Disney Day 2 - Marvel Has Ten New Upcoming Shows

Next month (January) sees the first of the new breed of Marvel shows, which will now be landing on Disney+ (Netflix subscribers will need to get their cheque books out). While the four "Defenders" shows all had a similar dark tone, new Marvel is seemingly aiming to switch up the genres for each show. "WandaVision" releases Jan 15th and is a crazy mash up period piece, reality warping, existential nightmare love story. With Vision in the MCU... "gone"... and the series leading up to the next Doctor Strange movie, don't expect a happy ending.

"Falcon and the Winter Soldier" now has a release date of March 19th. Initially it was supposed to the first out of the gate, and should have been out in August, but an earthquake and a plague put a stop to that. Even Disney goes shy when stuff gets biblical. Falcon (carrying the SHIELD) and Bucky will face off against Zemo, the villain behind the events in Civil War.

"Loki" gets a fully fledged trailer, giving greater understanding of what he wants to "burn to the ground". After escaping Avengers custody, he goes on a time heist (oh yeah, he's DB Cooper too), and at some point is again captured (willingly or not), this time by the TVA (time prison). Expect shenanigans, sometime around May.

Another Avenger getting his own story is "Hawkeye". Jeremy Renner will be back as the titular character that we know, but Hailee Steinfeld will be joining as Kate Bishop, Hawkeye's mentee who is ALSO known as Hawkeye. So the show could be about her rather than him. We'll find out in late 2021.

Previously announced, but as yet no details released, are "Ms Marvel" (their first onscreen Muslim hero); "She-Hulk" will played by Tatiana Maslany (of Orphan Black) and is the alter(super)ego of Jennifer Walters, who happens to be Bruce Banners cousin, handy; and "Moon Knight" a Batman-meets-Deadpool mix of self made superhero, multiple personalities (and therefore talking to him and the audience) and some Egyptian gods, just for good measure.

The rumoured series starring Samuel L Jackson is now confirmed to be "Secret Invasion". It will most likely pick up from the end credit scene of Spiderman: Far From Home, where Nick Fury is seen in space, hanging with the Skrulls.

Finally, two shows loosely based on Iron Man are on the way. Don Cheadle returns as James Rhodes (aka War Machine) for "Armor Wars", and will explore the consequences of Stark Tech falling into the wrong hands (wasn't this the plot of Age of Ultron?). In a similar vein, "Ironheart" will see genius inventor Riri Williams as she creates a new and advanced suit of armour akin to Iron Man.

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