Lots of favourites return!

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', the excellent little comedy that could, leads a bunch of returning shows tonight!
With Jake and Rosa sent to jail last season, all looks bleak for the team. Probably for about 2 episodes. Then it'll be back to normal, and Terry can chill with his yoghurt. Terry loves yoghurt.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine summary

'Lethal Weapon' sees Riggs and Murtaugh heading to Mexico after the revelations of the murder of Riggs' wife.
Lethal Weapon summary

'This Is Us', the first show renewed (for two years) last season, brings more interconnected stories from the three families.
This Is Us summary

'Bull' pulled mega numbers, but average ratings, last season. CBS still hitting their older demographic with procedural dramas.
Bull summary

And brand new tonight is a new "Law and Order" series, though a break from the usual routine. 'True Crime' dramatises the real world case of the Menendez brothers, who are still serving time for killing their father in 1994. Feels more like something that should be on Lifetime or Netflix. Weird choice...
Law & Order: True Crime summary

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