Overview for 6th April 2017

Gap Year Season 1, Episode 7

Penang: The Shoot

Airs: 4:00pm - 4:30pm on E4

The gang sign up to be extras in a Malaysian zombie film and Greg finally gets to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a policeman. May gets an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with her Chinese roots, while the love triangle between Sean, Ashley and Dylan reaches an explosive climax.

We Bare Bears Season 3, Episode 4

Panda's Friend

Airs: 5:30pm - 5:45pm on Cartoon Network

Coming Soon...

MasterChef Junior Season 5, Episode 9

Scouts Honor

Airs: 7:00pm - 8:00pm on FOX

The Top 12 junior home cooks take their talents to the great outdoors, where they will cook for America's Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. For the first challenge, the kids are split into two teams and have to prepare and serve all scouts and troop leaders a dish that includes a pork chop entrée and two sides. The winning team moves on and the losing team heads back to the kitchen for a pressure test, during which they each must make a box of macaroons. Then, it's up to the judges to decide which two kids will go home.

Superstore Season 2, Episode 18

Glenn's Kids

Airs: 7:00pm - 7:30pm on NBC

Glenn invites all of his kids to the store, causing disaray among the employees; Jonah falls for Glenn's 25-year-old daughter; Garrett, Dina and Cheyenne try to keep track of one of the toddlers; Mateo tricks the kids into working for him.

Greys Anatomy Season 13, Episode 19

What's Inside

Airs: 7:00pm - 8:00pm on ABC

When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she's not the right one for the job while Stephanie makes a mistake treating one of Grey Sloan's own.

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 17

The British Invasion

Airs: 7:00pm - 8:00pm on The CW

Sam and Dean get a lead on Kelly Kline's whereabouts. Mick drops by the bunker unexpectedly and decides to join the hunt.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 20

The Recollection Dissipation

Airs: 7:00pm - 7:30pm on CBS

Sheldon pushes himself to the limit when he collaborates on projects with Leonard and Wolowitz as well as Amy on the same day. Also, Bernadette is nearing the end of her maternity leave and must return to work.

The Great Indoors Season 1, Episode 18

Party Paul

Airs: 7:30pm - 8:00pm on CBS

When Jack takes Brooke's fiancé, Paul, and Roland out on the town to improve their lukewarm relationship, his plan backfires when Paul gets tipsy and goes missing,.

Powerless Season 1, Episode 7

Van V Emily: Dawn of Justice

Airs: 7:30pm - 8:00pm on NBC

When Emily has to put up a fight to get her own office, she challenges Van to a competition. Meanwhile, after Teddy's life is saved by Green Fury , he goes to great lengths to see her again.

Mom Season 4, Episode 18

Tush Push and Some Radishes

Airs: 8:00pm - 8:30pm on CBS

Following the death of Bonnie's mother, Christy and Bonnie learn that she kept a very big secret.

Chicago Med Season 2, Episode 19

Ctrl Alt

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on NBC

A hacker demanding a ransom payment shuts down the hospital computer system, forcing the doctors to diagnose patients without the aid of technology. A stressed Goodwin struggles to keep the hospital afloat when an unexpected visit from her ex-husband Bert and his new girlfriend make matters worse. Making use of his former navy experience, Dr. Choi and Noah have to locate a bullet inside a patient with a gunshot wound. Meanwhile, Sarah feels Dr. Charles may be trying to push her out and Robin's unusual behavior worries Dr. Rhodes.

Riverdale Season 1, Episode 9

Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on The CW

Archie reluctantly agrees to escort Cheryl to her family's official start of maple syrup tapping because he gets an offer that could help his future. Archie starts to become skeptical of the real reason the Blossoms are so eager to help him, however he gets some helpful information for Betty about her sister. Veronica is trying to be nice and unbeknownst to her, befriends a classmate that her father's illegal doings has hurt. Hermione is conflicted about telling Fred the truth. Meanwhile, Alice is ready to get revenge on the Blossoms once and for all with the help of her two daughters.

Scandal Season 6, Episode 9

Dead in the Water

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on ABC

It's a race against the clock when Olivia and OPA's investigation into the conspiracy puts one of their own in grave danger.

Swamp People Season 8, Episode 9

Bustin Chops

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on History Channel

Daniel and Dwaine try to make amends; RJ and Jay Paul go head-to-head; Jacob gives Troy a hard time; Glenn must find a way to repay a friend.

Life in Pieces Season 2, Episode 18

Favorite Vision Miguel Matchmaker

Airs: 8:30pm - 9:00pm on CBS

Greg becomes frazzled when Lark rebuffs him and only wants to be held by Jen. Also, Heather refuses to get the reading glasses she desperately needs; Colleen introduces Matt to her eccentric father so he can get his blessing for their upcoming nuptials; and when Cousin Mikey goes through a tough breakup, Joan tries to set him up on a date.

Impractical Jokers Season 6, Episode 8

Medium, Well Done

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on truTV

Sal, Q, Joe and Murr climb up the corporate ladder as TV execs pitching insane show ideas. Tonight's big loser, bares his soul while undergoing a humiliating psychic reading that puts his real life on the wrong track.

The Amazing Race Season 29, Episode 2

Scared Spitless

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on CBS

Teams travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil where tensions rise between two teams when one goes back on their word.

Colony Season 2, Episode 13


Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on USA Network

In the second season finale, the Bowman family must make an impossible choice following a revelation about the fate of the colony.

The Last Kingdom Season 2, Episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on BBC America

Guthred's lack of judgement has divided Northumbria. Having sworn his allegiance to Alfred once again, Uhtred must travel North to defeat the brothers Erik and Sigefrid, take back Eoferwic and reassert Guthred's authority. Alfred spots an opportunity to remind Guthred of his duty to Wessex and sends Aethelwold to join Uhred's riding party. But with the responsibility of ensuring Eoferwic's future as a Christian region thrust upon him, Aethelwold's judgement becomes clouded. Joining Brida and Ragnar's men in Loidis, Uhtred and the others discuss a plan of attack and turn their attention to Dunholm. Ragnar is intent on avenging Kjartan: can Uhtred come to his aid without defying Alfred? Meanwhile, a confrontation with the Northmen brings a shocking turn of events and elsewhere, hostility is rife when Sven attempts to reason with Thyra. But will she want to hear what her captive has to say?.

The Catch Season 2, Episode 5

The Bad Girl

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on ABC

The AVI team digs deep into Margot's past to uncover the truth about who is set on destroying the Kensington Firm. Meanwhile, Ben's plans for his future with Alice are more complicated than he ever imagined.

The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1, Episode 7

Whitehall (1)

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on NBC

Tensions escalate between Scottie and Howard forcing Tom to reach out to an unexpected ally for help. As explosive family secrets come to light, Tom races against time to learn the truth about Whitehall.

Sun Records Season 1, Episode 7

No Favors Here

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on CMT

Elvis gets his first taste of fame when he starts playing live shows; Colonel Tom Parker scams his way out of debt and eyes an opportunity with Elvis; Johnny returns from overseas to begin his life with Vivian.

The Late Show [Colbert] Season 2, Episode 127

Jessica Lange, Bassem Youssef, Judy Gold (2)

Airs: 10:35pm - 11:35pm on CBS

Actress Jessica Lange; journalist Bassem Youssef; comic Judy Gold.

SuperMansion Season 2, Episode 8

We Need to Talk about Liplor

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on Crackle

After years of searching, Rex's brother, Titanium Dax (Dax Shepard), becomes the second Subtopian ever to breach Earth's surface. He and his rock monster slave, Liplor, are thrilled to find Rex alive, but their reunion is soured when Dax threatens to reveal a secret about Rex's origins.

Ingobernable Season 1, Episode 14

Death Asks for Permission

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:59pm on Netflix

Emilia makes a plan to turn herself in and gets the most unlikely allies involved. Canek feels betrayed by Zyan.

13 Reasons Why Season 1, Episode 7

Tape 4, Side A

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:59pm on Netflix

Another student sabotages Hannah during a class project. Clay's nightmares about Hannah spill over into the daytime.

Trailer Park Boys Season 11, Episode 7


Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on Netflix

Julian sends Lahey and Ricky off on a golf outing, leading to a confrontation. NHL star Nathan MacKinnon visits the hockey school kids.
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