Counting Cars
Season 4

s04e01 / Mo' Parts Mo' Problems

25th Feb '15 - 2:00am
Mo' Parts Mo' Problems

On this hour-long episode Danny is doubly-blessed when a His and Hers restoration - a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner and a 1970 Dodge Coronet - are commissioned, but has The Count bitten off more than he can chew? When Roli hopes to become the shops next air-brusher, Ryan and Mike have other plans for him. Danny comes across a classic '66 Stingray, but will he close the deal with Ricky Corvette?

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s04e02 / Count's Car Show

4th Mar '15 - 2:00am
Count's Car Show

On this hour-long episode Danny is hosting a huge car show and needs to restore a '73 boat-tail Riviera to be the main attraction. Mike is in the doghouse with Danny, but desperately wants a piece of the Riviera action. Danny hunts down a gasser, which takes him to a collection of jaw-dropping muscle cars.

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s04e03 / Trail Blazer

11th Mar '15 - 1:00am
Trail Blazer

Music industry royalty, Del Bryant has a Blazer he wants to pay tribute to his Tennessee roots, while Mike and Ryan check out a super rare 1963 Oldsmobile they think the Count has to own.

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s04e04 / The Full Monte

11th Mar '15 - 1:30am
The Full Monte

Inspired by the Rat Rods at a local shop, Danny sends the guys out to find parts for a Count's Kustoms Rat Rod. While on the hunt, Danny gets distracted by a beauty of a Bel Air and finds himself on the other side of the bargaining table.

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s04e05 / I Want My Caddy Back

18th Mar '15 - 1:00am
I Want My Caddy Back

Danny get's a call from Kevin's brother who wants to sell Danny a 1969 Cadillac, but they can't let Kevin know or else he'll never trust his brother or Danny again. Meanwhile Danny wants to buy a 1936 Ford Humpback when he's supposed to be shopping for a Rolls Royce.

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s04e06 / The King and the Count

18th Mar '15 - 1:30am
The King and the Count

Kevin and the team come together to make something special for Danny. Meanwhile Danny runs into an old pal and his 1959 Corvette gasser, but it's a ride once owned by the King himself that brings Danny to his knees.

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s04e07 / Road Runner Redemption

25th Mar '15 - 1:00am
Road Runner Redemption

A returning customer needs Danny's help restoring a 1971 Road Runner to give as a commemorative gift to his wife and step-daughter, but the years have not been kind to the ride. Meanwhile Mike and Roli settle a score by gloving up and taking it to the mat. Danny and Kevin stop for a 1976 Monte Carlo that would be the perfect flip but only if Danny can get it for the right price.

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s04e08 / Willys for Warriors

25th Mar '15 - 1:30am
Willys for Warriors

Danny checks out a mind-blowing collection, which includes a 1933 Ford Roadster and a '53 Henry J. Meanwhile Kevin, Ryan and Mike make an unauthorized purchase and the pressure's on Ryan to make it worthwhile.

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s04e09 / The Return of the Big Twin

1st Apr '15 - 1:00am
The Return of the Big Twin

Ryan works on a secret project for chopper shop Bones Legacy, while a Chevy Impala that redefines "lowrider" blinds Mike and Roli. Danny investigates a Satellite Sebring but has a hard time making a deal.

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s04e10 / It Hurst So Good

1st Apr '15 - 1:30am
It Hurst So Good

Like in the cartoons, the Plymouth Road Runner has always eluded Danny. When he finally finds one and buys it, it becomes a nightmare for Kevin. When Kevin tries to shut down the project, Danny pulls a fast one.

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s04e11 / Burning Out

24th Jun '15 - 1:00am
Burning Out

Danny has big retro plans for a 1972 Cutlass he hopes to flip, and is counting on his fab team to do her right. Roli seeks the help of the guys to learn to do a burn-out. Danny checks out a 1971 Torino whose owner can't seem to put a price on it.

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s04e12 / Don't Tell Danny

24th Jun '15 - 1:30am
Don't Tell Danny

Mike buys a Smart car and wants to trick it out at the shop, but Kevin warns that Danny hates new cars and can't find out about it until it's done. Danny and Kevin go for a spin in Kevin's new Caddy and come across a 1939 Ford. Danny's pal Shane wants to show Danny his new 1955 Chevy and a special project that will take Danny back to when he first got into cars.

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s04e13 / The Count of Monte Carlo

1st Jul '15 - 1:00am
The Count of Monte Carlo

Danny must give up his prized 1972 Monte Carlo for one of his biggest clients, and is counting on his team to get the job done in one week. Meanwhile Ryan and Mike go for the ride of their lives in a 1965 Fastback Mustang. Danny sneaks a peek at a1948 Olds that looks like it needs a lot of love that he's willing to give but only if it's a good deal.

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s04e14 / Stude-licious

1st Jul '15 - 1:30am

Shannon turns to the shop for help when he takes on restoring a 1962 Karmann Ghia as an anniversary present for his wife. With the tables are turned, Shannon quickly learns that the customer isn't always right. Meanwhile, Danny gets the invitation of a lifetime to check out a legendary personal car collection he's only heard about and comes face to face with a rare El Camino fused with an SSR and the mythical Frankenstude.

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s04e15 / Bucks & Broncos (1)

8th Jul '15 - 1:00am
Bucks & Broncos (1)

Danny is inspired to take back on an old project, a 1967 Ford Bronco that he's already sunk a lot of time and money into but to make any profit, the shop will have to turn it around quickly. Meanwhile, a customer brings in a 1950 Harley Davidson he was restored stock, but will Ryan's paint additions turn him off? Danny gets a chance to go for a spin in a 1966 Corvette Sting Ray and later lucks out and comes across a 1950 Ford 2-Door.

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s04e16 / Bucks & Broncos (2)

8th Jul '15 - 1:30am
Bucks & Broncos (2)

Danny has a customer all lined up to buy his 1967 Ford Bronco he's restoring, but Ryan's mistake has set the project way back. Meanwhile, Mike and Roli settle a score at a gun range with Shannon keeping the peace. Danny stops to check out a 1980 Fire Truck that was a first responder at the tragic Las Vegas MGM fire and a 1929 Ford has Danny asking Mike to chase it down.

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s04e17 / A Legend on Two Wheels

15th Jul '15 - 1:00am
A Legend on Two Wheels

When Danny is asked to create a commemorative bike that honors music legend Les Paul he has to pull out all the stops, and hopes his team can get it done in 30 days. Horny Mike wants to impress Danny and looks at a 1940 Dodge that's for sale. Danny and Kevin investigate a 1964 Galaxie that has Danny wanting to buy it.

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s04e18 / Black, White and Hotrod All Over

15th Jul '15 - 1:30am
Black, White and Hotrod All Over

Danny and the boys meet with a customer who wants a wicked paint job to match his wicked 1959 Anglia dragster. Meanwhile, Shannon and Ryan are building a custom Harley Davidson bagger for a client using a repurposed police bike. Shannon is tired of being dogged by Mike and Roli so he sends them to the dogs. Literally.

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s04e19 / Fighting Ford (1)

22nd Jul '15 - 1:00am
Fighting Ford (1)

Danny has a customer who wants to restore a 1942 Ford truck that saw some action in WWII. But when Danny takes in the project he quickly learns it'll need a lot more love than he thought. Roli and Ryan check out a '71 Duster while Danny goes out to look for a quick flip and scores a 1974 Bronco that isn't all he thought it would be.

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s04e20 / Fighting Ford (2)

22nd Jul '15 - 1:30am
Fighting Ford (2)

The shop has its hands full restoring a 1942 Ford truck that needed a lot of TLC and a special touch for the owner's wife. Danny and Ryan check out a badass 1929 Ford Roadster while Gary pulls one over on Mike in the paint shop. Danny comes across a Corvette and Firebird that might be for sale.

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s04e21 / Craziest Rides

29th Jul '15 - 1:00am
Craziest Rides

Get wild with Danny and the Count's Kustoms crew and revisit some of the craziest rides ever featured on Counting Cars: a twin-engine Model T hot-rod decked out with four superchargers, an insanely tricked out '73 Buick Riviera, Horny Mike's bus transformed into a giant green monster, a pimped out '71 Cadillac Superfly and an insane one-of-a-kind rat rod that causes Danny to lose his mind.

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s04e22 / Fast and Furry-ous

29th Jul '15 - 1:30am
Fast and Furry-ous

Danny scores a pimp-tastic 1967 Impala, but when it's time to hand over the keys to an important client Danny doesn't think he can let her go. Meanwhile Roli does the unthinkable and puts the shop's top project in jeopardy. Danny steps back in time when an old friend shows him a 1914 Ford that's headed to the Smithsonian. Danny and Ryan think they've seen a ghost when they spot a Meyers Manx Dune buggy for sale that looks a lot like their old favorite Sparkles.

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s04e23 / Pullovers

5th Aug '15 - 1:00am

Take to the streets with the Count's Kustoms crew and revisit some of the best pullovers in the history of Counting Cars: Danny's very first pullover involving a '39 Chevy, a run-in with the law over a '68 Cadillac Limo and a VW Thing that catches Rick Harrison's eye. Later, the tables turn on Danny when he gets pulled over while driving his '73 Plymouth Sebring.

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s04e24 / Down By The Riviera

5th Aug '15 - 1:30am
Down By The Riviera

Legendary rocker George Lynch from the metal band Dokken stops by with his very cool 1965 Buick Riviera. He gives Danny free rein to put the Count's Kustoms rock and roll touch on it. Will Danny be able to please the man who is as passionate about cars, as he is music? Also, after years of having the wrong business info/ graphics on his detailing van, Roli decides to do something about it, and teams up with Horny Mike to get a custom wrap job done.

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s04e25 / Special Projects

12th Aug '15 - 1:00am
Special Projects

Get creative with the Count's Kustoms crew and rediscover some of the most unique projects they've ever taken on: a 1980 Lavey Craft speed boat painted to match the owner's 1935 Chevy, a customized, one of a kind Can-Am Spider, a commemorative go-kart fire truck, a vintage FMC motor home and a severely damaged Lincoln Mark V restored to its former glory.

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s04e26 / Firebird Fever

12th Aug '15 - 1:30am
Firebird Fever

"Engine Whisperer" Doc has a cool '67 Firebird he's been working on. While he's a mechanical maestro under the hood, his paint skills are lacking so he enlists Ryan to make it look as mean as it will run. Meanwhile, Danny checks out a one-of-a-kind local car collection, including a lightning fast Shelby Mustang and a legendary 1950 Mercury known as "Black Magic".

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s04e27 / You Never Forget Your First Z28, Part 1

19th Aug '15 - 1:00am
You Never Forget Your First Z28, Part 1

A client asks Danny to find and build a 1979 Camaro Z28, to commemorate the first car he ever owned. After they find one online, they soon learn that the car is not in nearly as good of a condition as they thought, and the project turns into a nightmare.

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s04e28 / You Never Forget Your First Z28, Part 2

19th Aug '15 - 1:30am
You Never Forget Your First Z28, Part 2

While Danny figures out what to do, another client arrives and asks Ryan to trick out four high end computer towers - in three days.

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s04e29 / Danny's Dream, Kevin's Nightmare

26th Aug '15 - 1:00am
Danny's Dream, Kevin's Nightmare

Danny has wanted a Plymouth Roadrunner ever since a couple of car nuts pulled him over a few years ago, and bought his Sebring on the spot. He's finally found one and he's doing it up exactly as he wants to. Meanwhile, Horny Mike takes on a side project that is as scary as it is silly.

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s04e30 / Baggers Can't Be Choosers

26th Aug '15 - 1:30am
Baggers Can't Be Choosers

A customer wants to trick out his 2004 Harley Davidson Road Glide, but both Shannon and Ryan aren't sure they can do everything he wants. A fellow collector drops by dangling a rare 1970 Lincoln Mark III in front of Danny who can't wait to take her for a spin. Meanwhile Horny Mike wants to prove to Danny he can spot a good flip but instead gets sidetracked by a 1930 Ford rat rod.

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s04e31 / Dune Buggy Blues

2nd Sep '15 - 1:00am
Dune Buggy Blues

Danny has found and bought a replacement for his beloved Dune Buggy "Sparkles". As the guys are turning it into the ultimate 70s beach fantasy, Mike convinces Ryan to take it for a quick joy ride that ends anything but joyful. Also, Danny visits a collection with a patriotic 1962 Corvette he falls in love with.

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s04e32 / Ready, Set, Van Gogh!

2nd Sep '15 - 1:30am
Ready, Set, Van Gogh!

Ryan is challenged to paint a Harley Trike in the spirit of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", and Kevin finds a car that could be one the most valuable ones Danny has ever seen - if it's an original.

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s04e33 / Flamin' and Misbehavin'

9th Sep '15 - 1:00am
Flamin' and Misbehavin'

Danny wants Ryan to fix a bad flame job on his beloved police cruiser that's been sitting in the shop for years. A customer asks Shannon to restore his 1979 Iron Head Sportster that's more a pile of parts than a bike. Danny and Roli come across a 1974 Nova that would make for a great flip but the owner isn't ready to let her go. Danny and Kevin check out the 1940 Dodge rat rod Horny Mike told them about to see if it's a buy, or a bust.

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s04e34 / Paint Jobs

16th Sep '15 - 1:00am
Paint Jobs

Brush up with Danny and his crew and revisit some of the best paint jobs in Counting Cars history: a constitutional Corvette that blows its new owner away, a 1960 Chevy Delivery that's been through three paint jobs, a '92 Ford ambulance converted into a spooky ghost-hunting machine, a patriotic motorcycle that pays tribute to the USS Belknap, and a '59 Chevy Panel Truck that leaves Danny speechless.

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s04e35 / Iconic Americana

23rd Sep '15 - 1:00am
Iconic Americana

Cruise down memory lane as the guys from Count's Kustoms revisit some of the most iconic American cars they've ever laid eyes on: a rare 1963 split-window Corvette, a historic 1956 Chevy Two-Ten, a classic 1951 Mercury Eight and a 1963 Chrysler Imperial that Pawn Stars' "Old Man" wants to make as timeless as himself.

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