Overview for 9th August 2017

Offspring Season 7, Episode 7

Season 7, Episode 7

Airs: 7:30am - 8:30am on Ten

Nina battles her doubts as she prepares to interview for the Head of Obstetrics role. Billie's confused after being stood up by Dan. Will Will discover the truth about Kerry and Jimmy's indiscretion?.

We Bare Bears Season 3, Episode 18

Lunch with Tabes

Airs: 5:30pm - 5:45pm on Cartoon Network

The Bears have lunch with Ranger Tabes, but when Tabes' lunch gets stolen, Tabes goes into full on detective mode to find the culprit.

America's Got Talent Season 12, Episode 12

Road to Finals

Airs: 7:00pm - 9:00pm on NBC

Before the Live Shows begin, relive the best moments from the season so far, including the Judges Golden Buzzer saves.

Big Brother (US) Season 19, Episode 20

Power of Veto #6

Airs: 7:00pm - 8:00pm on CBS

Will the PoV save Jessica, Mark, or Elena? Plus, what brings Cody to tears?

Mr. Mercedes Season 1, Episode 1


Airs: 7:00pm - 7:50pm on Audience Network

Two years after retiring, former homicide detective Bill Hodges is still haunted by his last case. When the demented culprit begins to torment Hodges, he embarks on a crusade to bring the killer to justice.

Masterchef (US) Season 8, Episode 10

The MasterChef Returns

Airs: 7:00pm - 8:00pm on FOX

Reigning champion Shaun O'Neale returns to the MasterChef kitchen, as he chooses ingredients from his new cookbook to be part of the mystery box challenge. The winner receives a huge advantage moving forward, leaving the other chefs to battle it out in a coconut-themed elimination challenge. It is then up to the judges to decide who heads home.

Wahlburgers Season 8, Episode 1

Houston, We Have a Paul-Blem

Airs: 8:00pm - 8:30pm on A&E

Mark, Donnie and Paul all converge in Houston in hopes of another New England Patriots championship. While Mark and his kids take on NFL Pro Bowler Travis Kelce, Donnie convinces Paul to join him on Jenny's radio show.

The Carmichael Show Season 3, Episode 12

Three Year Anniversary

Airs: 8:00pm - 8:30pm on NBC

When the family discovers the unique way in which Jerrod and Maxine celebrated their dating anniversary, their disapproval forces Jerrod and Maxine to explore their potential inabilities to meet each other's expectations.

Salvation Season 1, Episode 6

Chip Off the Ol' Block

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on CBS

Darius recruits Grace, Harris and Liam for a dangerous mission, and Jillian confronts Liam about his secret.

Suits Season 7, Episode 5

Brooklyn Housing

Airs: 8:00pm - 9:00pm on USA

Mike juggles his work obligations with his promise to help a family; Harvey asks for Louis's discretion in a sensitive matter; Donna vets a possible addition to the firm.

The Carmichael Show Season 3, Episode 13

Gold Diggers

Airs: 8:30pm - 9:00pm on NBC

When Bobby brings home his new girlfriend, a debate about the effects of money ensues that uncovers something about Maxine's financial situation that Jerrod never knew and doesn't know if he can handle.

Younger Season 4, Episode 7

Fever Pitch

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on TVland

Liza discovers an exciting new author, whose pitch takes an unexpected turn. Kelsey avoids the wrath of Charles, and escapes upstate with Josh and Lauren.

Odd Mom Out Season 3, Episode 5

Jury Doody

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on Bravo

Jill is riddled with guilt when Candace makes her dramatic return from sequestration and tells the family the lurid details of the Cruise Ship Murder trial.

Wahlburgers Season 8, Episode 2

Fry Me to the Moon

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on A&E

Donnie invites food critic Day'm Drops to Wahlburgers to help convince Paul to change up the fries. Also: Alma enlists the help of Johnny Drama to teach her golf so she can spend more time with Mark.

Still the King Season 2, Episode 9

Reign of Tears

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on CMT

Coming Soon...

Blood Drive Season 1, Episode 9

The Chopsocky Special

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on Syfy

Grace tests her kung fu against a mystic restaurateur; a dying Arthur embarks on a vision quest.

I'm Sorry Season 1, Episode 6

Too Slow

Airs: 9:00pm - 9:30pm on truTV

When Amelia has questions about different types of families, Andrea looks to expose her to new role models. And suspecting that her brother is about to come out, Andrea tries to prepare her mother but is surprised by her reaction.

Snowfall Season 1, Episode 6

A Long Time Coming

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on FX

Franklin turns to Jerome for guidance, resulting in an unexpected encounter. Teddy contemplates a different future for his family. Gustavo and Lucia enlist business partners from Gustavo's past.

The Sinner Season 1, Episode 2

Part II

Airs: 9:00pm - 10:00pm on USA Network

Cora tries to block Ambrose's continuing investigation, while Mason struggles to come to terms with secrets from Cora's past.

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee Season 2, Episode 17

August 9, 2017

Airs: 9:30pm - 10:00pm on TBS

Sam meets Kurdish women who've taken work-life balance to a new level.

Conan Season 7, Episode 114

Wesley Snipes, Louie Anderson

Airs: 10:00pm - 11:00pm on TBS

Coming Soon...

The Late Show [Colbert] Season 2, Episode 199

Robert Pattinson, David Tennant, Niecy Nash

Airs: 10:35pm - 11:35pm on CBS

Actor Robert Pattinson; actor David Tennant; actress Niecy Nash.

Puss in Boots Season 5, Episode 13

A Savage Place

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on Netflix

Joining forces with the Zephilim rebels, Puss rushes to free his friends from the Blind King's clutches and restore order to the Netherworld.

Wet Hot American Summer Season 2, Episode 6


Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on Netflix

As a storm lashes the camp, tensions between lovers and rivals boil over, and Vic's date takes a turn for the weird.

Difficult People Season 3, Episode 2

Strike Rat

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on hulu

Julie faces a moral dilemma when she gets cast in Woody Allen's new TV show; Billy and Marilyn scam their way through a government gay conversion therapy program. Matthew's ex-wife comes to town.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3, Episode 6

Tailing a Comet

Airs: 10:59pm - 11:29pm on Netflix

As the Paladins pursue the comet, they become confused by Lotor's actions. Keith doubts his leadership skills, while Lance ponders his future.
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