TV Episode Summaries for
13th October 2021

The Resident Season 5, Episode 4

Now What??

Airs: 12:00am - 1:00am on FOX

In trying to find a way to channel his emotions, Conrad puts all his effort in looking for answers. Raptor has a run-in with the police that ends up taking a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Leela begins noticing problems with a surgeon who has been Bell's mentor.

DC's Stargirl Season 2, Episode 10

Summer School: Chapter Ten

Airs: 12:00am - 1:00am on DC Universe

Courtney is left devastated after discovering a dark secret that Pat has kept hidden from her. However, when they learn that Jennie may be able to help in their plan to stop Eclipso, they're forced to put their issues aside as they set out on a road trip to find her. Meanwhile, Beth makes a shocking discovery about The Shade.

House of Payne Season 10, Episode 9

Me Against the World

Airs: 12:00am - 12:30am on TBS

Coming Soon...

Dancing With the Stars Season 30, Episode 5

Disney Week: Villains Night

Airs: 12:00am - 2:00am on ABC

Coming Soon...

The Voice (US) Season 21, Episode 8

The Battles Part 2

Airs: 12:00am - 1:30am on NBC

The battle rounds continue as the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses Jason Aldean, Kristin Chenoweth, Dierks Bentley and Camila Cabello to prepare their artists to go head-to-head in hopes of advancing to the knockouts. Each coach has one steal and one save at their disposal.

Supergirl Season 6, Episode 15

Hope for Tomorrow

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on The CW

Supergirl continues to fight Nyxly for the remaining totems but after Nyxly kidnaps William, Supergirl realizes she needs to take a more proactive stance to keep National City safe. Meanwhile, Alex faces the biggest challenge of her life.

FBI Season 4, Episode 4

Know Thyself

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on CBS

The team hunts for a serial killer who is targeting young, homeless men. Also, Tiffany and Scola don't see eye to eye on how to handle the case or the difference between partners and co-workers.

The Oval Season 3, Episode 1

An Eye For An Eye

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on BET

The President and First lady barely dodge death but continue in their ways. Hunter vows for revenge, Victoria has lustful eyes on Sam, and Jason is ready to finish the job someone else started of taking his mother out.

Our Kind of People Season 1, Episode 4

Crabs in a Gold Plated Barrel

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on FOX

Angela meets with Nikki's father, Nate, as she deals with the tabloids chasing her after her paternity secret is revealed. Meanwhile, Angela's best friend, Tommy "Tizzie" Jones, arrives in Oak Bluffs to help her with the grand opening of the Eve's Crown flagship store. Then, Teddy confides in Leah, Nikki and Taylor get closer and Raymond meets with a face from the past to help get his company back from Teddy.

La Brea Season 1, Episode 3

The Hunt

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on NBC

With the survivors' food supply dwindling, Eve and Ty venture into the forest on a risky hunting expedition only to face unexpected dangers that threaten their survival. As an unlikely rescue mission comes to fruition, Gavin must put his faith - and the fate of his family - in the hands of an old friend with whom he shares a complicated past.

Moonshine Season 1, Episode 5

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on CBC

Love isn't in the air and it's not just because the Moonshine is hosting a pirate-themed wedding complete with a mermaid-adorned chuppa and a missing bride and groom. But not every relationship is doomed. Daniel is back in town and ready to go all-in with Lidia and the kids, but is Lidia aligned? Meanwhile, Rhian is having the best sex of her life with... Oscar - who unbeknownst to her, has Crystal on the case, wired up to eavesdrop on the family. But is Rhian's heart the only thing he's going to break?

American Crime Story Season 3, Episode 6

Man Handled

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on FX

The Office of the Independent Counsel ensnares Monica Lewinsky, holding her for 12 traumatizing hours in a hotel room.

Queen Sugar Season 6, Episode 6

Or Maybe Just Stay There

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on OWN

Coming Soon...

New Amsterdam (2018) Season 4, Episode 4

Seed Money

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on NBC

Max struggles with a new fiscal reality at the hospital. Dr. Sharpe is on a mission to provide follow-up cancer screenings for patients before it's too late. Bloom grapples with Dr. Shinwari's new overnight schedule.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 4


Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on CBS

The team must determine if the kidnapping of a young Chinese-American woman is a random hate crime or if she was specifically targeted, in order to find her. Also, Jess and Sarah struggle with Tali's continued rebellious streak.

FBI: International Season 1, Episode 4

American Optimism

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on CBS

The team investigates an American citizen who is proclaiming his innocence after seeking sanctuary at Madrid's U.S. embassy while still covered in the blood of his murdered Spanish boyfriend. Also, Vo and Raines continue to grow their friendship.

Chucky Season 1, Episode 1

Death by Misadventure

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on Syfy

When teen Jake Wheeler buys a vintage doll at a yard sale, his young life changes forever.

The Daily Show Season 27, Episode 9

Phoebe Robinson

Airs: 3:00am - 3:30am on Comedy Central

Trevor covers COVID-19 vaccination news, Michael Kosta examines a free speech battle in New Jersey, and Phoebe Robinson discusses "Please Don't Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes".

The Tonight Show [Fallon] Season 9, Episode 17

Daniel Craig, Meghan Trainor, Chlöe

Airs: 3:35am - 4:35am on NBC

Jimmy welcomes Daniel Craig, Meghan Trainor, and a musical performance by Chlöe.

On My Block Season 4, Episode 9

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

With the prom fast approaching, Jamal searches for the perfect theme and Ruby stresses over finding the perfect date. Abuelita fesses up.

The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2, Episode 2

Claudia and the New Girl

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

A slumber party quiz sparks intrigue, uncertainty and an awkward beginning for Claudia and Mallory. Elsewhere, Kristy learns to let go of control.

Leverage: Redemption Season 1, Episode 13

The Hurricane Job

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on IMDb TV

Stuck together during a massive hurricane, Eliot and Parker must stop a band of corrupt cops who have taken over a small hotel, and find what the cops are searching for, before it's too late

Only Murders in the Building Season 1, Episode 9

Double Time

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on Hulu

With the residents growing upset at the building's negative publicity, the trio faces a revolt. Charles is visited by an old colleague who sheds light on his past.

Pretty Smart Season 1, Episode 5

Yikes! Grant asked Chelsea for a favor!

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

Eager to know if Claire likes him, Grant asks a reluctant Chelsea to do a little investigating. Solana searches for a macho Mr. Right.

A Tale Dark & Grimm Season 1, Episode 5

Chapter the Fifth: A Smile As Red As Blood

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

Hansel's fate takes a devilish turn when Lord Meister loses a bet. Gretel's shocked to learn that a handsome young man isn't what he seems.

Grand Designs Season 22, Episode 7

Essex: Cantilevered House

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on Channel 4

Kevin McCloud follows the progress of ex-advertising man Geoff, who is selling his luxury villa in Spain and moving into a caravan while he project manages the construction of a dramatically cantilevered steel-framed house on the Essex coast, costing a total of £700,000. But after the anchoring steel has been drilled into the ground, he runs into the double trouble - Covid-19 and a collapse in the Spanish property market. Will he ever finish this complicated - and expensive - construction?

Brassic Season 3, Episode 2

Series 3, Episode 2

Airs: 10:00pm - 11:00pm on Sky1

Vinnie's friend Gideon calls to say his mother has passed away, and asks Vin to help him honour her final wishes with a dignified farewell.

Hitmen Season 2, Episode 5

Soft Launch

Airs: 10:00pm - 10:30pm on Sky1

After Fran has a secret meeting with a private investigator Jamal to dig up dirt on Kat, she and Jamie shop for their last hit together. Fran seems surprisingly upbeat about the end of their professional partnership, clearly convinced that she will be able to expose Kat to Jamie. But when Jamal discovers nothing, the guilt kicks in and Fran and Jamie get emotional as they take out their final hit - gobby spa owner and human trafficker Siobhan.

Hitmen Season 2, Episode 6


Airs: 10:30pm - 11:00pm on Sky1

Fran wakes up in Kat's basement, chained to a bed and confronted with a table of computer monitors with live CCTV feeds of rooms around Kat's mansion. Her true intentions revealed, can Fran stop Kat from serving Jamie her last meal?
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