Duck Dynasty
Season 5

s05e01 / Boomerang Becca

16th Jan '14 - 3:00am
Boomerang Becca

When Rebecca returns home from her internship in Los Angeles, the Robertson family plans a big surprise party to welcome her back. But when Willie thinks Rebecca has no plan for her future, he become concerned, and decides to find out how Rebecca plans to earn her keep as a member of his household. However, Willie is happily surprised to discover that Rebecca is a real go-getter, much like him. Meanwhile, when Uncle Si gets sick, he seeks the help of Ms. Kay to take care of him, but when Si takes over her living room, Phil takes issue with his new houseguest.

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s05e02 / Willie's Number Two

16th Jan '14 - 3:30am
Willie's Number Two

Korie's job-seeking cousin, JD, tries to befriend the guys in the Duck Call room; Uncle Si baby-sits Jep's children and leads them on an unusual treasure hunt.

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s05e03 / Life of Si

23rd Jan '14 - 3:00am
Life of Si

After seeing footage Jep shot using a GoPro, Si decides he wants to use the camera to record a day in his life. But when Si gets on the guys nerves while they're hunting, they kick him and his GoPros out of the blind. Meanwhile, Willie gets lost while taking John Luke and Sadie to an LSU football game, but in an effort to save the day, Willie pulls over and they have their own private tailgate on the side of the road.

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s05e04 / From Duck 'til Dawn

30th Jan '14 - 3:00am
From Duck 'til Dawn

When the duck guys have to pull an all-nighter to finish some work, Willie decides he wants to join them. But when a dying smoke detector distracts them from their work, Jase and Willie head off to disarm it, leaving the rest of the gang to finish the order before sunrise. Meanwhile, when Mia and Priscilla spend the night at Phil and Kay's house, Phil scares them with a ghost story, causing the girls to get revenge on Phil while he's asleep.

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s05e05 / Burger Commander

6th Feb '14 - 3:00am
Burger Commander

After visiting a popular burger restaurant, Willie and Jase get into a debate over which of them cooks the best burger, prompting them to challenge one another to a cooking contest. Meanwhile, Phil and Jep take some recycling to the junkyard and wind up having bonding time together in the most unlikely place. While they're out, Jessica and Kay spend the afternoon doing decoupage.

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s05e06 / G.I. SI

20th Feb '14 - 3:00am

When Willie and Jase argue over an old GI Joe toy, it leads them into a debate over who would make a better soldier. To settle the score, Willie and Jase head out to the woods with their friends and children for a paintball match, but the game is cut short when Si gets stuck in a marsh and needs to be rescued. Meanwhile, Jep recruits Martin to help him lay a sidewalk in his front yard, but when they run into some problems, Jep must call on Phil to come save the day.

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s05e07 / Jase and the Argonauts

27th Feb '14 - 3:00am
Jase and the Argonauts

When Willie gets a soft serve machine for himself, he tells the guys they can't use it until they're done working. But when Jase thinks this is unfair, he takes matters into his own hands and finds a better object to use as motivation - an Argo ATV he buys on the company dime. Meanwhile, when Kay asks Willie for help with her old cell phone, Willie decides to buy her a more up to date device. But when Kay starts bombarding the family with text messages, Willie begins to regret this decision.

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s05e08 / Fowl Playhouse

6th Mar '14 - 3:00am
Fowl Playhouse

When Jase finds out Jep is planning to buy his kids a fancy playhouse from a catalogue, he and the guys decide to build one for Jep them selves. But when the playhouse ends up looking more like a military-style duck blind, Jep calls in backup to get the project done. Meanwhile, Phil and Si enlist Willie to help them brush some blinds on the land, but when the project takes longer than expected, Willie becomes unnerved, causing Phil and Si to tease Willie like he's a little kid.

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s05e09 / The Big LeCOWski

20th Mar '14 - 2:00am
The Big LeCOWski

When Sadie spends the day at Duck Commander for a school project, the guys try to show her the ins-and-outs of how a successful company works. But when Willie questions Jase's ingenuity in creating new products they get into a debate, which leads them to test out one of Jase's inventions - the cow blind. Meanwhile, Phil and Jep take Priscilla and Meritt to a horse farm, and the girls discover a rodeo sport called Mutton Busting.

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s05e10 / Stand By Mia

27th Mar '14 - 2:00am
Stand By Mia

The Robertson family pulls together a family reunion to give Mia a big send-off before her surgery.

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