Season 7

s07e01 / Momma Mia

24th Sep '99 - 1:00am
Momma Mia

At the Cafe, Frasier notices a women who he soon becomes interested in. He then realises she's the writer of one of the famous books he use to read to his son Fredrick when he was younger. Frasier ends up going out with this women, but when Martin and Niles are introduced to her, they realise she looks almost exactly like Frasier and Niles's mother. They feel they should tell Frasier, but decide to let him figure it out on his own.

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s07e02 / Father of the Bride

1st Oct '99 - 1:00am
Father of the Bride

Frasier and Martin inadvertently offer to pay for Donny and Daphne's wedding. Frasier's meddling drives Daphne crazy. Meanwhile, Niles doesn't realize he's dating a prostitute.

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s07e03 / Radio Wars

8th Oct '99 - 1:00am
Radio Wars

Frasier wakes up one morning to a phone call with a man who exclaims that Frasier has won the Radio Psychiatrist of the Year Award. The phone call turns out to be a prank from a new radio show called "Carlos and the Chicken". Furious, Frasier ends up confronting them, but when he does they explain how sorry they were for pranking him, and that what they did felt wrong. Frasier then feels a little bit better about being pranked and decides to laugh it off. What he doesn't know, is that "Carlos and the Chicken" have a few more pranks up their sleeves.

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s07e04 / Everyone's a Critic

15th Oct '99 - 1:00am
Everyone's a Critic

When Niles lands a job as art critic of a magazine, Frasier's jealousy leads him to cozy up to the station owner's annoying daughter in the hopes of getting a new show focusing on the arts.

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s07e05 / The Dog That Rocks the Cradle

22nd Oct '99 - 1:00am
The Dog That Rocks the Cradle

Roz hires Bulldog to baby-sit her daughter, only to find he's harboring feelings for her.

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s07e06 / Rivals

5th Nov '99 - 2:00am

Each brother believes the other is making a move on his newfound woman.

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s07e07 / A Tsar is Born

12th Nov '99 - 2:00am
A Tsar is Born

Frasier and Niles are overjoyed to learn they may be Russian royalty. Martin appears on The Antique Roadshow.

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s07e08 / The Late Dr. Crane

19th Nov '99 - 2:00am
The Late Dr. Crane

A mixup has the media reporting Frasier dead; Niles confronts his ex-wife's plastic surgeon.

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s07e09 / The Apparent Trap

26th Nov '99 - 2:00am
The Apparent Trap

Frasier reluctantly invites Lilith and their son to Thanksgiving dinner.

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s07e10 / Back Talk (1)

10th Dec '99 - 2:00am
Back Talk (1)

After Frasier hurts his back he can no longer continue with his radio show for the day, so he goes home and takes medication for the pain in his back which leads to him not being very concious about what he is saying. This leads to Daphne finding out something that she shouldn't have at that moment.

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s07e11 / The Fight Before Christmas (2)

17th Dec '99 - 2:00am
The Fight Before Christmas (2)

Frasier plans an extravagant Christmas party. Daphne feels awkward around Niles after learning of his feelings for her.

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s07e12 / RDWRER

7th Jan '00 - 2:00am

When Frasier and Niles buy Martin a winnebago they take their first family day out in it for the occasion of the millennium. When they stop at a restaurant another family parks their winnebago outside, Niles mistakes the family's winnebago for Martin's, and realizes hes in the winnebago with another family while driving down the highway. This leads to Frasier and Martin trying to get Niles back in time for them to be together for the millennium.

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s07e13 / They're Playing Our Song

14th Jan '00 - 2:00am
They're Playing Our Song

Frasier goes overboard when he writes a theme song for his show.

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s07e14 / Big Crane on Campus

4th Feb '00 - 2:00am
Big Crane on Campus

Frasier goes on a date with a high school classmate who has a short temper.

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s07e15 / Out With Dad

11th Feb '00 - 2:00am
Out With Dad

An unlikely chain of events forces Martin to pretend to be gay on Valentine's Day.

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s07e16 / Something About Dr. Mary

18th Feb '00 - 2:00am
Something About Dr. Mary

Frasier hires a young, enthusiastic, black woman to fill in for a week while Roz is on vacation. However, he later comes to regret it when she takes over the show and starts dispensing her own advice.

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s07e17 / Whine Club

25th Feb '00 - 2:00am
Whine Club

Frasier's hopes to be elected cork master of the wine club are dashed when Niles' girlfriend, Mel, convinces Niles to run against his brother. The whole Crane household vows not to tell Niles what they really think of Mel.

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s07e18 / Hot Pursuit

24th Mar '00 - 2:00am
Hot Pursuit

Frasier and Roz are forced to room together at a broadcasting conference. Niles worries when Martin accepts a surveillance job from Donny.

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s07e19 / Morning Becomes Entertainment

7th Apr '00 - 1:00am
Morning Becomes Entertainment

Frasier and Bebe fill in as guest hosts on television's A.M. Seattle. Frasier finds the spotlight so appealing he may forsake his radio duties for a permanent job on television.

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s07e20 / To Thine Old Self Be True

28th Apr '00 - 1:00am
To Thine Old Self Be True

Frasier tries to throw a bachelor party for Donny.

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s07e21 / Three Faces of Frasier

5th May '00 - 1:00am
Three Faces of Frasier

Frasier is honored when a classy local restaurant chooses a caricature of him to go on their.

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s07e22 / Dark Side of the Moon

12th May '00 - 1:00am
Dark Side of the Moon

Daphne is overcome with rage when her mooching brother visits for the wedding. She also begins to believe that Niles may be more than just a friend.

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s07e23 / Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1)

19th May '00 - 1:00am
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1)

Daphne is having a hard time knowing about Niles's feelings for her. Unable to keep it in any longer, she tells Frasier she knows. Startled, Frasier thinks up a plan to get them together so they can talk about it. Frasier begins to get everything ready, and when it finally is, he heads out with his dad to leave Daphne and Niles alone. But when he hears some shocking news about Niles and Mel, he frantically tries to get to Niles and Daphne, before it's too late.

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s07e24 / Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)

19th May '00 - 1:30am
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)

Frasier does not see Daphne again until everyone arrives at the hotel for her wedding. He offers his sympathy about Niles, but she claims that she was just suffering pre-wedding jitters. Frasier doesn't believe her. Martin warns him not to interfere unless he is absolutely sure that it is the right thing. Frasier observes Niles and Daphne sharing a dance after the rehearsal dinner, and realizes that they are obviously in love. He takes Niles upstairs to talk, and tells him about Daphne's feelings. A panicked Niles is unsure of what to do. He tries to talk to Daphne alone, but everyone keeps interrupting them. He finally tells her that he loves her and would leave Mel to be with her. Just as he asks how she feels about him, her family bursts in and takes over the room. Niles and Daphne take refuge on the balcony. She kisses him passionately and admits that she loves him, but then rejects him because she thinks it would be too hard to undo their commitments. The next day, Nil.

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