The Falcon and the Winter Soldier bring the action back to the MCU

Hands up if you liked Wandavision...

Pretty much everyone? Good.

Well, Disney isn't slowing down. Today they release already their second series into Phase 4 of the MCU: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Bit of an unwieldy name, but gets to the point, I suppose...

An in-your-face, all out action fest, full of explosions, fistycuffs and parkour. Just what the doctor ordered after the somber pain and guilt wracked Wandavision.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, two B-level characters, both had the bromance with Captain America. But he went and grew up, so now these two have to team up to fight the bad guy, like an 80s buddy-cop-movie. And possibly play rock-paper-scissors to determine who'll be the next Cap. The interplay between the two characters, and actors, is the massive selling point of the series, but you might not see much in the first episode. So much like Wanda, viewers might be a bit confused by the initial episodes.

The show plays out like a long film, and is less obviously episodic than Wandavision, so releasing weekly might hurt how the show is viewed, but do you want to be waiting 6 weeks to binge? Disney+ is all about keeping those subscriptions alive. Once The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is done, we get Loki heading our way.

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