TV Episode Summaries for
5th August 2021

Big Brother (US) Season 23, Episode 12

Season 23, Episode 12

Airs: 12:00am - 1:00am on CBS

With the Power of Veto on the line, will a nominee get Bumped off the block or will the HoH Set the nominations in stone?

Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life Season 1, Episode 4

The Whole Package

Airs: 12:00am - 12:05am on Disney+

Clarice shows Chip and Dale a hidden passage to a magical place.

Teen Titans Go! Season 7, Episode 12

Creative Geniuses

Airs: 12:00am - 12:30am on Cartoon Network

The Titans visit the Jump City Comic Book Con, where they meet Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, but also tangle with Control Freak over an exclusive toy.

Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life Season 1, Episode 5

Bird Brains

Airs: 12:05am - 12:10am on Disney+

Everyone turns on Chip when they think he is out to attack the park's beloved Peacock!

Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life Season 1, Episode 6

Acorn In My Side

Airs: 12:10am - 12:15am on Disney+

Chip becomes entranced by a mysterious and possibly supernatural acorn

Forged in Fire Season 8, Episode 31

Armed Forces Tournament Finale

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on History

On the finale of the Armed Forces Tournament, the four surviving smiths will face off to determine who wins it all. In the first rounds, they're challenged to make military-style weapons out of an old bazooka. After a round of testing more intense than boot camp, the worthiest smiths return home to make the ultimate military weapon - the Ames Cavalry Sword. Which smith will take home the $10,000 and rise to the highest rank of Forged in Fire Armed Forces Tournament champion?

Guy's Grocery Games Season 27, Episode 5

Food Network Star Favorites

Airs: 1:00am - 1:30am on Food Network

Guy Fieri brings in four favorites from Food Network Star to compete in some special games. Every Food Network Star contestant knows the importance of demonstrating a unique culinary point of view, so Guy challenges them to make a point-of-view dinner using only ingredients from five sections of the store designated by stars. Then the chefs must make a guilt-free guilty pleasure that includes items from Guy's one-of-a-kind grocery list. The chef with the top combined score after both rounds gets their turn in the spotlight and a shot at winning up to $20,000!

Ultimate Fighter Season 29, Episode 10

Eye on the Prize

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on Fox Sports 1

Coming Soon...

Good Trouble Season 3, Episode 14

Picks and Strikes

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on Freeform

Callie and Mariana team up to find the right candidates for Tommy's trial. Dennis ventures into a new business; Gael and Isabella realize co-parenting is not as easy as they thought it would be; Alice decides to take the reins.

DAVE Season 2, Episode 9

Enlightened Dave

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on FXX

Dave journeys to a legendary recording studio, hoping to break through his creative block, but he is forced to confront his greatest obstacle: his own ego.

Marvel Studios: Legends Season 1, Episode 10

Peggy Carter

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on Disney+

Learn how Peggy Carter aided Captain America and became a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Studios: Legends Season 1, Episode 11

The Avengers Initiative

Airs: 3:00am - 3:30am on Disney+

Learn how the "Earth's mightiest heroes" assembled to fight the battles no one else could.

Centaurworld Season 1, Episode 7

Zulius brings the herd to Cataur Valley, where the shaman is fuzzy but fierce. To earn a piece of the key, Horse goes glam for a silly competition.

Outer Banks Season 2, Episode 6

My Druthers

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on Netflix

John B bristles when Sarah reconnects with a former flame. Ward's web of lies starts to unravel. Pope discovers a shocking family secret.

Control Z Season 2, Episode 1

You Can't Bury the Past

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on Netflix

An anonymous person seeks vengeance on behalf of Luis. Sofía must solve the first mystery in order to save two classmates before it's too late.

Marvel Studios: Legends Season 1, Episode 12

The Ravagers

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Disney+

Learn the exploits of the Ravagers and trace the unique journey of their leader, Yondu.

Monsters At Work Season 1, Episode 6

The Vending Machine

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Disney+

Tylor's job is threatened when he breaks MIFT's favorite vending machine on the day Fritz must fire someone due to budget cuts. Meanwhile Mike tries boosting morale at Monsters, Inc.

Turner & Hooch Season 1, Episode 3

Diamonds are Furever

Airs: 3:59am - 4:59am on Disney+

Scott tracks down a notorious fugitive jewel thief while Hooch gets obsessed with a squeaky toy.

Jellystone! Season 1, Episode 7

Must Be Jelly

Airs: 3:59am - 4:14am on HBO Max

Cindy turns everyone into gelatin in order to finish her book club reading.

Teen Titans Go! Season 7, Episode 13

Manor and Mannerisms

Airs: 10:00pm - 10:30pm on Cartoon Network

Robin attends a ball at Wayne Manor hoping to become heir of the mansion, but will the other Titans spoil his chances?

F*** You Very, Very Much Season 1, Episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5

Airs: 11:59pm - 12:59am on Streamz

Coming Soon...

The North Water Season 1, Episode 4

The Devils of the Earth

Airs: 11:59pm - 12:59am on AMC+

Drax has a daring opportunity to escape, but must convince Cavendish to help him. Otto's vision coming to life, Sumner hunts a bear, but strays too far into icy oblivion.
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