Disney Day 1:
Nine Star Wars Shows Announced

Disney Takes the Star Wars Universe Where No One Has Been Before

With The Mandalorian receiving all the accolades, Disney is doubl... er... nonupling down on shows from a long long time ago. A total of NINE new shows will hit the Mouse's streaming service in the next couple of years.

Already known were a Cassian Andor series (a prequel for the character you remember from Rogue One), and a show following Obi-Wan Kenobi (which will see the return of Ewan McGregor). New info on the latter sees Hayden Christensen also returning as Darth Vader, officially placing the timeline of this series after Episode 3 (with was the 6th released film, or the fourth film in the "machete" order).

Bringing back yet more familiar faces, Lando Calrissian (imaginatively titled "Lando") is getting his own show too. In keeping with the (admittedly brand new) tradition of not recasting the part, Donald Glover will reprise the role that he played in 2018s 'Solo' film.

Joining them are two more shows from Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni (showrunners of The Mandalorian); a back/middle story for Ahsoka Tano (who made an appearance recently), set after  Star Wars: Rebels. Their other show will be "Rangers of the New Republic", though not much is known other than what can be deduced from the name, and that is set at the same time as Mando.

The final live action show is to be called "The Acolyte", a thriller with a mysterious background, set 250 years before The Mandalorian, at the end of a previously unexplored time period called The High Republic. A disaster in hyperspace sees space travel become more dangerous, and the dark side of the force awakens. Darth Plagueis was alive in this era, just sayin'...

In addition, three new animations are joining the stable. "The Bad Batch" is a sequel of sorts to fan favourite The Clone Wars, and will follow a squad of clone soldiers (who helpfully don't look anything like each other). After Order 66 and the reshaping of the galaxy, they become mercenaries, taking on missions (weekly, most likely) and looking for their new place in the universe.

Industrial Light & Magic have been tapped to bring to life "A Droid Story", which will tell the tale of a new droid who teams up with a couple of guys you might have heard of: R2-D2 and C-3PO. Boop Beep Boop Doop indeed!

And because everyone wants to get on that anime train these days, an anthology of short form films in the style will arrive at some point. "Visions" will be a run of 10 films from some of the 'world's best Japanese anime creators'.

Very few specific dates were mentioned, and most of these shows are yet to even enter production. But Disney have the financial clout to push things along, and they are pushing Disney+ hard, so it won't be too long before Star Wars all the time becomes a thing.

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