Counting Cars
Season 5

s05e01 / Who's Your Caddy?

17th Feb '16 - 2:00am
Who's Your Caddy?

Danny gets a '62 Caddy which he hopes will be a huge flip; Ryan hatches a secret plan for the car behind Danny's back; Danny and Ryan visit a world class dune-buggy collection.

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s05e02 / Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

17th Feb '16 - 2:30am
Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

Danny attempts to get the derailed '62 Caddy project back on track; Ryan tries to makeup for a mishap by finding a flip or two for the shop.

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s05e03 / One Sweet 'Stang

24th Feb '16 - 2:00am
One Sweet 'Stang

Danny scores a 1967 Mustang that he hopes he can turn into another Count's Kustoms masterpiece. He visits a local muscle car collection for inspiration, and later brings in an expert from the Shelby headquarters for a seal of approval. But will The Count's Mustang cut the mustard? Also, Shannon and Roli meet a classic couple and their classic 50s Chevys.

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s05e04 / Harley and the Mystery Merc

24th Feb '16 - 2:30am
Harley and the Mystery Merc

Danny plans to put the Count's Kustoms touch on a classic Harley-Davidson; Danny finds a rare Mercury that he knows nothing about, but he loves it so much that he starts bidding anyway.

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s05e05 / Highways and Driveways

2nd Mar '16 - 2:00am
Highways and Driveways

Danny "The Count" Koker stops at nothing to find and flip the greatest rides of all time!.

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s05e06 / Finders Keepers

2nd Mar '16 - 2:30am
Finders Keepers

Danny's eager to flip a 1974 Ford F100 for a big pay off but the Count falls in love; Mike and Ryan meet someone with a couple of 1956 Chevys.

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s05e07 / Outrageous Automobiles

9th Mar '16 - 2:00am
Outrageous Automobiles

The Kount's Customs crew takes a look at some of the most outrageous rides featured on Counting Cars; a lifeless '65 Pontiac GTO that Danny brings back to life and Frankenstude, the legendary ride built from four different Studebakers.

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s05e08 / Carl's Corvette

9th Mar '16 - 2:30am
Carl's Corvette

Danny gets a once in a lifetime commission from burger giant Carl's Jr., who is celebrating its 75th anniversary. With full creative control, a big budget, and the car of his choice, Danny builds the Corvette of his dreams, but when he plays with the client's iconic logo, has he gone too far? Meanwhile, Ryan and Shannon try to score a classic Ford Fairlane, and Mike can't get over the crazy rides in a local dealer's shop.

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s05e09 / True Classics

16th Mar '16 - 1:00am
True Classics

Travel back in time with Danny and his crew and revisit some of the most classic rides in Counting Cars history: a museum worthy 1914 Model T pie wagon, a 1960 Cadillac coupe with a standout paint job, a tricked out '35 Ford pickup street rod, and an understated 1953 Henry J Corsair. Later, Danny gets some Mustang inspiration when he checks out the Shelby Heritage Center and takes a seat in the first Shelby Cobra ever made.

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s05e10 / Swap Meet Mayhem

16th Mar '16 - 1:30am
Swap Meet Mayhem

When Danny challenges the guys to come up with innovative money-making ideas for the shop, Shannon proposes building a bike from parts picked up at a swap meet, and Mike ups the ante by challenging Shannon to do it all in one day. While Shannon, Ryan and Mike are at the swap meet, Danny and Kevin hit an auction in Palm Springs to see if they can find any treasure in the desert.

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s05e11 / Colorful Customers

23rd Mar '16 - 1:00am
Colorful Customers

Buckle up with Danny and his crew and revisit some of the most eccentric and famous clients to walk through the doors at Count's Kustoms: The Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, who needs a facelift for her infamous Macabre Mobile, a feisty bar owner who wants the Count to build the bike of her dreams, Chumlee and the Lincoln Continental he wants to flip in true Pawn Stars fashion, and a Robert De Niro impersonator who wants his car to resemble the actor's ride in the movie Casino. Later, Ziggy Marley seeks Danny's magic touch to bring his father's vintage Mercedes back to its legendary status.

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s05e12 / Rung It Like You Brung It

23rd Mar '16 - 1:30am
Rung It Like You Brung It

Mike gifts all the guys with their own drifter trikes, under one condition - they must customize them, then race them at the local track. Everyone is up to the challenge. Everyone except Kevin that is, and Mike has to go to extremes to make sure his trike gets done. When Danny hits the streets and comes upon a property full of funeral cars, he finds himself in hearse heaven.

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s05e13 / Perfect Paint

30th Mar '16 - 1:00am
Perfect Paint

Paint the town with Danny and his crew and revisit some of the most impressive paint jobs in Counting Cars history: a 1971 Road Runner gets a crazy new coat to commemorate a loved one, Rob Zombie's truck undergoes a screaming transformation, a Harley is transformed into a work of art inspired by the client's own tattoos, a dune buggy gets a nautical-themed electric blue makeover, a horse trailer is given a traffic-stopping new look, and a champion soap box racer receives a red hot finish that's bound to intimidate the competition.

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s05e14 / One-of-a-Kind Commissions

6th Apr '16 - 1:00am
One-of-a-Kind Commissions

Think outside the box with the Count's Kustoms crew and revisit some of the most unique projects ever commissioned on Counting Cars. A '72 Chevy Blazer transformed into a tailgater's dream; a chopper specially customized for an amputee rider; a run down Ford Ranchero converted into a billiard beauty; a long lost '69 Pontiac Firebird brought back from the dead. Later, Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars challenges Danny to turn a rust bucket into a replica of the Mustang featured in the Steve McQueen classic Bullitt.

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