Getting On (US)
Season 2

s02e01 / No Such Thing as Idealized Genitalia

10th Nov '14 - 3:30am
No Such Thing as Idealized Genitalia

In the second-season premiere, Dr. James' research projects are all over the ward. Meanwhile, DiDi lobbies for a raise; Patsy's "Lean & Green" initiative doesn't go over well; and Dawn finds out what's wrong with her.

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s02e02 / Is Soap a Hazardous Substance?

17th Nov '14 - 3:30am
Is Soap a Hazardous Substance?

DiDi takes on greater responsibilities when a hospice program is introduced into the ward. Dawn looks ahead to her future and tries to share her news with Patsy, but inadvertently puts his new initiative in question. Patsy finds himself playing patient when he has a medical emergency. Dottie, an alcoholic patient, looks for ways around doctor's orders.

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s02e03 / Turnips... North Day... Yes, yes

24th Nov '14 - 3:30am
Turnips... North Day... Yes, yes

A server crash forces the staff to go "old school" - with disastrous results. DiDi steps on Dr. Stickley's toes when making a decision about Arlene's mother-in-law, while Dr. James has issues getting through to a deaf patient. Dawn buys a cello, and learns that her life-changing news may not be what it seems.

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s02e04 / The 7th Annual Christmas Card Competition

1st Dec '14 - 3:30am
The 7th Annual Christmas Card Competition

The staff finds itself in an awkward situation when one of Jenna's "adult" study photos mistakenly makes its way into the Christmas card competition. DiDi is tempted by Parker Owens, a visiting doctor. Denya, a patient with terminal cancer, proposes a "final solution" to a startled Jenna. Patsy and Dawn's relationship comes to a head.

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s02e05 / The Revolving Admit Door

8th Dec '14 - 3:30am
The Revolving Admit Door

DiDi struggles to deal with her younger sister Sherrie, who's filling in at Billy Barnes and cozying up to Dawn. Jenna gets a new look and encounters resistance to her research methods. Patsy lets an award go to his head. The staff tries to balance patient flow and has issues discharging a patient they'd hoped never to see again.

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s02e06 / Doctor Death

15th Dec '14 - 3:30am
Doctor Death

A whistleblower brings disturbing news about the hospice program to light, putting the entire staff's future in question. Dawn takes a big romantic step, but unexpectedly finds herself caught between two suitors. DiDi takes her salary issues to Jenna, who tries to hold everything together.

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