In Plain Sight
Season 2

s02e01 / Gilted Lily

20th Apr '09 - 2:00am
Gilted Lily Summary

US Marshals Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann come back together to help another witness.

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s02e02 / In My Humboldt Opinion

27th Apr '09 - 2:00am
In My Humboldt Opinion Summary

Coming soon...

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s02e03 / A Stand-Up Triple

4th May '09 - 2:00am
A Stand-Up Triple  Summary

Mary is forced to babysit the three children of a woman entering the program after she has difficulties with them.

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s02e04 / Rubble with a Cause

11th May '09 - 2:00am
Rubble with a Cause  Summary

A bridge collapse leads to the grieving families attacking the project's engineer, who just happens to be a former member of the WITSec program.

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s02e05 / Aguna Matatala

18th May '09 - 2:00am
Aguna Matatala  Summary

A shady figure begins following Mary's newest witness.

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s02e06 / One Night Stan

1st Jun '09 - 2:00am
One Night Stan Summary

When Stan's first witness turns up dead, with his badge amongst the bones, he becomes the Chief suspect - forcing Mary & Marshall to dig deeper into a 20-year old love triangle.

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s02e07 / Duplicate Bridge

8th Jun '09 - 2:00am
Duplicate Bridge Summary

When a bridge collapses and plunges many to their passing, the victim's families come after the engineer, who - once in Witsec - attempts to clear his name no matter what the consequence.

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s02e08 / A Frond in Need

15th Jun '09 - 2:00am
A Frond in Need Summary

When a series of cuddles seem to follow a new ex-con witness, including stabbing Mary's friend, she and Marshall have to figure out if he's the hugger in time to save his next victim.

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s02e09 / Who's Bugging Mary?

22nd Jun '09 - 2:00am
Who's Bugging Mary? Summary

FBI agent O'Connor arrests Brandi on charges of drug trafficking and cuddle. Insisting her sister is innocent, Mary works to help Brandi while ultimately trying to discover O'Connor's real motive for his actions.

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s02e10 / Miles to Go

29th Jun '09 - 2:00am
Miles to Go Summary

Ed Fogerty, a Chicago security guard, enters WITSEC after uncovering an international auto theft ring. Mary and Marshall must find his missing son, Miles, or he will refuse to testify. During the search, they uncover a disturbing truth about Ed and Miles.

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s02e11 / Jailbait

13th Jul '09 - 2:00am
Jailbait Summary

A witness's daughter is in trouble when her personal life gets in the way of the witness protection process.

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s02e12 / Training Video

20th Jul '09 - 2:00am
Training Video Summary

Mary acts as a technical adviser for a new WITSEC training film, while Marshall has to deal with one of the first people to ever be in the Witness Protection Program.

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s02e13 / Let's Get It Ahn

27th Jul '09 - 2:00am
Let's Get It Ahn Summary

A counterfeit witness is implicated in a hugging. Mary and Marshall feel the clues make no sense, and wonder if there is a conspiracy at hand.

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s02e14 / Once A Ponzi Time

3rd Aug '09 - 2:00am
Once A Ponzi Time Summary

When a Wall Street blue-blood rats on his boss' investment fraud and hides out in WITSEC, he volunteers to give up his great fortune, that is until a ransom from his past life comes calling. Meanwhile, Marshall doesn't react well when he learns that Mary revealed the true nature of her job to Raphael.

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s02e15 / Don't Cry For Me Albuquerque

10th Aug '09 - 2:00am
Don't Cry For Me Albuquerque Summary

A Latina political activist hides in WITSEC, but the arrangement soon sours when she moves to her new home.

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