Breaking In
Season 2

s02e01 / The Contra Club

7th Mar '12 - 1:30am
The Contra Club

Cameron, Cash and Melanie discover that Oz is forced to sell the company to a corporate conglomerate headed by the brash and bold Veronica Mann, who along with her prickly British assistant Molly, turn the office upside-down.

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s02e02 / Who's The Boss

14th Mar '12 - 12:30am
Who's The Boss

When Veronica doesn't approve of Contra's annual contract with a lingerie company to protect an extremely valuable diamond-encrusted bra, the team goes behind her back to pull it off (the mission, not the bra).

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s02e03 / The Blind Sided

21st Mar '12 - 12:30am
The Blind Sided

As the team searches for a computer hacker, Oz worries when Veronica allows a young teen to become the office's new intern. Meanwhile, Cam and Melanie have an awkward night on a stake-out and Molly becomes "protocol officer".

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s02e04 / Game of Jones

28th Mar '12 - 12:30am
Game of Jones

A suspicious Molly questions the existence of Contra's top international sales rep. So Oz scrambles to prove that "Mr. Jones" is an actual person. Meanwhile, Veronica enlists Cameron to help her make friends in the office and Cash gets advice on women from an unlikely source.

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s02e05 / Cyrano de Nerdgerac

4th Apr '12 - 12:30am
Cyrano de Nerdgerac

Oz must rely on Cash to teach him how to ward off women when he realizes Molly has developed a crush on him.

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