York, a zombie baby proves to be an obstacle for a diverse group of survivors, as they head cross country in hope of creating a cure for the living-dead condition.

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s01e02 / Fracking Zombies

20th Sep '14 - 2:00am
Fracking Zombies

In New Jersey, Cassandra's past comes back to haunt her, and the survivors run out of fuel and undertake a dangerous mission in order to fill up.

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s01e03 / Philly Feast

27th Sep '14 - 2:00am
Philly Feast

In Philadelphia, a group of psychotic outlaws confronts the survivors and a connection exists between the two parties.

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s01e04 / Full Metal Zombie

4th Oct '14 - 2:00am
Full Metal Zombie

What's worse than a zombie? An army of zombies (as in, literally a zombie army). Plus, 10K's mysterious past revealed.

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s01e05 / Home Sweet Zombies

11th Oct '14 - 2:00am
Home Sweet Zombies

The survivors look for Warren's missing husband in Central Illinois. A zombie tornado leaves everyone in danger.

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s01e06 / Resurrection Z

18th Oct '14 - 2:00am
Resurrection Z

A newly-found utopian enclave may not be all that it seems near Branson, Mo.

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s01e07 / Welcome to the Fu-Bar

25th Oct '14 - 2:00am
Welcome to the Fu-Bar

The survivors struggle to recover from a shocking death; and in Kansas they happen upon a gun show that makes the zombie apocalypse look calm.

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s01e08 / Zunami

1st Nov '14 - 2:00am

A zombie tsunami hits the survivors, who are forced to take some drastic action to stay alive.

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s01e09 / Die, Zombie, Die... Again

8th Nov '14 - 3:00am
Die, Zombie, Die... Again

Mack wants to go on a proper date with Addy, but finds himself stuck in some Groundhog Day-like nightmare.

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s01e10 / Going Nuclear

15th Nov '14 - 3:00am
Going Nuclear

The survivors square off against radioactive zombies when they arrive in a South Dakota town that's on the brink of nuclear disaster.

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s01e11 / Sisters of Mercy

22nd Nov '14 - 3:00am
Sisters of Mercy

The two groups of survivors reunite in Utah, where they come upon an all-female commune that seems like paradise-that is, until someone ends up dead.

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s01e12 / Murphy's Law

29th Nov '14 - 3:00am
Murphy's Law

Murphy is kidnapped by a group of outlaws trying to crack the "Fort Knox of Oxycontin". As the survivors battle drug-enhanced zombies, a startling discovery is made about Murphy's abilities.

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s01e13 / Doctor of the Dead

6th Dec '14 - 3:00am
Doctor of the Dead

Citizen Z redeploys the survivors to Fort Collins to meet with Murphy's doctor.

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