Big Sky
Season 2

s02e01 / Wakey, Wakey

1st Oct '21 - 2:00am
Wakey, Wakey

Private detectives Cassie and Cody, along with Cody's estranged wife, search for kidnapped sisters.

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s02e02 / Huckleberry

8th Oct '21 - 2:00am

Cassie takes on a missing person case brought in by a concerned girlfriend while Jenny continues to search for clues relating to the mysterious truck accident. As they check in with each other, the two eventually realize they are working the same case. However, they are not the only ones looking for answers as a new face comes to town hellbent on taking what she believes is rightfully hers. Meanwhile, Max, Harper, Madison and Bridger are at odds over the stolen money.

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s02e03 / You Have to Play Along

15th Oct '21 - 2:00am
You Have to Play Along

After officially teaming up, Jenny and Cassie sit down with Tubb who reveals that this one goes far beyond their jurisdiction. Realizing Travis may be a man on the inside, Jenny reaches out for intel and learns the cartel is involved. With Tonya still missing and fearing the worst, Cassie and Jenny kick their search into high gear. Meanwhile, the kids' plan continues to fall apart, with secrets and scheming threatening to land them in hot water.

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s02e04 / Gettin' Right to It

22nd Oct '21 - 2:00am
Gettin' Right to It

Cassie and Jerrie search a development site and run into someone unexpected. Meanwhile, Wolf believes he is making progress with Ronald, and Deputy Harvey comes face-to face with Bridger.

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s02e05 / Mother Nurture

12th Nov '21 - 3:00am
Mother Nurture

Cassie and Jenny struggle to dodge Donno's attacks and the kids attempt to save Bridger as Ren is forced to figure out what happened to her plan. Meanwhile, change is in the air when Ronald seemingly experiences a breakthrough and Jerrie receives an unwelcome visitor from her past. Later, Jenny's unwillingness to drop a lead lands her in hot water with Travis and his not-so-forgiving bosses.

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s02e06 / Heart-Shaped Charm

19th Nov '21 - 3:00am
Heart-Shaped Charm

Cassie grows suspicious of Max after noticing her keychain matches one found nearby the crime scene and decides to confront her. Jenny and Travis get together to talk in secret, or so they think, as Smiley's curiosity gets the best of him, and he follows Travis to the meetup. Later, to his dismay, Travis comes face to face with Ren and Donno who are determined to get answers out of him; and Lindor pays Wolf a visit.

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s02e07 / Little Boxes

10th Dec '21 - 3:00am
Little Boxes

Cassie and Jenny discover a gruesome message meant for Dietrich in their search to find Travis, leading them to fear the worst. Elsewhere, Tonya works to gain Donno's trust and Ren's ear, and the kids hope to stay out of sight as they tend to Creary's injuries. Meanwhile, Cassie has an emotional breakthrough and Ronald and Scarlet work to break out

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s02e08 / The End Has No End

17th Dec '21 - 3:00am
The End Has No End

Jenny and Cassie trade stories on recent run-ins with Tonya, leading Cassie to confront her about working for Ren. Having left the ranch-and Wolf-behind him, Ronald revels in his newfound freedom, but old habits threaten to derail his plans. Elsewhere, the kids receive advice from an unlikely source, Travis is finally honest with Jenny and, later, Cassie receives devastating news

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s02e09 / Trust Issues

25th Feb '22 - 3:00am

s02e10 / Happy Thoughts

4th Mar '22 - 3:00am

s02e11 / Do No Harm

11th Mar '22 - 3:00am

s02e12 / Season 2, Episode 12

18th Mar '22 - 2:00am

s02e13 / Season 2, Episode 13

25th Mar '22 - 2:00am

s02e14 / Season 2, Episode 14

1st Apr '22 - 2:00am

s02e15 / Season 2, Episode 15

8th Apr '22 - 2:00am

s02e16 / Season 2, Episode 16

15th Apr '22 - 2:00am

s02e17 / Season 2, Episode 17

22nd Apr '22 - 2:00am

s02e18 / Season 2, Episode 18

6th May '22 - 2:00am
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