Big Hero 6
Season 3

s03e01 / The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium

21st Sep '20 - 1:00pm
The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium

Hiro and a short-handed Big Hero 6 team attempt to stop Noodle Burger Boy and his new family.

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s03e02 / Mayor for a Day

28th Sep '20 - 1:00pm
Mayor for a Day

Big Hero 6 responds to Richardson Mole's every whim when he is made mayor for the day.

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s03e03 / The Dog Craze of Summer

28th Sep '20 - 1:30pm
The Dog Craze of Summer

Hiro enlists the help of the team when Granville's three dogs go missing while under his watch.

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s03e04 / Trading Chips

5th Oct '20 - 1:00pm
Trading Chips

Hiro switches Baymax and Mini-Max's chips so that Baymax, using Mini-Max's body, can fit inside a tiny space and offer Mochi medical assistance.

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s03e05 / Mini Noodle Burger Max

5th Oct '20 - 1:30pm
Mini Noodle Burger Max

A low-charged Baymax and Mini Max have to join forces with Noodle Boy to save Big Hero 6!.

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s03e06 / A Friendly Face

12th Oct '20 - 1:00pm
A Friendly Face

When Krei wants to sell the Mayor an automated fleet of shuttle vehicles, Honey Lemon suggests giving the shuttles a friendly face and an upbeat personality.

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s03e07 / Big Chibi 6

12th Oct '20 - 1:30pm
Big Chibi 6

Hardlight crashes Karmi's autograph session for her new chibi series.

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s03e08 / Cobra and Mongoose

26th Oct '20 - 1:00pm
Cobra and Mongoose

Fred is attacked by mechanical cobras, however their target is a former spy codename: Mongoose!.

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s03e09 / Better Off Fred

26th Oct '20 - 1:30pm
Better Off Fred

Fred meets the girls of his dreams, only to be rejected by her!.

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s03e10 / Big Hero Battle

2nd Nov '20 - 2:00pm
Big Hero Battle

4 2 Sing, a famous boy band, decides to be crime fighters and challenge Big Hero 6 to a superhero-off.

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s03e11 / Go Go the Wooweroo

2nd Nov '20 - 2:30pm
Go Go the Wooweroo

Go Go reluctantly goes undercover as the co-host of Wendy Wower's television show.

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s03e12 / The New Nega-Globby

9th Nov '20 - 2:00pm
The New Nega-Globby

Globby and Honey Lemon feel guilty about trapping Nega-Globby in the Glop-Vac.

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s03e13 / De-Based

9th Nov '20 - 2:30pm

When Basemax opens a spam email, she gets infected with a virus.

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s03e14 / The MiSFIT

1st Feb '21 - 2:00pm

In order to recruit child prodigy Rishi Patel, Professor Granville enlists Hiro to give him a tour of SFIT.

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s03e15 / Return to Sycorax

1st Feb '21 - 2:30pm
Return to Sycorax

When Krei is lost in the old Sycorax building, the heroes must search the abandoned monster factory to find him.

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s03e16 / A Fresh Sparkles

8th Feb '21 - 2:00pm
A Fresh Sparkles

Big Hero 6 is shocked to learn that Mr. Sparkles, going by his real name Frank, has recently been employed at the Pizza Party-torium and has turned over a new leaf. Not wanting to be seen as soft, Honey Lemon tries to out him, but he seems to have changed for the better. A painting is stolen and the team go searching for Mr. Sparkles. However, it is revealed that Yama had kidnapped him as revenge for outing him for his crimes. Honey Lemon doubles down on her attacks and defeats Yama while Mr. Sparkles returns the painting, proving that he has changed. Honey Lemon returns to her quirky bubbly self.

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s03e17 / Noodle Burger Ploy

8th Feb '21 - 2:30pm
Noodle Burger Ploy

Fred answers an email that says he won a prize. He follows it and it turns out to be a trap by Noodle Burger Boy and his family who create a robot duplicate of Fred and send him out in the hopes of finding Big Hero 6's base and blowing it up. The rest of the team comically fail to recognize that Fred is not Fred as the robots get no closer to their goal. Eventually, El Fuego attacks a bank and the team fight him. When Noodle Burger Boy, in robot Fred's body, is about to be destroyed, the other robots fight El Fuego. Fred manages to escape and joins up to out Noodle Fred. The robots escape as the team come together.

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s03e18 / Krei-oke Night

15th Feb '21 - 2:00pm
Krei-oke Night

Krei invents a karaoke machine.

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s03e19 / The Mascot Upshot

15th Feb '21 - 2:30pm
The Mascot Upshot

Hiro plans to defeat The Mascots once and for all.

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