TV Episode Summaries for
17th February 2019

Ransom Season 3, Episode 1


Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on CBS

Eric and the Crisis Resolution team are brought in to negotiate a blood money payoff when a man is murdered and his wife is threatened to be next.

Saturday Night Live Season 44, Episode 13

Don Cheadle / Gary Clark Jr.

Airs: 4:30am - 6:00am on NBC

Host Don Cheadle; Gary Clark Jr performs.

One Day at a Time Season 3, Episode 9


Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

When Penelope has anxiety attacks, her support group helps her figure out what's triggering her, how to cope and why she's not telling her kids.

PEN15 Season 1, Episode 9

Anna Lishi-Peters

Airs: 4:59am - 5:29am on Hulu

Anna gets to sleep over at Maya's house on a school night and can't wait to become part of the Ishii-Peter family. But things turn as Anna gets a little too comfortable.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1, Episode 2

Run Boy Run

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

After sharing the story of his time travel with Vanya, Five hunts for the owner of a fake eye. But two mysterious assassins are hot on his trail.

Fairy Tail Season 8, Episode 19

What I Want to Do

Airs: 7:00am - 7:30am on TV Tokyo

While fierce fighting continued throughout Fiore, there was also a case in Magnolia's "Fairy Tail" guild. For the moment the crisis has left, Lucy listens to the voice of Brandish to hear the information of her mother, Leila. But for a moment, hands stained with hatred and anger approached Lucy!

The Dragon Prince Season 2, Episode 3

Smoke and Mirrors

Airs: 2:00pm - 2:30pm on Netflix

Callum searches for a way to tell Ezran the sad news, and Rayla sets a trap for Claudia and Soren. Viren watches a mysterious figure in the mirror.

Top Gear Season 26, Episode 1

Series 26, Episode 1

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on BBC TWO

Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris head to Norway in the latest estate cars from Porsche and Ferrari, while Rory Reid and Sabine Schmitz aim to create Britain's newest mountain with the help of a tiny Suzuki. James Marsden is the studio guest.

Call The Midwife Season 8, Episode 6

Series 8, Episode 6

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on BBC One

Mother Mildred returns to Nonnatus while Nurse Crane is in hospital receiving treatment for her back. With help from Trixie, she provides care for a retired dock worker whose former job has taken its toll on his health, only to discover his son may be suffering from a more severe condition. However, her insensitive manner angers the family and they refuse to let her help them.

Endeavour Season 6, Episode 2


Airs: 8:00pm - 9:30pm on ITV

As the highly-anticipated moon landings of Apollo 11 draw near, Endeavour finds himself investigating the death of a promising young astrophysicist and his girlfriend. Their deaths seeming to be a result of a tragic car accident on first inspection, with the clues pointing to foul play, Endeavour enlists the help of an injured Thursday to uncover the truth.

Victoria Season 3, Episode 6

A Coburg Quartet

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on ITV

A ball could not come at a worse time as private Royal family pictures are made public.

Traitors Season 1, Episode 1

Series 1, Episode 1

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on Channel 4

In 1945 London, a young British civil servant is seduced by a CIA agent into spying on her own country. Her task is to find a Russian mole leaking secrets from the heart of government.

Baptiste Season 1, Episode 1


Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on BBC One

Julien is searching for missing sex worker Natalie Rose. He meets Edward, Natalie's uncle, and the two men delve into the criminal underworld of Amsterdam's red light district.

Weird City Season 1, Episode 5

Chonathan & Mulia & Barsley & Phephanie

Airs: 11:59pm - 12:29am on YouTube Premium

When a group of Above-the-Liners decide to sponsor a poor Below the Line kid, they agree to do more than simply donate money. They kidnap him.
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