Carmen Sandiego
Season 2

s02e01 / The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 1

2nd Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 1

After spotting a V.I.L.E. operative in Prague, Carmen travels to Rio de Janeiro to find the source of stolen alexandrite gemstones.

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s02e02 / The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2

3rd Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2

Carmen, Ivy and Zack track V.I.L.E. through Rio and uncover a devious plot at a colorful Carnival parade.

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s02e03 / The Daisho Caper

4th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Daisho Caper

When Carmen and her crew jet off to Japan, V.I.L.E. sets a trap by stealing a priceless samurai sword from a castle.

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s02e04 / The Fashionista Caper

5th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Fashionista Caper

The gang plays fashion police in Milan when V.I.L.E. designs hats with mind-control devices that turn runway models into thieves.

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s02e05 / The Boston Tea Party Caper

6th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Boston Tea Party Caper

Carmen, Ivy and Zack reminisce about the caper that first brought them together: catching V.I.L.E. with a stash of counterfeit cash.

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s02e06 / The Need for Speed Caper

7th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Need for Speed Caper

Carmen and the team zoom off to a posh party in Dubai to steal a high-speed supercar before V.I.L.E. can get to it first.

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s02e07 / The Crackle Goes Kiwi Caper

8th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Crackle Goes Kiwi Caper

Carmen enlists an old friend's help for a high-tech heist: breaking into Dr. Bellum's New Zealand lab to disable a dangerous device.

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s02e08 / The Stockholm Syndrome Caper

9th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Stockholm Syndrome Caper

As A.C.M.E. closes in on Carmen in Sweden, she finds herself in a perilous predicament - and it's up to Ivy to thwart V.I.L.E'.s latest scheme.

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s02e09 / The African Ice Caper

10th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The African Ice Caper

After recovering from her icy ordeal, Carmen travels to Botswana to bust up an illegal diamond mining operation.

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s02e10 / The Deep Dive Caper

11th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Deep Dive Caper

Rocked by a new revelation about her past, Carmen returns to V.I.L.E. Island to uncover the truth.

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