Dog Whisperer
Season 5

s05e01 / Cesar goes to Vegas

6th Dec '08 - 2:00am
Cesar goes to Vegas

Usually Cirque du Soleil doesn't need Cesar's help, but several of the performer's animals are in trouble. First, Fluffy the maltese hates being on leash so much that he "plays dead", eliminating inside their home. Second, Kuma the American Eskimo hates visitor's and barks and rounds them up. Third, Molly the Nova Scota Duck Trolling Retriever is afraid of water and Cesar needs to get her instincts to swim back.

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s05e02 / Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby

29th Dec '08 - 2:00am
Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby

Hemingway, owned by pop star Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and "Fall Out Boy" bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz, is an English bulldog beloved but aggressive. The couple is expecting their first child and are concerned how he would react when the baby arrived. They hoped getting bulldog Rigby would might help, but when the five month old joined, Hemingway's dog aggression escalated. Cesar also rehabilitates Cricket, a retriever who attacks anything between him and his food.

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s05e03 / Tobi & Riley

30th Dec '08 - 2:00am
Tobi & Riley

Cesar works with sheepdog/collie mix, Tobi who takes over a month to cure at the Dog Psychology Center. Tobi aggressively chases his owners when they walk around their house due to his dislike of sudden movement. Now he has begun to attack and bite guests, especially children. Then Cesar takes on the supposedly easy task of curing a St. Bernard afraid of the stairs, only to discover otherwise.

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s05e04 / Bacchus and Jody

3rd Jan '09 - 2:00am
Bacchus and Jody

Jody, a Lhasa apso, cannot keep her mouth off of anything. From tissues to money, she is the dog who ate your homework and then some. She will eat just about everything in sight. While Bacchus, a 130 pound, Great Dane is bullying other dogs.

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s05e05 / Stanley, Shoven and Leo

10th Jan '09 - 2:00am
Stanley, Shoven and Leo


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s05e06 / Hyde & Vada and Nacho

17th Jan '09 - 2:00am
Hyde & Vada and Nacho

No description yet.

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s05e07 / Sadie and Calder

24th Jan '09 - 2:00am
Sadie and Calder

No description yet.

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s05e08 / Chihuahuas from Hell

31st Jan '09 - 2:00am
Chihuahuas from Hell

No description yet.

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s05e09 / Charlotte, Elvis and Jack

21st Mar '09 - 1:00am
Charlotte, Elvis and Jack

Eileen Davidson's Wheaten terrier puppy Charlotte, plays too rough. It bites when playing with Eileen's son, Jesse, and scares his friends. While Alex Tillson's Parson Russell terrier Elvis jumps three feet up in the air when the garbage disposal runs and lunges at the dishwasher when it starts. Jim Stolis, a fish and game warden, enlisted 3 year old black Lab Jack to be his partner. Jacks great at using his nose, but he must get over his apprehension of shiny floors.

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s05e10 / Cesar and the Horse Whisperer

4th Apr '09 - 1:00am
Cesar and the Horse Whisperer

Joan Blank who works with various challenged people at a riding center and needs help. But its going to take two whisperers for her group. Both the horses and her dogs keep her hands full! Chloe, her shepherd mix and Hobo, her Tibetan spaniel mix, chase the working horses and 22-year old mare Cupcake is frightening the riders. While Cesar works with dogs, his enlists the Horse Whisperer Pat Parelli to work with Cupcake. Then back in downtown Los Angeles, Tiffani Hamilton and Jonathan McAlister have two dogs, 1-1/2 year old deaf boxer Ali, and 3 year old schnauzer-poodle mix Maxwell. Maxwell's separation anxiety and extreme dog aggression have the couple worried that Maxwell will get loose and either get hit by a car or hurt by another dog.

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s05e11 / A Member of the Family

11th Apr '09 - 1:00am
A Member of the Family

Coming soon...

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s05e12 / Boo and Brittany Dawg

18th Apr '09 - 1:00am
Boo and Brittany Dawg

Pit bull, Britney Dawg, is a tricky dog. However, her parlor tricks don't make up for her aggression toward people and other dogs. Jerry and Rose have dachshund mix, Boo, whoose aggression at feeding time and trimming his nails requires an adjustment in his manners.

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s05e13 / Bella

25th Apr '09 - 1:00am

Cesar and his protege at Second Chance at Love return to help "red zone" Bella get over her aggressive ways.

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s05e14 / Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky

2nd May '09 - 1:00am
Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky

Dog groomer Lauren asks Cesar for assistance with her three worst cases - hyperactive Great Dane Buster; hair dryer devouring Jack, a boxer mix; and fearful Aussie mix, Marley. Then, Jennifer and Michael haven't been able to implement Cesar's techniques with their head strong pit bull Sparky, like their other two dogs.

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s05e15 / Inside Puppy Mills

9th May '09 - 1:00am
Inside Puppy Mills

This poweful episode, delves into puppy mills horrors and the recue and rehab of the traumatized pups.

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