Marvel drops Loki through time to avoid the madness of the multiverse

Expect the unexpected, even from the God of Mischief

Marvel have hit the ground running with their TV tie in universe. There was little doubt that the shows would be watchable, but the first series out of the gate have been heart breaking, action packed, fan theory packed affairs, that have been just about the most meme-able content on TV in years. WandaVision surprised with its depth, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was basically a 6 hour big-screen-on-the-small-screen thrill ride (despite its poor handling of the badguys motivations). Both have also looked, visually and atmospherically, amazing; check out episode 4 of FaWS on a large format OLED with HDR if possible... it's stunning.

But today comes the big one. It should be no surprise that Loki is the superhero (super villain?) show that everyone is looking forward to. Ever since Marvel released their "Big Game" trailer 18 months ago, expectations were raised for the slew of shows coming our way, but it's fair to say that Loki was the best known character at that point, and that people are eager to see.

Tom Hiddleston has embodied the loveable rascal for nearly a decade, but always in the shadow of other characters. And this isn't the version of Loki that we last saw being heroic; this is 2012s "just got smacked around by the Hulk while still being a baddie" Loki. Will the character live up to its promise when the only scenes to steal are from himself? The answer from early reviews seems to be "yes".

After jumping away during the events of Endgame, he is quickly tagged as a time anomaly (seems Cap missed one or two, before getting busy with Carter). The TVA (Time Variance Authority) steps in to protect the "sacred timelime" (again, where were they during Endgame?) from the Trickster. As usual he manages to flip it around, and starts to work for the TVA, hunting down other anomalies. Keeping track of him is Mobius, a TVA agent, who is investigating crimes through different eras of time. Much like FaWS, we end up with a buddy "cop" show, with banter and back stabbing galore.

Beyond the fun, Loki (the Disney+ show) is set to have a greater impact on the MCU than either of the preceding outings, apparently. Given that we (finally) got a fully fledged Scarlet Witch, White Vision, and a huge lead into the next Doctor Strange movie with the first; and a brand new Captain America (although no White Wolf, sadly) with the other; that's quite the statement.

There are still tons of new Marvel shows to come, but for now sit back and enjoy the crazy Loki ride.

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