Carmen Sandiego
Season 1

s01e01 / Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I

19th Jan '19 - 1:00am
Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I

Mischievous orphan Carmen enrolls at V.I.L.E. Academy, a school for thieves. Given the code name Black Sheep, she makes fast friends ... and enemies.

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s01e02 / Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part II

20th Jan '19 - 1:00am
Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part II

Carmen crashes the graduates' caper, touching down at an archaeological dig site. But learning the truth about V.I.L.E. sets her on a new path.

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s01e03 / The Sticky Rice Caper

21st Jan '19 - 1:00am
The Sticky Rice Caper

Player navigates Carmen, Zack and Ivy to a secret lab in Indonesia, where V.I.L.E. is developing a fungus designed to destroy the country's rice.

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s01e04 / The Fishy Doubloon Caper

22nd Jan '19 - 1:00am
The Fishy Doubloon Caper

While exploring a shipwreck off the coast of Ecuador, Carmen stumbles upon hidden treasure - and an old rival. Meanwhile, two agents kidnap Devineaux.

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s01e05 / The Duke of Vermeer Caper

23rd Jan '19 - 1:00am
The Duke of Vermeer Caper

In Amsterdam, Carmen goes undercover to nab a mastermind who's been replacing priceless paintings with amazingly accurate forgeries.

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s01e06 / The Opera in the Outback Caper

24th Jan '19 - 1:00am
The Opera in the Outback Caper

Carmen tangles with V.I.L.E. operative Le Chevre at the Sydney Opera House. Crackle's there, too - but he doesn't recognize Carmen. Hmmm.

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s01e07 / The Chasing Paper Caper

25th Jan '19 - 1:00am
The Chasing Paper Caper

When V.I.L.E. schemes to steal the Magna Carta from a Mumbai museum, Carmen squares off with a former classmate: origami expert Paper Star.

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s01e08 / The Lucky Cat Caper

26th Jan '19 - 1:00am
The Lucky Cat Caper

In foggy San Francisco, Carmen attends an elegant charity auction. When Mime Bomb steals a million stamp, Carmen follows his trail to Chinatown.

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s01e09 / The French Connection Caper

27th Jan '19 - 1:00am
The French Connection Caper

Suspecting Carmen isn't working alone, Shadowsan and Coach Brunt interrogate Devineaux. Carmen uncovers the truth about her mysterious past.

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