Breaking In
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

7th Apr '11 - 1:30am

When Contra Security wants a new member on their team of genius talent, leader Oz hopes to entice Cameron Bright. Oz is no stranger to manipulative tactics to win clients to his firm. Keeping corporations safe from security breaches may, in fact, be the least of the team's worries under Oz's methods of leadership, which are questionable at best.

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s01e02 / Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed

14th Apr '11 - 1:30am
Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed

When Oz cryptically informs the team their latest case involves breaking into an old lady's home to steal the contents of her safe, the team thinks it will be a walk in the park, until they attempt to get through her security system.

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s01e03 / Need for Speed

21st Apr '11 - 1:30am
Need for Speed

Race-car champion Jimmie Johnson comes to his old friend Oz when he wants a security leak on the speedway investigated forcing Cameron to call his least-favorite person Dutch because of his automotive expertise.

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s01e04 / White on White on White

28th Apr '11 - 1:30am
White on White on White

Just when Contra Security is assigned to test the security for a museum with a valuable painting, Melanie's ex-con dad shows up to get to know her. While she is happy to see him, her colleagues worry about his motives.

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s01e05 / Take the Movie and Run

5th May '11 - 1:30am
Take the Movie and Run

When Contra Security is hired to protect "The Goonies" sequel at Comic Con, the copy goes missing nevertheless. Soon, team member Cash becomes the prime suspect.

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s01e06 / Breaking Out

12th May '11 - 1:30am
Breaking Out

After the team botches their assignment to secure KFC's Secret Recipe, Oz orchestrates a team-building exercise, trapping the gang inside Contra Security over the weekend, forcing them to work together in order to break out of the office. Cameron's feelings for Melanie come out in the open, and Cash becomes jealous when Josh dates a co-worker.

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s01e07 / 21.0 Jump Street

18th May '11 - 1:30am
21.0 Jump Street

When Contra Security is hired to find a teen cyber-bully, Cameron finds himself back at his former high school, where he must relive his un-glory days.

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