Final Renewed and Cancelled Predictions for 2018-2019 TV Shows

With the start of May comes the last couple weeks of shows...

...and the final decisions on whether your favourite show will be back next year.

We're losing a few high profile shows in the coming months, and the top two most selected shows on the Calendar. 'The Big Bang Theory' is wrapping up after 12 years, and 'Game of Thrones' is currently in the process of killing off its remaining cast. 'Mr Robot' is only around for one more season, as is 'Suits' (though its spinoff 'Pearson premieres at the same time). It was also a rough year for Marvel shows on Netflix.

Check out the full network primetime show status, with the last predictions for shows not already cancelled or renewed.

Which will you miss? Which are you glad have been saved?

We'll talk new new shows in the next couple of weeks, when the upfronts are announced. There's a ton of good stuff coming our way... 

CBS Prime Time Shows

CBS may have ended The Big Bang Theory a little too soon. It actually rose in ratings this year. They'll miss it when it's gone. Nothing else on the network is much of a surprise.

Pediction or Status
The Red Line0.400.55Certain to be Cancelled
The Code0.580.65Certain to be Cancelled
SEAL Team0.780.73Likely to be Cancelled
Fam0.880.87Likely to be Cancelled
Madam Secretary0.560.88Too Close to Call
Happy Together0.850.90Too Close to Call
Hawaii Five-00.800.97Too Close to Call
Life in Pieces0.870.98Too Close to Call
Man with a Plan0.871.40Certain to be Renewed
S.W.A.T.0.791.12Likely to be Renewed
The Amazing Race1.101.29Certain to be Renewed
MacGyver0.711.45Certain to be Renewed
Bull0.761.50Certain to be Renewed
Survivor1.501.79Certain to be Renewed
Magnum P.I.0.900.79Renewed: 2019-2020
NCIS: Los Angeles0.860.85Renewed: 2019-2020
Criminal Minds0.760.95Renewed: 2019-2020
NCIS: New Orleans0.801.06Renewed: 2019-2020
FBI0.991.11Renewed: 2019-2020
God Friended Me0.891.11Renewed: 2019-2020
The Neighborhood1.111.18Renewed: 2019-2020
Blue Bloods0.791.19Renewed: 2019-2020
NCIS1.251.20Renewed: 2019-2020
Mom1.211.26Renewed: 2019-2020
Young Sheldon1.721.87Renewed: 2019-2020
Elementary--Final Series 2018-2019
The Big Bang Theory2.222.10Final Series 2018-2019

ABC Prime Time Shows

After ordering TWO more seasons of SHIELD, ABC managed to throw out another point of interest. Black-ish, bordering on Certain to be Cancelled, has just been renewed. Mind you, it's probably more as a vehicle for it's spinoff, Mixed-ish. I expect next year is its last.

Pediction or Status
Splitting Up Together0.670.68Certain to be Cancelled
The Kids Are Alright0.860.71Likely to be Cancelled
The Fix0.530.79Likely to be Cancelled
Single Parents0.850.85Likely to be Cancelled
Whiskey Cavalier0.600.85Likely to be Cancelled
For the People0.510.85Likely to be Cancelled
Fresh Off the Boat0.620.90Too Close to Call
How To Get Away With Murder0.690.90Too Close to Call
Bless This Mess0.800.91Too Close to Call
Station 190.961.02Too Close to Call
The Rookie0.721.02Too Close to Call
Schooled0.981.05Likely to be Renewed
Dancing With the Stars0.931.18Likely to be Renewed
The Goldbergs1.191.28Certain to be Renewed
Speechless0.491.29Certain to be Renewed
American Housewife0.941.38Certain to be Renewed
Greys Anatomy1.591.52Certain to be Renewed
Black-ish0.810.82Renewed: 2019-2020
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.--Renewed: 2019-2020
Modern Family1.281.11Renewed: 2019-2020
A Million Little Things0.911.19Renewed: 2019-2020
Shark Tank0.811.31Renewed: 2019-2020
The Good Doctor1.131.61Renewed: 2019-2020
The Conners1.551.64Renewed: 2019-2020

FOX Prime Time Shows

FOX is harder to predict. The raw numbers say bye-bye to Orville, but a nice tax break and good word of mouth, along with shorter seasons, might see it get to season 4. Conversely, Lethal Weapon is a lock, based on ratings, but too many behind the scenes issues might have killed the show.

Pediction or Status
The Gifted0.610.51Certain to be Cancelled
Proven Innocent0.410.63Certain to be Cancelled
The Orville0.740.70Too Close to Call
The Cool Kids0.860.98Too Close to Call
Hell's Kitchen 0.781.23Certain to be Renewed
MasterChef Junior0.741.28Certain to be Renewed
Lethal Weapon0.711.33Certain to be Renewed
Star1.081.59Certain to be Renewed
The Simpsons1.250.94Renewed: 2019-2020
The Resident0.950.99Renewed: 2019-2020
Family Guy1.061.07Renewed: 2019-2020
Bob's Burgers1.021.09Renewed: 2019-2020
Last Man Standing1.131.29Renewed: 2019-2020
Empire1.361.34Renewed: 2019-2020
9-1-11.381.41Renewed: 2019-2020
The Masked Singer2.593.88Renewed: 2019-2020
Gotham0.630.64Final Series 2018-2019
Rel0.760.93Final Series 2018-2019

NBC Prime Time Shows

A large chunk of NBCs lineup has already been renewed, but its comedies are still struggling. A far cry from its powerhouse of funny in the 90s. Manifest is more FlashForward than The Event.

Pediction or Status
Abby's0.420.55Certain to be Cancelled
I Feel Bad0.560.59Certain to be Cancelled
A.P. BIO0.490.66Certain to be Cancelled
Blindspot0.470.80Likely to be Cancelled
The Village0.680.90Too Close to Call
The Enemy Within0.781.08Likely to be Renewed
The Voice 1.491.58Certain to be Renewed
This Is Us2.013.00Certain to be Renewed
Brooklyn Nine-Nine0.740.72Renewed: 2019-2020
Will & Grace0.740.73Renewed: 2019-2020
The Blacklist0.571.01Renewed: 2019-2020
Law & Order: SVU0.861.08Renewed: 2019-2020
Superstore0.851.14Renewed: 2019-2020
Good Girls0.591.14Renewed: 2019-2020
New Amsterdam 1.111.32Renewed: 2019-2020
The Good Place0.831.60Renewed: 2019-2020
Chicago Med1.221.62Renewed: 2019-2020
Manifest1.251.63Renewed: 2019-2020
Chicago Fire1.241.64Renewed: 2019-2020
Chicago PD1.121.75Renewed: 2019-2020
Midnight, Texas0.400.80Final Series 2018-2019

The CW Prime Time Shows

All decisions on The CW have already been made, with the lineup next season looking suspiciously familiar. The 100 got an early pick up for next year, despite only starting this year yesterday. Jane the Virgin is a surprise, with its Renew Index telling more than just the ratings; it will end this summer with 100 episodes aired. Finally, Arrow, the oldest of the DC shows has been renewed with a caveat - we only get more one season, of just 10 episodes.

Pediction or Status
The 100--Renewed: 2019-2020
Dynasty0.160.74Renewed: 2019-2020
In the Dark0.200.78Renewed: 2019-2020
All American0.230.78Renewed: 2019-2020
Arrow0.360.83Renewed: 2019-2020
Roswell, New Mexico0.280.88Renewed: 2019-2020
Charmed 0.270.88Renewed: 2019-2020
Black Lightning0.300.88Renewed: 2019-2020
Legacies0.311.07Renewed: 2019-2020
Legends of Tomorrow0.291.07Renewed: 2019-2020
Supernatural0.401.07Renewed: 2019-2020
Supergirl0.361.27Renewed: 2019-2020
Riverdale0.361.48Renewed: 2019-2020
The Flash0.642.05Renewed: 2019-2020
iZombie--Final Series 2018-2019
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend0.120.64Final Series 2018-2019
Jane the Virgin0.221.03Final Series 2018-2019

Notable Shows Ending This Year

Show NameNo. EpisodesNetworkFinale Date
Game of Thrones73HBO20th May 2019
The Big Bang Theory279CBS17th May 2019
Elementary154CBSSummer 2019
Gotham100FOX26th April 2019
Suits134USASept 18th 2019
Homeland96ShowtimeSummer 2019
Mr. Robot44USAFall 2019
Vikings89HistoryLate 2019
Orange Is the New Black91NetflixLate 2019


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