Bar Rescue
Season 6

s06e01 / Put it on Cody's Tab

12th Mar '18 - 2:00am
Put it on Cody's Tab

A son takes over the failing family business and must battle his belligerent father, a volatile cook, and a filthy kitchen before Jon Taffer shuts it all down.

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s06e02 / Close, But No Cigar

19th Mar '18 - 2:00am
Close, But No Cigar

When an old-school Memphis cigar man takes a stab at the bar business, he discovers hiring his millennial son wasn't quite what he had expected.

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s06e03 / Weird Science

26th Mar '18 - 2:00am
Weird Science

Two scientists struggle with the correct formula to run a successful bar.

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s06e04 / Ground Control to Major Jon

2nd Apr '18 - 2:00am
Ground Control to Major Jon

Jon visits a Cape Canaveral area bar frequented by local NASA astronauts; Jon attempts to get the bar back off the ground before a mother-daughter feud causes a failure to launch.

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s06e05 / Mississippi Rears

9th Apr '18 - 2:00am
Mississippi Rears

A Navy vet finds himself in over his head when he relies on his unqualified friend to manage his failing Mississippi dive bar.

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s06e06 / Pole Without a Purpose

23rd Apr '18 - 2:00am
Pole Without a Purpose

A gentleman's club in Las Vegas, Nev., is in need of some gentlemen.

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s06e07 / An Ode to the Cap'n

30th Apr '18 - 2:00am
An Ode to the Cap'n

Cap N Odie's Lounge - Atlantic Beach, FL

A daughter must grapple with the loss of her father as she struggles to find a way to keep his bar afloat and save his legacy.

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s06e08 / Crazy Little Thing Called Selman

7th May '18 - 2:00am
Crazy Little Thing Called Selman

Taffer tries to tame the rocket-like owner of the famed Cooper Rocket before he does himself in.

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s06e09 / Caving In

14th May '18 - 2:00am
Caving In

A mother and son find themselves at odds on how to save their failing bar; when mom steps away, her son runs the bar into the ground.

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s06e10 / Down and Out in Las Vegas

4th Jun '18 - 2:00am
Down and Out in Las Vegas

After years of running a successful bar in Las Vegas, all bets are off for an owner who spends more time drinking than running his bar.

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s06e11 / Father Knows Best

18th Jun '18 - 2:00am
Father Knows Best

A demanding father struggles to hand over the reins to his daughter or control his unruly customers at this failing biker bar in Central Florida.

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s06e12 / Phishing for Answers

25th Jun '18 - 2:00am
Phishing for Answers

A couple on the verge of bankruptcy battle their stubborn, lazy son before he sinks the family business.

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s06e13 / Not Cleared for Takeoff

2nd Jul '18 - 2:00am
Not Cleared for Takeoff

Jon must help reignite a bar owner's passion for his notorious East LA music venue.

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s06e14 / Fish Out of Blue Water

16th Jul '18 - 2:00am
Fish Out of Blue Water

A Chinese immigrant must come out of his shell and battle his emotional manager in order to save his dream beach bar.

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s06e15 / Operation Puerto Rico

23rd Jul '18 - 2:00am
Operation Puerto Rico

Jon Taffer heads to Puerto Rico and tries to put time and resources in to rescue not only a bar, but a small community hit hard by two hurricanes.

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s06e16 / Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fatballs

30th Jul '18 - 2:00am
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fatballs

Jon Taffer tries to rescue a Jacksonville sportsbar with a horrible reputation and an even worse name that leaves the bar without a single customer.

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s06e17 / The Unwanted Saloon

6th Aug '18 - 2:00am
The Unwanted Saloon

Jon Taffer must turn an aspiring musician into a responsible bar owner if he's going to save a roadhouse and a marriage.

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s06e18 / Star Lite, Star Not So Brite

20th Aug '18 - 2:00am
Star Lite, Star Not So Brite

An absentee owner turns his back while profits go down the drain at his beer-only bar, sinking him into debt.

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s06e19 / There Will Be Family Blood

27th Aug '18 - 2:00am
There Will Be Family Blood

An owner staffs his entire bar with only his relatives, causing friction straight down family lines.

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s06e20 / The Lights Come Back in Puerto Rico

4th Mar '19 - 3:00am
The Lights Come Back in Puerto Rico

A brother and sister duo from Puerto Rico find themselves in over their heads after Hurricane Maria destroyed their bar.

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s06e21 / Dalia's Inferno

11th Mar '19 - 2:00am
Dalia's Inferno

San Antonio's wild mom parties hard while her bar peters out.

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s06e22 / Don't Cry for Me Jon Taffer

18th Mar '19 - 2:00am
Don't Cry for Me Jon Taffer

Jon attempts to save sports bar RJ's Replays, which is full of potential but failing due to poor management, and mend the owner's relationships with his wife and parents.

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s06e23 / Owner on The Run

25th Mar '19 - 2:00am
Owner on The Run

The Original Hideout - Tucson, AZ

A pair of brothers can't see eye to eye on how the business is run, so one of them takes a run.

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s06e24 / Twerking 9 to 5

1st Apr '19 - 2:00am
Twerking 9 to 5

A twerking, drinking, fighting staff threatens a once-thriving bar, leaving Ashley and Robert Gaddy's future at a crossroads.

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s06e25 / Back To School

8th Apr '19 - 2:00am
Back To School

UNLV College of Hospitality - Las Vegas, NV

Jon puts the future of the service industry to the test when, as a favor to the school's dean, he and his experts help the school's culinary and mixology students prepare for a VIP cocktail party. But when rebuilding the venue proves more difficult than expected, Jon may have run out of time.

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s06e26 / Tanked and Toasty

15th Apr '19 - 2:00am
Tanked and Toasty

The Recovery Room Bar - San Antonio, TX

It's time for Jon to shut the party down when he finds a bar and marriage both crippled by the actions of its party-hungry owner.

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s06e27 / Miles from Success

22nd Apr '19 - 2:00am
Miles from Success

Kiva Lounge and Bar - San Marcos, TX

Two burnout rockers have lost 0,000 just two years into owning their bar. Now Jon has to make them face the music and grow up before their lights turn off for good.

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s06e28 / Un-Civil War

29th Apr '19 - 2:00am
Un-Civil War

Eliphino - Las Vegas, NV

A Las Vegas dive bar with an unused kitchen struggles at the hands of an owner who either can't or won't ask for help and who makes more enemies than friends. Jon Taffer could be his greatest friend and rescue his business... or his worst nightmare if the owner doesn't change his ways.

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s06e29 / Liv'n on a Prayer

6th May '19 - 2:00am
Liv'n on a Prayer

LIV Bar and Restaurant - Las Vegas, NV

LIV owner Michelle can't figure out what her business is in order to survive in highly competitive Las Vegas, especially with a server who's more interested in making huge tips than doing her job properly. Can Jon help steer Michelle in the right direction for success?.

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s06e30 / Big Trouble in Little China Grove

13th May '19 - 2:00am
Big Trouble in Little China Grove

The China Grove Trading Post - China Grove, TX

When the owners of a country bar, a couple on the brink of retirement, can't stop enabling their belligerent daughter, Jon must get them to face facts.

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s06e31 / Pie Hard

20th May '19 - 2:00am
Pie Hard

Two long-time postal employees' failing pizza bar is on the brink of closing its doors for good unless Jon Taffer can find a way to rescue both the bar and their friendship.

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s06e32 / Driving Miss Tara

3rd Jun '19 - 2:00am
Driving Miss Tara

New England's Ale House Grille - Palm Harbor, FL
After being left by her husband, Tara, a newly single mom, hires a general manager not only to help her save a failing bar, but to fill the void in her personal life.

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s06e33 / All Blaze, No Glory

15th Jul '19 - 2:00am
All Blaze, No Glory

Thunderbolt Bar & Grill

45 have watched this episode

s06e34 / Reckless Roundhouse

22nd Jul '19 - 2:00am
Reckless Roundhouse

Whiskey Girl Saloon - Fort Worth, TX
To save the Whiskey Girl Saloon in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, Jon must get an inexperienced co-owner to abandon his hard-partying alter ego, Rick Roundhouse.

47 have watched this episode

s06e35 / John And Bert Bought A Bar

29th Jul '19 - 2:00am
John And Bert Bought A Bar

Harbor Point Club & Grill - Richardson, TX
Jon tries to fix the negligent behavior at Harbor Point Club & Grill in Richardson, Texas, where owners drink the profits away and the staff struggles to get one order right.

53 have watched this episode

s06e36 / Green Walls and Donkey Balls

5th Aug '19 - 1:00am
Green Walls and Donkey Balls

Drunken Donkey - Lewisville, TX
Two best friends are acting more like jackasses than owners and find themselves on the verge of losing their dream.

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s06e37 / Doreen's Dilemma

12th Aug '19 - 2:00am
Doreen's Dilemma

Buffalo City Bar & Grille - St. Petersburg, FL
The daughter of a longtime bar owner steps into his shoes after his abrupt passing. Will she learn the business on the fly or see her father's legacy crumble right under her?.

57 have watched this episode

s06e38 / Stix And Stones May Break Your Bar

26th Aug '19 - 2:00am
Stix And Stones May Break Your Bar

Stix & Stones Bar and Grill - Sugar Creek, MO
After a decade of success, a drag racing bar owner sees his profits go up in smoke.

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s06e39 / So We Meet Again, Mr. Taffer

9th Sep '19 - 2:00am
So We Meet Again, Mr. Taffer

Edge of Town - Blue Springs, MO
Owners Mark and Ozzie call on Jon for a second time when they need help with their outdated and failing bar The Edge of Town in Blue Springs, MO.

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s06e40 / The Sound of Falling Music

16th Sep '19 - 2:00am
The Sound of Falling Music

Wildfire Bistro - Aurora, CO
Jon brought in Ami from the Season 3 rescued bar Solids & Stripes (formerly known as Zanzbar) to do recon.

43 have watched this episode

s06e41 / Saving GI Jodi

23rd Sep '19 - 2:00am
Saving GI Jodi

G.I. Jodi's Bar and Grill - Littleton, CO
Jon arrives to find a mother and son at odds over running the haphazardly decorated G.I. Jodi's, which was originally conceived to honor the military.

49 have watched this episode

s06e42 / Get Off Your Ass!

30th Sep '19 - 2:00am
Get Off Your Ass!

The Fifth - Bountiful, UT

The owner realized too late that running a successful bar wasn't as easy as his dad made it look, and now he's poised to squander his family's legacy.

52 have watched this episode
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