Season 3

s03e01 / Circus

17th Oct '18 - 10:00pm

Brian is being forced to perform in a travelling circus, run by the sadistic Feffenhoffer. Barbara and Steg set out to rescue him while Herman accidentally traps a fairy. Stuck on Earth, Howell tries desperately to get back to Munty.

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s03e02 / Chef

24th Oct '18 - 10:00pm

Brian pitches for a job in the pub while Herman helps an old warrior friend. Barbara finds herself in charge of the Munty Pet show, which Howell is attempting to fix.

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s03e03 / Popcorn

31st Oct '18 - 10:00pm

Brian hits on an idea for a sure-fire money-spinner when he introduces popcorn to Munty. Steg follows his success jealously. Barbara has her hands full with a demanding client - the leading lady in the Munty Clack Dancers. Meanwhile Munty's most unhappy gangster, Slasher Morgan orders Howell to make a truth drug, with unexpected results. There's much excitement about the Protector's Wisdom-Giving festival, a high point of the Munty cultural year.

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s03e04 / Barrel

7th Nov '18 - 10:00pm

Herman relaunches the pub, new look, new drinks and an advert in the local paper. But when Brian collects the wrong barrel from the docks the entire gang end up trapped inside. Meanwhile the deadly disease of Woodpox is sweeping through Munty.

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s03e05 / Book

14th Nov '18 - 10:00pm

Brian has the amulet that can get him home, but it doesn't work. Howell tricks him into getting a book from the sinister Munty Library to help. Barbara's mother comes to visit and takes a shine to Herman. Meanwhile Steg is mistaken for a goblin.

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s03e06 / Amulet

21st Nov '18 - 10:00pm

Brian joins the Munty Reserve forces for some easy money. Barbara finally gets into the Seers Guild and Steg joins a Dragon Spotting Society. But Howell knows that there is something menacing lurking outside Munty and it's getting closer.

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