Overview for 6th January 2018

Justice League Action Season 1, Episode 47

Watchtower Tours

Airs: 9:00am - 9:15am on Cartoon Network

When Booster Gold starts to secretly give tours of the Watchtower to make some extra cash, he inadvertently brings in at least one super-villain disguised as a tourist.

The Voice (UK) Season 7, Episode 1

Blind Auditions 1

Airs: 1:10pm - 2:40pm on BBC One

Emma Willis hosts the seventh series of the singing contest, which this year sees Olly Murs joining returning coaches Will.i.am, Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson on the famous spinning chairs. The search for a star kicks off, as usual, with the first in a series of rounds of blind auditions, as the panel listen to each contestant with their backs turned, ensuring that they judge the performance on the strength of vocal ability alone. Those who succeed here will progress to the Battle and Knockout phases.

Casualty Season 32, Episode 18

Series 32, Episode 18

Airs: 3:00pm - 3:50pm on BBC One

Complications arise with Connie's illness, and she persuades Ethan to drive her to London to seek advice from a top consultant.

Hard Sun Season 1, Episode 1

Series 1, Episode 1

Airs: 3:35pm - 4:25pm on BBC One

Unruly police detective DCI Charlie Hicks is deeply suspicious of his new partner DI Elaine Renko. But their first investigation exposes a secret that will connect them for life.

Lovesick Season 3, Episode 6

Queen of Cups

Airs: 4:00pm - 4:30pm on Netflix

At a charity carnival, Jonesy plays matchmaker for Luke, Dylan and Evie visit a fortuneteller, and Angus sets his sights on a giant stuffed bear.

Ten Days in the Valley Season 1, Episode 9

Day 9: Recast

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on ABC

Jane flees town for her own protection while Bird continues to work the case. Meanwhile, Ali tries to keep the peace with Pete; and Red's identity is revealed.

Falling Water Season 2, Episode 1

The Shadowman

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on USA Network

Tess, Taka and Burton try to move on, but get drawn back into the worlds of dreams and dreamers; James tells Tess about a dangerous enemy.

Ten Days in the Valley Season 1, Episode 10

Day 10: Fade Out

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on ABC

Jane finds herself in immediate danger when the kidnapper's identity is discovered. Bird's investigation connects him to new evidence that leads to a shocking confrontation. Meanwhile, Ali reveals a secret to Pete; and Tom has to make a choice between family and his career.

The End of the F***ing World Season 1, Episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on Netflix

Alyssa and James hit the road with a bang, but they soon realise how little they know each other.
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