Eastbound and Down
Season 3

s03e01 / Chapter 14

20th Feb '12 - 3:30am
Chapter 14

Kenny finally gets a job as a closing pitcher, but reverts back to his partying lifestyle.

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s03e02 / Chapter 15

27th Feb '12 - 3:30am
Chapter 15

Kenny tracks down Stevie, who's working at Ashley Schaeffer's car dealership, when he heads north with the baby to find April.

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s03e03 / Chapter 16

5th Mar '12 - 3:30am
Chapter 16

Pro scout Roy McDaniel (Matthew McConaughey) asks Kenny to take a promising Russian pitching prospect under his wing; Stevie takes stock of Shane's status while negotiating his return to Kenny's entourage.

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s03e04 / Chapter 17

12th Mar '12 - 2:30am
Chapter 17

Kenny thinks his son is cursed, and tries to place the blame on those around him.

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s03e05 / Chapter 18

19th Mar '12 - 2:30am
Chapter 18

Kenny is surprised by visitors while he plans the ultimate 4th of July party.

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s03e06 / Chapter 19

26th Mar '12 - 2:30am
Chapter 19

Stevie laments his loss while Kenny comes to term with his new responsibilities as a man and father.

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s03e07 / Chapter 20

9th Apr '12 - 2:30am
Chapter 20

Kenny hopes to get back on his coach's good side and return to his spot on the pitching staff, but his bumpy ride on the road to redemption continues. Meanwhile, Stevie tries to make things right with Maria.

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s03e08 / Chapter 21

16th Apr '12 - 2:30am
Chapter 21

In the series finale, Kenny's future with the Mermen is altered by a twist of fate just as he's coming to terms with his new life.

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