Reverie premieres on NBC - Kimmy Schmidt starts final season

Scheduled to premiere in March, the show missed the main TV season

After months of delays, and missing the main TV season, 'Reverie' starts tonight on NBC!
Sarah Shahi teams up with Dennis Haysbert (two of my favourite actors) in a procedural show about saving people from their dreams... and in doing so might save herself. Cool.

Reverie is the "super VR" program in the show, a bit like a cross between the Trek Holodeck and Quantum Leap. When someones dream becomes more real to them than reality, how do you convince them to come "back"? Call in a hostage negotiator, of course! Preferably one without some damaging backstory of her own, but it never seems to go down like that.

I'm happy this has been pushed to summer. It sounds a bit corny, but it's one of those where the actors will be the one to sell it. And it definitely has a good line up. I'm very much looking forward to this, are you?

And on Netflix, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starts its final season. Only 6 episodes are released today, with another 6 or so coming later in the year. After these episodes the show is ending, so get your little dollop of kookiness while you can. 

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