Season 15

s15e01 / Moving Toward the Light

17th Oct '21 - 11:00pm
Moving Toward the Light

Amy must help a skeptical performer, and her pair of matched liberty horses work together again. Jack unexpectedly buys Mitch's herd of cattle. Tim returns from his trip with a surprise for everyone.

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s15e02 / Runaway

24th Oct '21 - 11:00pm

A wild stallion escapes from Sam's ranch during a burglary and Amy will stop at nothing to find him. Lisa's latest business investment is at risk. Tim and Jessica adjust to life back at Heartland.

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s15e03 / Bad Moon Rising

31st Oct '21 - 11:00pm
Bad Moon Rising

Amy discovers a teen with a gift for horses at Cooper's therapy centre, Lou is pressured to shut the centre down over recent break-ins and Lisa has Jack install a security system with Parker's "help".

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s15e04 / Sins of the Father

8th Nov '21 - 12:00am
Sins of the Father

After a break-in at Heartland, unwelcome memories of his father flood Jack, Amy and Logan work with a wild horse, and Tim and Parker form an unlikely duo to find the stolen goods.

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s15e05 / Blood and Water

15th Nov '21 - 12:00am
Blood and Water

Amy and Shadow find themselves in jeopardy on a cattle drive. Lou feels overlooked when the issue of Heartland Beef's succession plan is raised. Parker and Katie babysit Lyndy and things go awry.

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s15e06 / Happy Ever After

22nd Nov '21 - 12:00am
Happy Ever After

Tim and Jessica's attempt to throw a "small party" snowballs. Lou struggles to hide a revived past relationship from the family. Amy and Logan continue to work with the wild horse.

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s15e07 / Bluebird

29th Nov '21 - 12:00am

The man who shot Ty returns to Hudson and Amy and the rest of the family grapple with how to react. Jessica enlists Katie and Parker's help to deal with a demanding Dude Ranch guest while Lou is away.

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s15e08 / Brand New Day

6th Dec '21 - 12:00am
Brand New Day

Hudson hosts a lumberjack competition and Amy must retrain a Clydesdale and his owner to compete in the draft horse race. Tim throws his hat in the ring. Lou tries to avoid a date with Fred Garland.

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s15e09 / The Long Game

13th Dec '21 - 12:00am
The Long Game

Amy enters Spartan into an endurance race after realizing he's not ready to retire, Jack is set on gentling an unbroke horse despite the danger, and Lou and Katie reveal hidden feelings while camping.

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s15e10 / Leaving a Legacy

20th Dec '21 - 12:00am
Leaving a Legacy

Amy debates what to do when she receives money from an unexpected source. Lisa's racing plans are in jeopardy after an accident. Tim worries when Jessica is hiding something. Lou makes a big decision.

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