Season 1

s01e01 / The Good Son

17th Sep '93 - 1:00am
The Good Son

Frasier has finally moved to Seattle, and is just getting settled in with his new life and radio show. Suddenly things become even more complicated when Niles confronts him about a problem with their dad. Feeling as though it's up to him to help their dad, Frasier allows his father, Martin Crane, to move in with him. Unfortunately for Frasier, he and his dad don't get along too well.

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s01e02 / Space Quest

24th Sep '93 - 1:00am
Space Quest

Frasier, still uncomfortable with his new life in Seattle struggles to find some quiet time to read a book.

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s01e03 / Dinner at Eight

1st Oct '93 - 1:00am
Dinner at Eight

Frasier and Niles decide to do something special for their dad, and make reservations at a fancy restaurant. When they later find out their reservations were lost, their plans for their dad are foiled, until Martin gives a suggestion. Instead of Niles and Frasier picking a fancy place to eat, Martin tells them to go to one of his old favorites instead. They agree, but results don't end up like they'd hoped.

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s01e04 / I Hate Frasier Crane

8th Oct '93 - 1:00am
I Hate Frasier Crane

When Niles points out a column in the News Paper by Derek Mann saying 'I Hate Frasier Crane', Frasier becomes furious. Still infuriated by the remark, Frasier makes some ill comments towards Derek Mann on his radio show. After hearing his coments, Derek Mann calls in and challenges Frasier to a fist fight. Frasier boldly accepts, but everyone knows it won't end well.

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s01e05 / Here's Looking at You

15th Oct '93 - 1:00am
Here's Looking at You

Frasier does something for his dad and gets Martin a telescope. Discovering the fun of spying on other people with the telescope, Martin comes accross a lady named Irene. They begin writing each other notes, using the telescopes to read them. Frasier begins to realise his dad has a thing for Irene, and tries to get him to ask her out. But when Martin turns down a date with Irene after their first talk on the telephone and makes up a reason as to why, Frasier decides to find out the real reason.

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s01e06 / The Crucible

22nd Oct '93 - 1:00am
The Crucible

Frasier purchases a Martha Paxton painting, and at the unveiling of it at his appartment the artist herself attends to witness it...but announces the painting is not done by her and is a fake.

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s01e07 / Call Me Irresponsible

29th Oct '93 - 1:00am
Call Me Irresponsible

When Frasier advises a caller on his radio show to break up with his girlfriend as Frasier feels that the caller is not treating her right, the woman shows up to confront Frasier about what he did, but they end up dating...then Marco (the caller) comes back into the picture. This leads to Frasier being uncomfortable about breaking his ethics.

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s01e08 / Beloved Infidel

5th Nov '93 - 2:00am
Beloved Infidel

When Frasier and Niles see Martin having dinner at a resturaunt with an old friend (Marion), it beings back memories to Frasier and Niles about their childhood when Martin and Esther were arguing a lot, which leads to Frasier and Niles believing that Martin had an affair with Marion.

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s01e09 / Selling Out

12th Nov '93 - 2:00am
Selling Out

Frasier gets a new agent, Bulldogs agent, who begins to convince Frasier to start doing commercials on his radio show. Soon after he begins to find himself doing more and more. Finally it comes to a point where he must make a decision that could harm or help his career, do a television commercial dressed as a peanut.

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s01e10 / Oops

19th Nov '93 - 2:00am

Someone's getting fired at the radio station, and some rumours begin to spread. Frasier learns that it might be Bulldog, and Bulldog over hears him talking about it. Panicking, Bulldog decides to quit his job, and explodes on Ned Miller. When Frasier learns that it wasn't Bulldog who was going to get fired, he feels terrible, and decides to do everything he can to get Bulldogs job back.

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s01e11 / Death Becomes Him

3rd Dec '93 - 2:00am
Death Becomes Him

Frasier is feeling uncomfortable when a doctor who he took Martin to see who was the same age as Frasier suddenly died. Frasier seeking answers for the cause, goes to the man's shiva to find out.

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s01e12 / Miracle on Third or Fourth Street

17th Dec '93 - 2:00am
Miracle on Third or Fourth Street

It's during the Holiday's, and Frasier finds out his son Fredrick isn't coming over for Christmas. With nothing better to do on Christmas day, Frasier decides to air his radio show and ask listeners to give him input of their Holiday Cheer. Unfortunately all the callers are just as depressed as he is, and makes him even more depressed. Still depressed, he ends his show and decides to head down to dine at a local dinner bar, where he is mistaken as a homeless man and discovers how generous other people can be, making it not so bad of a Christmas.

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s01e13 / Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

7th Jan '94 - 2:00am
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

When Frasier mentions that Martin has been sleeping with a woman (Elaine Morris) from the same building they are at, Martin is furious at Frasier for announcing Martin's private life over the radio. This leads the all of Frasier's listeners anxiously waiting to see if Elaine shows up for a date that Frasier tries to set up on his radio show.

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s01e14 / Can't Buy Me Love

21st Jan '94 - 2:00am
Can't Buy Me Love

When Bulldog and Frasier enter a bachelor auction, Bulldog gets bought by Daphne, Frasier is bought by a model (Kristina) who ends up leaving Frasier for a photoshoot leaving her daughter with Frasier, which leads to Frasier hearing about the terrible way her mother treats her. Frasier distraught by this, confronts Kristina on her return.

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s01e15 / You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

28th Jan '94 - 2:00am
You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

After having a conversation with Roz about being ripped off by con-men, Frasier thinks he can tell when someone's a con and when they're not. Later, his dad tells him that it's a lot harder to tell than he thinks, and that he's having three friends coming over for poker, and one's an ex-con. He bets Frasier 20 bucks that he can't guess which one's the ex-con. Like Martin predicted, Frasier got it wrong. He was surprised to find out who the con was, and so was Daphne, as she had made a date with him. Stunned by the news, both Niles and Frasier hurry off to protect Daphne, before something bad happens.

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s01e16 / The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

4th Feb '94 - 2:00am
The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

When Frasier learns his ex-wife Lilith is in town for a convention, he invites her over to his place. Shortly after he learns that there is no convention, and that Lilith has other intentions, ones which leave Frasier some what dumbfounded.

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s01e17 / A Midwinter Night's Dream

11th Feb '94 - 2:00am
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Frasier suggest Niles do some sexual role play with Maris, to help strenghten their relationship. When the sexual role play doesn't go as planned, Niles finds himself kicked out of the house, and over at Frasiers. He later calls Maris and they decide to have dinner and make up for what had happened. Daphne offers to prepare the dinner, and both Daphne and Niles find themselves at Maris's house, awaiting her arrivale, but then Niles learns that Maris wont be coming due to a storm. When Frasier finds out Niles and Daphne are all alone together, he hurry's to rescue them, before Niles jepordises his marrige.

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s01e18 / And the Whimper is...

18th Feb '94 - 2:00am
And the Whimper is...

Frasier and Roz hope desperately to win a SeaBea (Seattle Radio Awards) this year by bribing the judges with gifts, however a long time nominated but never won radio personality who is retiring after the year is also nominated in the same catagory as Frasier. This leads to Frasier doubting whether he deserves the award if he wins or not.

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s01e19 / Give Him the Chair!

18th Mar '94 - 2:00am
Give Him the Chair!

When Frasier loses Martin's chair...Martin is extremely angry and wants it back. So they go on the hunt to look for it and finally find it at a school play, however the teacher won't give the chair up since its a vital part of the set.

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s01e20 / Fortysomething

1st Apr '94 - 2:00am

When a twenty year old sales assistant flirts with Frasier, he questions whether a middle-aged man such as himself could find happiness dating her.

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s01e21 / Travels with Martin

15th Apr '94 - 1:00am
Travels with Martin

When Martin, Frasier, Niles and Daphne take a road trip in a winnebago, everything goes wrong when they end up in another country and Daphne doesn't have a visa to enter the country.

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s01e22 / Author, Author

6th May '94 - 1:00am
Author, Author

Both Niles and Frasier decide to write a book on psychiatry together. When they find out their deadline for the first few chapters is only a day away, and they haven't even started, they call for desperate measures and decide to lock themselves in a hotel room until at least the first few chapters are complete. Being locked in a hotel room is not an easy task, especially with your brother. As Niles and Frasier begin to argue due to the frusteration of not getting anything done, all hell breaks loose.

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s01e23 / Frasier Crane's Day Off

13th May '94 - 1:00am
Frasier Crane's Day Off

When Frasier calls in sick, he has Gil Chesterton fill in for him. When he finds that Gil Chesterton seems to be doing a better job than him, he frantically tries to find someone else, and asks his brother Niles to fill in for him instead. Things go well at first, seeing that Niles isn't as good as he is, but soon Niles begins to pick up the pace. Frasier begins to think that Gil and Niles are trying to take his show, and makes a desperate attempt to get his show back by taking some miracle drugs to help him feel better, which can only mean disaster.

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s01e24 / My Coffee with Niles

20th May '94 - 1:00am
My Coffee with Niles

Niles and Frasier end up getting stuck at Café Nervosa when it begins to rain. With nothing better to do, Niles asks Frasier if he's happy, as it's been one year since he had moved to Seattle. Frasier continuously gets interrupted after others continue to barge into their conversation. After everyone else, including Niles leaves, Frasier realises he is happy, and his move to Seattle hasn't been that bad after all.

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