Dog Whisperer
Season 4

s04e01 / Chuy, Jack & Carmine

8th Sep '07 - 1:00am
Chuy, Jack & Carmine

First, Cesar is called in to restore the peace at a "not-so" dog friendly apartment complex. When the residents of a North Hollywood apartment building moved in they assumed their pets would get along - they were wrong. Will Cesar be able to give these dogs an attitude makeover? Then, meet the Diaz's - and their 3 canine troublemakers. Despite owning multiple businesses the Diaz's can't seem to multi-task when it comes to controlling their dogs. Will Cesar be able to pacify this unruly mob?

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s04e02 / Cotton, Ricky & Jordan, and Duke & Lila

15th Sep '07 - 1:00am
Cotton, Ricky & Jordan, and Duke & Lila

Meet Cotton, an American Eskimo that has taken the watchdog role too far. Cotton attacks doors and windows whenever people pass by and causes carpool chaos when the kids go to school. Then meet Ricky, a Shiba Inu that has become overprotective of playmate Jordan, a Corgi. And finally meet Duke and Lila, two belligerent bulldogs that have taken on the mantra "hug or be killed." Will Cesar be able to rid these dogs of their bad attitudes?

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s04e03 / Kiko, Tootsie & Ginger, and Binkey

22nd Sep '07 - 1:00am
Kiko, Tootsie & Ginger, and Binkey

First, meet 2-year-old miniature pinscher Kiko, who has to be locked up in the garage when visitors come over because she constantly barks at them until they leave. Then, Mike White, writer and director of the recently released film "Year of the Dog," has two French bulldogs named Tootsie and Ginger, who are out of control. Last, meet Binkey, a young Chihuahua who was born without his two front legs.

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s04e04 / Luna and K9 Sniffers

6th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Luna and K9 Sniffers

Meet Luna, a Lab mix, who has extreme fear of dog parks, walks and noises at home. Her owner, a music instructor, would love to take his beloved dog to his rehearsals, but he can't. It's time for Cesar to step in, but has this case gone too far, even for the Dog Whisperer? Next, Cesar heads to Florida to meet a pack of dogs that spends its days carefully keeping the port of Miami free of drugs, explosives and dangerous chemicals. But off the job, these six intelligent animals can't interact without incident. Can Cesar help these K9 sniffers learn to play together as well as they work together?

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s04e05 / Reggie, Diva, Rocco & Vito, and Mugsy

13th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Reggie, Diva, Rocco & Vito, and Mugsy

First, meet a feral dog named Reggie, who likes to guard pregnant horses on a ranch near Phoenix, Ariz. All was fine until she gave birth to 15 puppies. The farm owners finally decided to have her spayed but they cant catch her. Next, an interior designer has a dog pack that clashes. Vito, a boxer, and Diva, a cocker spaniel, were a team all their own, until an English bulldog named Rocco joined the pack. Finally, meet Mugsy, a rescued pit bull terrier, who turned out to be a couch potato.

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s04e06 / Willie, Make-A-Wish, and Zena

20th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Willie, Make-A-Wish, and Zena

Meet Zena, a pit bull/chow mix whose extreme fear of the stove has forced her owners, who live outside of Phoenix, Ariz., to cook outside on a grill for the past year. Next, Cesar visits Major, a Rottweiler, and Nira, a German shepherd, who are battling for control of the house. Finally, meet Willie, a Jack Russell terrier who cant handle the death of his pack leader, the family cat named Jake. Willies owners say Jake kept Willie in line, but now the terrier has abandoned his good behavior.

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s04e07 / Hudson & Orchid, and LA Animal Control

27th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Hudson & Orchid, and LA Animal Control

Two years ago, Cesar Millan brokered peace between two great Danes, Violet and Hudson. After Violet passed away this year, Orchid, another great Dane, joined the family and aggressively moved in on Hudson's territory. Next, Cesar helps the city of Los Angeles' Animal Control department with its aggressive new pet ownership program by riding along with one of its officers.

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s04e08 / Gus, Abbey, and Vinnie

3rd Nov '07 - 1:00am
Gus, Abbey, and Vinnie

Legendary Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon rescued a wheaten terrier named Gus. He can be sweet and cuddly around Eds family, but he has become seriously aggressive toward Eds assistants and guests. Next, meet the Swanson family, who live outside Minneapolis, Minn. They adopted a beagle named Abbey who now wont leave the house. Then, in Torrance, Calif., meet an Australian shepherd named Vinnie who is so territorial of his owners house that no one has visited in two years.

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s04e09 / Tara, Molly & Mandy, Olive, and Dexter

15th Dec '07 - 2:00am
Tara, Molly & Mandy, Olive, and Dexter

First, Cesar Millan meets a widow who has found herself alone with a combative pack of dogs after her husband died last year. Tara, a retriever mix, and fox terriers Molly and Mandy can?t get along. How will Cesar help this exhausted widow? Then, meet Olive, a shar-pei/Doberman mix, who drools excessively on car rides. How will Cesar help mop up this slippery mess? And finally, Cesar helped Chicagoan Mary Jane Duffy with her Rottie-mix named Dexter last year but it didn?t click. Cesar helps.

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s04e10 / ATF K-9 Gavin

24th Dec '07 - 2:00am
ATF K-9 Gavin

A veteran bomb-sniffing Labrador retriever develops severe symptoms of PTSD after a stint in Iraq. Will Cesar be able to help this heroic canine?

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s04e11 / Troy and Roxie

5th Jan '08 - 2:00am
Troy and Roxie

When Edie and Neal Adler rescued a German shepherd named Troy, he seemed sweet tempered. But Troy soon showed another side. After he attacked one of their own dogs. Nearly out of hope, they call on Cesar to get Troy out of solitary confinement. Then, meet Kim and Joel Givens and their super timid rat terrier named Roxy. Roxy is scared of just about everything - other dogs, sudden noises, even strollers! Cesar is brought in to help Roxy gain some courage.

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s04e12 / Gizmo and Indigo, Diego, Valley & Whiskey

12th Jan '08 - 2:00am
Gizmo and Indigo, Diego, Valley & Whiskey

Meet Jennifer Lee Pryor, the wife of late comedian Richard Pryor. Jennifers rescue organization, Pryors Planet, is working to place dozens of dogs in loving homes. Ffights have broken out among the foster dogs and the four dogs she already owned. The conflict is no laughing matter - will Cesar be able to restore peace and help Jennifer become a pack leader? Plus, meet Gizmo, a 6-year-old beagle with a severe aggression problem. Will Cesar be able to calm this belligerent beagle?

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s04e13 / Cody, Chloe, and Buffy

19th Jan '08 - 2:00am
Cody, Chloe, and Buffy

First meet Cody, a Yorkshire terrier who recently lost his vision and his passion for life. The once playful and friendly dog has become aggressive. Then meet Chloe, a Pekingese/miniature poodle indulged by her owner. Chloes lack of discipline has manifested in bad behavior - she growls, snaps and bites to get her way. finally meet Buffy, a Rottweiler living on a large horse ranch. Buffy has a dangerous obsession with the horses, and her owner fears for their safety. Can Cesar help?

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s04e14 / Curly and Baxter

15th Mar '08 - 1:00am
Curly and Baxter


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s04e15 / Owen, Jerry, and Rocky

22nd Mar '08 - 1:00am
Owen, Jerry, and Rocky

Eden Espinosa, who stars in Wicked needs Cesar's help with her three year old Yorkshire, Owen. Whenever the makeup artist Owen barks when Eden's hands are green and whenever anyone leaves the dressing room. Next, Cesar travels to Washington D.C. to help Jerry, a once-shy guard dog who's now become overly-aggressive. The priests and brothers worry Jerry might attack some of the residents. Daddy is brought in to help Jerry overcome his insecurity. Then, at the home of Derek and Stephanie Clay, Rocky, whines a lot and with the arrival of baby Sophia Grace, it has become nearly constant. Rocky's vet recommended a variety of medications, but nothing has worked.

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s04e16 / Marley and Piper

29th Mar '08 - 1:00am
Marley and Piper

Marley is a rescued Shibu Inu from Japan who is aggressive towards people (including biting his new owner) and is food aggressive in LA. While Piper, a Wire-haired Fox Terrier in Minnesota, can catch many small animals. He now has set his sights on the running lawnmower.

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s04e17 / Lives Changed

31st Mar '08 - 1:00am
Lives Changed

A retrospective of cases Cesar has helped.

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s04e18 / Shadow, Jake & Riley and Norton

5th Apr '08 - 1:00am
Shadow, Jake & Riley and Norton

Shadow, an Alaskan Malamute, is aggressive. While Suzy needs help with ball obsessed Norton and overly friendly Jake and Riley.

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s04e19 / Sasha and Angler

12th Apr '08 - 1:00am
Sasha and Angler

Sasha, a German shepherd mix, trys to attack any other dog ignoring her owner's commands to stop her. Angler, a chocolate lab, growls and attacks anyone (or anything) near him when eating his food, including his own tail!

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s04e20 / Buster, Sadie and Lacey

19th Apr '08 - 1:00am
Buster, Sadie and Lacey

An aggressive bulldog and a beagle/terrier mix who is afraid of trash cans.

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s04e21 / Rufus and Buddy

24th May '08 - 1:00am
Rufus and Buddy

Buddy is a abused Pit Bull who is human aggressive without warning. Rufus, a Shar-pei/Rottweiler mix, is human and dog aggressive and spins in circles when new people approach.

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s04e22 / Chipper and Rudy & Monte

31st May '08 - 1:00am
Chipper and Rudy & Monte

Chipper, a ridgeback/boxer mix, has an attitude that developed into a severe aggression problem. Then, owners of pet boutique "Off Leash" have an oxymoron with their two aggressive whippets, Rudy and Monte, who bark and lunge at dog visitors.

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s04e23 / Peanut and Sunshine, Roxy & Angus

7th Jun '08 - 1:00am
Peanut and Sunshine, Roxy & Angus

Description not available yet.

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s04e24 / Mateo and Ali

14th Jun '08 - 1:00am
Mateo and Ali

no description available yet.

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s04e25 / Jake and Kona

21st Jun '08 - 1:00am
Jake and Kona

no description yet.

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s04e26 / Fear of Dogs

19th Jul '08 - 1:00am
Fear of Dogs


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s04e27 / My Life on the Dog List

26th Jul '08 - 1:00am
My Life on the Dog List

This episode contains Kathy Griffin. no description yet.

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s04e28 / Canine 9-1-1 Part 1

2nd Aug '08 - 1:00am
Canine 9-1-1 Part 1

no description yet.

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s04e29 / Caesar & Squatty, and Hula

30th Aug '08 - 1:00am
Caesar & Squatty, and Hula

no description yet

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s04e30 / Dueling Pit Bulls

6th Sep '08 - 1:00am
Dueling Pit Bulls

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s04e31 / Canine 911 Part 2

13th Sep '08 - 1:00am
Canine 911 Part 2

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s04e32 / 100th episode celebration

20th Sep '08 - 1:00am
100th episode celebration

no description yet.

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s04e33 / Lotus and Joey

4th Oct '08 - 1:00am
Lotus and Joey

Aggressive dachshund, Lotus, attacks roommate Sheri when petting or sitting next to the dog.

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s04e34 / Bozley & Ginger

11th Oct '08 - 1:00am
Bozley & Ginger

French Bulldog Bozley is showing dog aggression and wont let Sean and Nidias guests enter the house without trying to scare them away first. Regina and Steve Risseeuw wanted a high energy dog and adopted a Vizsla named Ginger, but Steve noticed that she was more high strung than high energy. Can Cesar help this dog on the run?

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s04e35 / Harley & Amalie, and Bam Bam

18th Oct '08 - 1:00am
Harley & Amalie, and Bam Bam

Four year old Chihuahua mix, Amalie, terrorizes eight year old mastiff Harley and dominates the rest of the house. Lance and Kim Mehegans call Cesar to restore the balance of power and mend this odd couple. Raul Velasquez's six month old red nosed pit bull, Bam Bam is still out of control with his puppy ways.

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s04e36 / Argonaut and Patches

25th Oct '08 - 1:00am
Argonaut and Patches

No description yet

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s04e37 / Sooner & Trace, and Casanova

1st Nov '08 - 1:00am
Sooner & Trace, and Casanova

Casanova is dog aggressive, but only when on the leash. Previous classes and trainers have failed to curb this anti-social behavior. Sooner, a champion line Jack Russell (called a Parson Russell now) and Trace, a Queensland heeler, fight frequently.

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