Big Hero 6
Season 3

s03e01 / The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium

21st Sep '20 - 1:00pm
The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium

Hiro and a short-handed Big Hero 6 team attempt to stop Noodle Burger Boy and his new family.

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s03e02 / Mayor for a Day

28th Sep '20 - 1:00pm
Mayor for a Day

Big Hero 6 responds to Richardson Mole's every whim when he is made mayor for the day.

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s03e03 / The Dog Craze of Summer

28th Sep '20 - 1:30pm
The Dog Craze of Summer

Hiro enlists the help of the team when Granville's three dogs go missing while under his watch.

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s03e04 / Trading Chips

5th Oct '20 - 1:00pm
Trading Chips

Hiro switches Baymax and Mini-Max's chips so that Baymax, using Mini-Max's body, can fit inside a tiny space and offer Mochi medical assistance.

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s03e05 / Mini Noodle Burger Max

5th Oct '20 - 1:30pm
Mini Noodle Burger Max

A low-charged Baymax and Mini Max have to join forces with Noodle Boy to save Big Hero 6!.

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s03e06 / A Friendly Face

12th Oct '20 - 1:00pm
A Friendly Face

When Krei wants to sell the Mayor an automated fleet of shuttle vehicles, Honey Lemon suggests giving the shuttles a friendly face and an upbeat personality.

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s03e07 / Big Chibi 6

12th Oct '20 - 1:30pm
Big Chibi 6

Hardlight crashes Karmi's autograph session for her new chibi series.

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s03e08 / Cobra and Mongoose

26th Oct '20 - 1:00pm
Cobra and Mongoose

Fred is attacked by mechanical cobras, however their target is a former spy codename: Mongoose!.

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s03e09 / Better Off Fred

26th Oct '20 - 1:30pm
Better Off Fred

Fred meets the girls of his dreams, only to be rejected by her!.

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s03e10 / Big Hero Battle

2nd Nov '20 - 2:00pm
Big Hero Battle

4 2 Sing, a famous boy band, decides to be crime fighters and challenge Big Hero 6 to a superhero-off.

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s03e11 / Go Go the Wooweroo

2nd Nov '20 - 2:30pm
Go Go the Wooweroo

Go Go reluctantly goes undercover as the co-host of Wendy Wower's television show.

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s03e12 / The New Nega-Globby

9th Nov '20 - 2:00pm
The New Nega-Globby

Globby and Honey Lemon feel guilty about trapping Nega-Globby in the Glop-Vac.

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s03e13 / De-Based

9th Nov '20 - 2:30pm

When Basemax opens a spam email, she gets infected with a virus.

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s03e14 / The MiSFIT

1st Feb '21 - 2:00pm

s03e15 / Return to Sycorax

1st Feb '21 - 2:30pm
Return to Sycorax

Krei goes missing in the old Sycorax building!

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