How I Met Your Mother
Season 6

s06e01 / Big Days

21st Sep '10 - 12:00am
Big Days

When Ted and Barney argue about who has "dibs" on a hot girl, Ted realizes that she is there with Cindy, a girl he previously dated who is also the roommate of his future wife. Meanwhile, Robin is heartbroken over Don, and Marshall can't keep quiet about his desire to start a family.

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s06e02 / Cleaning House

28th Sep '10 - 12:00am
Cleaning House

When Barney convinces the gang to help his mom move out of her home, they quickly learn that she has been very protective of Barney and lied to him about events throughout his life. Meanwhile, Ted gets upset when Robin oversells him to a blind date.

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s06e03 / Unfinished

5th Oct '10 - 12:00am

When Ted declines Barney's offer to design the new GNB building, Barney ties to woo him by using all of his best womanizing tactics. Meanwhile, Robin is still not over her relationship with Don and drunk dials him.

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s06e04 / Subway Wars

12th Oct '10 - 12:00am
Subway Wars

When the gang is making fun of Robin because they don't think she is a real New Yorker, she challenges them to a race, first one to get to a downtown restaurant and catches a glimpse of Woody Allen wins.

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s06e05 / Architect of Destruction

19th Oct '10 - 12:00am
Architect of Destruction

Ted becomes conflicted after meeting an attractive woman who is passionate about saving the landmark building being torn down for his new project.

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s06e06 / Baby Talk

26th Oct '10 - 12:00am
Baby Talk

Marshall and Lily research how to conceive a baby with the gender of their choice. Meanwhile, Robin is growing more and more irritated by her perky new co-anchor, Becky.

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s06e07 / Canning Randy

2nd Nov '10 - 12:00am
Canning Randy

When Zoey enrolls in Ted's class, she manipulates his students into taking her side in the fight to save the building being torn down to make room for his project. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily spot Robin marching in the Halloween parade of shame.

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s06e08 / Natural History

9th Nov '10 - 1:00am
Natural History

When the gang attends a black tie fundraiser at the Natural History Museum, Ted runs into Zoey and sees a whole different side of her when she introduces him to her husband, The Captain.

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s06e09 / Glitter

16th Nov '10 - 1:00am

When Barney finds a copy of the Canadian kids show "Space Teens" starring Robin's alter-ego "Robin Sparkles", the gang learns more about Robin's past as a performer than they expected.

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s06e10 / Blitzgiving

23rd Nov '10 - 1:00am

When Ted leaves the bar early to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for his friends, the gang winds up partying all night with The Blitz, an old friend from college who has bad luck. As a result Ted is forced to spend Thanksgiving with Zoey.

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s06e11 / The Mermaid Theory

7th Dec '10 - 1:00am
The Mermaid Theory

When Ted's new friendship with Zoey tests the theory that single men and married women can't be friends, he invites her husband, "The Captain", to hang out with them. Meanwhile, Marshall and Robin decide to spend alone time together, and Barney and Lily possibly have a fight.

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s06e12 / False Positive

14th Dec '10 - 1:00am
False Positive

When Marshall and Lily receive shocking news, it has a profound effect on the gang and forces them to reexamine their own lives.
Meanwhile, Robin gets a new job, Barney discovers the joy of giving on Christmas and Ted begins his duties as Best Man for his old friend Punchy's wedding.

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s06e13 / Bad News

4th Jan '11 - 1:00am
Bad News

When Marshall and Lily fear they will never get pregnant, they see a specialist who can hopefully help move the process along. Meanwhile, Robin starts her new job.

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s06e14 / Last Words

18th Jan '11 - 1:00am
Last Words

The gang travels home to Minnesota with Marshall where Ted and Barney will stop at nothing to make Marshall laugh. Meanwhile, Marshall has an unfortunate meeting with an old high school bully that terrorized him throughout his youth.

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s06e15 / Oh Honey

8th Feb '11 - 1:00am
Oh Honey

When Zoey fixes Ted up on a date with her cousin, the gang resorts to calling her "Honey" after learning how naive she is. Meanwhile, Ted calls an intervention on himself after having an epiphany about his feelings for Zoey, and Barney gets acquainted with Honey in Ted's place.

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s06e16 / Desperation Day

15th Feb '11 - 1:00am
Desperation Day

Barney declares February 13th "Desperation Day", a holiday for desperate women. Meanwhile, Lily surprises Marshall for Valentine's Day, Ted and Zoey continue to figure out their relationship and Robin bonds with her single girlfriends.

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s06e17 / Garbage Island

22nd Feb '11 - 1:00am
Garbage Island

After Marshall sees a documentary about garbage, he becomes fixated on saving the environment. Meanwhile, Ted runs into Zoey's ex-husband, The Captain, and Robin forces Barney to admit he has feelings for Nora, the girl who made history as his first Valentine's Day date ever.

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s06e18 / A Change of Heart

1st Mar '11 - 1:00am
A Change of Heart

When Barney starts to have real feelings for Nora, he worries that there is something wrong with his heart. Meanwhile, Robyn starts dating a guy who acts a lot like a dog.

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s06e19 / Legendaddy

22nd Mar '11 - 12:00am

When Barney finally meets his father, he's surprised to learn how his life turned out. Meanwhile, the gang points out each other's "gaps", something they should know by adulthood but never learned.

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s06e20 / The Exploding Meatball Sub

12th Apr '11 - 12:00am
The Exploding Meatball Sub

Lily and Barney react badly when Marshall finally quits his job at Goliath National Bank to take a volunteer position at an environmental organization.

Meanwhile, Ted and Zoey's opposing positions on the future of The Arcadian come between them.

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s06e21 / Hopeless

19th Apr '11 - 12:00am

When Barney tries to bond with his father, he asks the gang to help make his life seem more exciting by lying about their own lives. Meanwhile, Robin runs into a guy she has a crush on.

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s06e22 / The Perfect Cocktail

3rd May '11 - 12:00am
The Perfect Cocktail

When Marshall and Barney argue over the destruction of the Arcadian Hotel, Robin and Lily try to mix the right combination of cocktails that will force them to make up. Meanwhile, Ted plans a romantic weekend away with Zoey.

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s06e23 / Landmarks

10th May '11 - 12:00am

When Ted is faced with an important decision that might affect his future with Zoey, the gang expresses their true feelings about her.

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s06e24 / Challenge Accepted

17th May '11 - 12:00am
Challenge Accepted

Robin and Barney bond when they intervene in Ted's relationship (until they run into Nora), and Marshall and Lily watch a ticking clock as he fears that he soon will be the victim of food poisoning. Meanwhile, Ted performs his Best Man duties at a very important wedding.

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