Dirty Sexy Money
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

27th Sep '07 - 2:00am

When attorney Nick George's father dies, Nick takes over his law practice and must take care of the Darlings and their problems, including human trafficking, illegitimate children, and illicit affairs.

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s01e02 / The Lions

4th Oct '07 - 2:00am
The Lions

Nick searches for his father's hugger. When the family has a photo shoot Juliet refuses to be there. Patrick has to deal with his father who wants him to run for the senate.

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s01e03 / The Italian Banker

11th Oct '07 - 2:00am
The Italian Banker

Nick tries to fix things when the Darlings are blackmailed over a sex tape starring a family member. Patrick is upset over being forced to end things with Carmelita. Brian's wife gets suspicious over the Swedish orphan he brought home. Jeremy tries to keep it quiet about him and Natalie, but when they all show up at a fundraiser for Patrick things get out of control.

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s01e04 / The Chiavennasca

18th Oct '07 - 2:00am
The Chiavennasca

Tripp sends Nick to a vineyard in Italy to get information about his father's death. Nick decides to bring Lisa along to spend some time with her away from the Darlings but Freddy and Karen are following them everywhere they go. After Leticia admits she was unfaithful to him, Tripp decides to find out if all of his children are really his.

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s01e05 / The Bridge

25th Oct '07 - 2:00am
The Bridge

Nick finds he has a lot in common with Simon, Tripp's nemesis. In a case of sibling rivalry Jeremy and Juliet decide to try and outdo each other for their separate birthday parties. Brian Jr. wants to tell Brian's wife the truth. Karen tries to get Freddy into a fancy country club.

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s01e06 / The Game

1st Nov '07 - 2:00am
The Game

A high-stakes poker game pits Simon Elder against Tripp. Simon tells Nick he will help him find the man who killed his father if Tripp puts up something he wants very badly. Karen needs a favor from her irresistible ex-husband, and Jeremy gets a real job working as a parking valet.

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s01e07 / The Wedding

15th Nov '07 - 3:00am
The Wedding

Karen is getting married, but her strong desire for Nick might be more of a distraction than she could have ever thought. Brian Jr.'s mother comes back into town trying to get her son back, but the once arrogant Brian has another idea.

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s01e08 / The Country House

22nd Nov '07 - 3:00am
The Country House

Thanksgiving has arrived and Nick George wants to spend the day with his wife and daughter, but Tripp has another idea. Tripp wants Nick to set up a meeting with Simon Elder so Tripp and Simon can talk face-to-face once and for all. Meanwhile, Letitia helps Karen try to get closer to Nick. Brian fights to keep his ex-girlfriend, Andrea, from taking his son away from him while Jeremy goes on a first date with Sofia.

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s01e09 / The Watch

29th Nov '07 - 3:00am
The Watch

This flashback episode reveals secrets about Dutch (Nick's father) and the relationships he had with Nick, Tripp, and Letitia. Karen's intimate view towards Nick is put on hold as she takes a liking to Simon Elder. Brian's attempt to get his son takes a turn he didn't expect and Jeremy continues to hide how much he is worth from Sofia.

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s01e10 / The Nutcracker

6th Dec '07 - 3:00am
The Nutcracker

Nick learns Simon and Karen are secretly together, but refuses to say why it truly bothers him. Karen doesn't attend the family tradition of watching "The Nutcracker" in order to meet a mysterious person. Brian's suspension from the ministry makes him look elsewhere for a job, and Letitia suggests he go to Tripp for guidance. Meanwhile, Juliet has a visitor from the Seychelles, and Carmelita tells Patrick she thinks she's being watched by someone.

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