TV Calendar Premium Now Available!

Yes, this is a shameless plug post.. almost..

After "a while" in development, TV Calendar Premium is now available! 

If you love the TV Calendar, and want to support what we do, there's no better way than subscribing to Premium. Not only do we get direct payments from you, but we can give you something in return.

The most notable feature is show specific backgrounds. We've chosen funky images for your favourite shows and designed a colour scheme to match, making your Calendar experience more customisable. You aren't limited to just one either. Chose from dozens, and have them randomise while you move around the site. There are a number still in progress, but once they are completed, subscribers will be able to vote on which designs are added the next month.

You can use the backgrounds for free until Sept 1st

I want to do my part to make everyone's lives a bit more interesting in the present circumstances. If you currently feel unable to meet the cost of Premium, you can access the Backgrounds simply by verifying your email address. This offer lasts until 1st September 2020. I would obviously be most grateful if you are able to sign up to the full Premium system.

Of course, the full package includes extras, like disabling ads at the code level, and other 3rd party tracking software. Even if you use an Adblocker, not having ads to block in the first place is faster in general, not to mention mobile where ads are harder to ignore.

A number of other minor features are available too, such as the original text for show summaries (you may have noticed some 'bad' words replaced with 'hug' etc), and a more complete .iCal (±1 month, rather than just the next 2 weeks).

Help the TV Calendar directly with a subscription

Premium currently costs a minimum of £5.00 per 3 months, or £15.00 per 1 year.

There are more expensive options on the checkout pages: please use these if you want to / can support us further, or to say 'thank you' if you've used the site for a number of years. The higher tiers give the ability for you to upload your own image as a background. Your extra generosity will help us to continue to work on and develop the site further for everyone.

Please visit the Premium page to see all features; preview some of the designs; start to verify your account; and subscribe to TV Calendar Premium.

Thank you very much.

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