Snowpiercer starts its journey on TNT

Starting tonight, Snowpiercer finally arrives on our screens!

While it is seen as a reboot of the 2013 film it should also bring more from the 1982 graphic novel from which the film was adapted. The story follows the passengers of the Snowpiercer, a gigantic unstopping train that travels the globe, carrying the remnants of humanity seven years after the world becomes a frozen wasteland. Each carriage has a unique society and social class, with disagreements between them flaring up constantly.

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In production for the last 4 years, and now airing in times a little too close for comfort with its apocalyptic tone, the show has had a long ride through development hell. It has even briefly switched channels, from TNT to TBS, but is now back on the former. Still, the network seems to have confidence in the show (as the film was enough of a hit to get people interested) and have already talked casting of Season 2. With Jennifer Connelly already attached, and Sean Bean tapped for S2 (should it happen), there's some interesting talent aboard (OK, imma stop with the puns now).

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