Eastbound and Down
Season 1

s01e01 / Chapter 1

16th Feb '09 - 3:30am
Chapter 1

Kenny Powers, a former star baseball player, returns to his hometown but immediately finds that he is not as respected by people as he once was.

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s01e02 / Chapter 2

23rd Feb '09 - 3:30am
Chapter 2

Kenny tries to become the spokesman for a luxury car dealer. Kenny also appears with his driver at a school dance.

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s01e03 / Chapter 3

2nd Mar '09 - 3:30am
Chapter 3

Kenny gets serious about his return to baseball, even enlisting Stevie as his assistant. Meanwhile, Dustin's wife tries to sell Kenny's memorabilia to raise money.

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s01e04 / Chapter 4

9th Mar '09 - 3:30am
Chapter 4

Kenny attends a BBQ at April and Terrence's house where his romantic feelings for April intensify. Later, Stevie puts together a DVD of Kenny's greatest moments in the hopes that the major leagues will notice.

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s01e05 / Chapter 5

16th Mar '09 - 3:30am
Chapter 5

Kenny decides to give up on his dream of returning to professional baseball. Meanwhile, arrogant car dealer Ashley comes back into the picture.

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s01e06 / Chapter 6

23rd Mar '09 - 3:30am
Chapter 6

Kenny gets an offer from a professional team and is forced to say goodbye to his family and teaching job.

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