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Jessica Jones returns on Netflix today, and it might be a bit more important than you realise.

S1 had a great villian, and Krysten Ritters "tired" portrayal of a woman in hiding was bang on, but since then we've had "doesnt really know what it wants to be" S1 of Luke Cage AND S2 of Daredevil, and a weirdly annoying S1 of Iron Fist. Let's hope JJ gets the Marvel/Netflix universe back on track.

Sure, the show is great, and in the current entertainment landscape it's good to have a kickass (literally) female lead, but its release hints at something bigger, I believe.
You may have noticed... it's Thursday. Sorry, there's still a whole other day before the weekend (in most places in the world). Every other major Netflix show has previously arrived on a Friday. In a couple months, Kimmy Schmidt returns on a Wednesday. Why the shift?

With Netflix pumping out more and more shows, they apparently believe that they'll soon have enough in rotation to fill more than a years worth, or ~50ish shows. Obviously they don't want to release two together, but are OK with overlapping, hence different days. Who would have predicting just a couple of years ago that Netflix would have dozens of their own shows, many of them critically acclaimed.
We shouldn't be reading anything further into the shows that are on not-Fridays are female lead, right?

Whats your take on this? Is it a good move to get people talking about the shows "around the water cooler" BEFORE the weekend? Do you care what day shows come out?
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