Full Frontal With Samantha Bee
Season 4

s04e01 / February 6, 2019

7th Feb '19 - 3:30am
February 6, 2019

Full Frontal offers its own rebuttal to the SOTU, explains why US involvement in Venezuela is already in bad hands, and celebrates black history month!.

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s04e02 / February 13, 2019

14th Feb '19 - 3:30am
February 13, 2019

Full Frontal attempts to calm some of the Green New Deal-induced hysteria, calls out fatphobia in the media, and sends some love to the lonely billionaire hearts of the world.

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s04e03 / March 6, 2019

7th Mar '19 - 3:30am
March 6, 2019

Full Frontal meets a family whose "American Dream" led to the opioid crisis, tracks the Fox News evolution into state TV, and sends Amy Hoggart to answer the question that's on all of our minds: what's the deal with Brexit?.

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s04e04 / March 13, 2019

14th Mar '19 - 2:30am
March 13, 2019

Full Frontal covers Tucker Carlson's naughty nature, unpacks the real motivation behind the attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar, and tells the story of a group of female animators who put their own MeToo movement into motion.

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s04e05 / March 20, 2019

21st Mar '19 - 2:30am
March 20, 2019

Full Frontal reminisces on 2017's greatest hits, starting with that Muslim ban that is totally still a thing! Plus, Sam does a lightening round intro of the approximately 5,000 dems who have announced their 2020 presidential campaigns.

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s04e06 / March 27, 2019

28th Mar '19 - 2:30am
March 27, 2019

Full Frontal bids farewell to the Mueller investigation, traces Mick Mulvaney's ooze-covered path to the White House, and examines the battle that immigrants in the military are fighting... to stay in the military.

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s04e07 / April 3, 2019

4th Apr '19 - 2:30am
April 3, 2019

Full Frontal responds to the anti-abortion rhetoric seeping into the box office and state legislatures, makes getting vaccinated cool again, and unearths a huge white lie with the Lucas Brothers.

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s04e08 / April 10, 2019

11th Apr '19 - 2:30am
April 10, 2019

Full Frontal uncovers the gross truth about Kellyanne and George Conway, unpacks the latest Trump administration purge at DHS, and meets the people hit the hardest by Trump's Muslim Ban.

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s04e09 / Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner 2

28th Apr '19 - 2:30am
Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner 2

Featuring Bee's signature comedy and celebrity guests, the second not-annual "Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner" will bring together journalists, members of the media, and all those who are committed to reaffirming the First Amendment.

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s04e10 / May 8, 2019

9th May '19 - 2:30am
May 8, 2019

Full Frontal gleefully examines the crumbling infrastructure of the NRA and enlists the help of guest correspondent Naomi Ekperigin in uncovering the key to unlocking Black Twitter.

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s04e11 / May 15, 2019

16th May '19 - 2:30am
May 15, 2019

Full Frontal offers an important Sex Ed class for Senators, discusses the "electability" of Joe Biden, and sits down with the very electable Kamala Harris.

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s04e12 / May 22, 2019

23rd May '19 - 2:30am
May 22, 2019

Sam addresses the dire state of journalism in America and offers advice for Democrats feeling the need to appear on Fox News: just say no! Sam sends her correspondents out to help pick their brand of Democratic presidential candidate.

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s04e13 / June 12, 2019

13th Jun '19 - 2:30am
June 12, 2019

Samantha Bee hits the thumbs down button on Youtube's algorithmic woes and warns women about the sinister motives behind multi-level marketing schemes. Plus, Patti Harrison helps throw a pride party like it's 1969!.

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s04e14 / June 19, 2019

20th Jun '19 - 2:30am
June 19, 2019

Full Frontal gets to know the McConnell-shaped clog in the government's drain, offers some sage advice to the millions of democrats running for president, and celebrates Juneteenth by exploring the first steps down the road to reparations.

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s04e15 / June 26, 2019

27th Jun '19 - 2:30am
June 26, 2019

Full Frontal questions the news media on their non-existent coverage of the latest rape allegation against President Trump, reveals the real culprit behind the border crisis and travels to Miami for the presidential debates.

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s04e16 / July 17, 2019

18th Jul '19 - 2:30am
July 17, 2019

Full Frontal covers the most racist of the President's racisms this week, trudges through the horror of Jeffery Epstein's pedophilic past, and adds one more lady to late night!.

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s04e17 / July 24, 2019

25th Jul '19 - 2:30am
July 24, 2019

Full Frontal reacts to all the mind-blowing moments from the televised event of the summer, the Mueller testimony, tries to remember a time when someone wasn't trying to hack our elections, and sends Mike Rubens to a party at the border!

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s04e18 / July 31, 2019

1st Aug '19 - 2:30am
July 31, 2019

Full Frontal wades into the debate surrounding student loans, makes the case for decriminalizing migration alongside Julián Castro, and travels to the home-state of everyone's favorite swamp monster, Mitch Mcconnell.

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s04e19 / August 7, 2019

8th Aug '19 - 2:30am
August 7, 2019

Full Frontal reflects on the latest wave of gun violence and white nationalism. Then, as a much needed break from the news of the week, Allana Harkin hits the beach to bask in the sunny hopefulness of first time female voters.

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s04e20 / August 14, 2019

15th Aug '19 - 2:30am
August 14, 2019

Full Frontal takes a dip into the bizarre mystery surrounding Jerry Falwell Jr'.s pool boy, fills up on southern grub and reproductive justice, and welcomes Betty Who to take this summer out on a good note.

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s04e21 / September 11, 2019

12th Sep '19 - 2:30am
September 11, 2019

The latest acts of corruption in the Trump administration; efforts to get the electoral college #canceled; meeting with undocumented workers formerly employed at Trump properties.

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s04e22 / September 18, 2019

19th Sep '19 - 2:30am
September 18, 2019

Samantha Bee relives all the stomach-turning details of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation in light of recent news; how the Koch Brothers ruined the planet.

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s04e23 / September 25, 2019

26th Sep '19 - 2:30am
September 25, 2019

Coming Soon...

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s04e24 / October 2, 2019

3rd Oct '19 - 2:30am
October 2, 2019

Coming Soon...

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s04e25 / October 23, 2019

24th Oct '19 - 2:30am
October 23, 2019

Coming Soon...

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s04e26 / October 30, 2019

31st Oct '19 - 2:30am
October 30, 2019

Coming Soon...

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s04e27 / November 6, 2019

7th Nov '19 - 3:30am
November 6, 2019

Coming Soon...

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s04e28 / November 13, 2019

14th Nov '19 - 3:30am
November 13, 2019

In the spirit of the holiday season, Full Frontal recaps the start of impeachment hearings for all to enjoy! Plus, we get a lesson in the "prosperity gospel" from Trump's very own spiritual advisor Paula White!.

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s04e29 / November 20, 2019

21st Nov '19 - 3:30am
November 20, 2019

Full Frontal continues the wild ride aboard the impeachment express and makes a case for finally firing Stephen Miller based on everything he has ever said and done! Also, Sam hosts a Thanksgiving feast for the women she's most thankful for.

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s04e30 / December 11, 2019

12th Dec '19 - 3:30am
December 11, 2019

Coming Soon...

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s04e31 / December 18, 2019

19th Dec '19 - 3:30am
December 18, 2019

Full Frontal celebrates Impeachmas with special guest David Alan Grier! Plus, Sam brought back a souvenir for everyone from her trip to Hong Kong. It's a lesson in how to protest for our democracy!

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s04e32 / January 15, 2020

16th Jan '20 - 3:30am
January 15, 2020

Coming Soon...

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s04e33 / January 22, 2020

23rd Jan '20 - 3:30am
January 22, 2020

Full Frontal profiles the guy gunning to play Gossip Girl in the upcoming reboot, Lev Parnas, makes the case for paid family leave, and offers a brief explainer about the current situation with Iran that is (spoiler alert) still happening!.

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s04e34 / January 29, 2020

30th Jan '20 - 3:30am
January 29, 2020

Full Frontal busts the myth that there's a social media bias against conservatives, argues that the only thing scarier than coronavirus is the defunding of the CDC, and finds out why we let Iowa tell us who's going to be president.

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