The Purge scares a full season, Mayans MC drives a familiar route

Starting Sept 4th: 2 brand new shows!

'The Purge' is an early story in the universe of the films of the same name, where the New Founding Fathers are in full control of the purge, the 12 hour period where violence and crime is overlooked. Whether this translates well to a full series remains to be seen, but if you're a fan of the movies, or horror in general, this one is probably for you.
The Purge Summary and Episode Page

And 'Mayans M.C.' follows on from Sons of Anarchy, now told from the rivals-turned-allies group. Ezekiel Reyes was a promising student, who got knocked into another life. After a prison sentence, he has to come to terms with being a gang prospect, while looking for vengence. Time will tell if his character lives up to the high bar set by Jax Teller in the parent show.
Mayans M.C. Summary and Episode Page

Which of these are you looking forward to?

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