In Plain Sight
Season 4

s04e01 / The Art of the Steal

2nd May '11 - 2:00am
The Art of the Steal Summary

Brandi is charged with grand theft auto, and Mary asks one of her witnesses for help to clear her.

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s04e02 / Crazy Like a Witness

9th May '11 - 2:00am
Crazy Like a Witness Summary

Mary's paranoid witness wants to reconnect with his son.

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s04e03 / Love in the Time of Colorado

16th May '11 - 2:00am
Love in the Time of Colorado Summary

Mary is caught between a witness and a suspect.

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s04e04 / Meet the Shannons

23rd May '11 - 2:00am
Meet the Shannons Summary

A beauty pageant queen finds out that she's spent most of her life in witness protection.

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s04e05 / Second Crime Around

6th Jun '11 - 2:00am
Second Crime Around Summary

Mary works with an unapologetic con artist.

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s04e06 / Something's A-mish

13th Jun '11 - 2:00am
Something's A-mish Summary

An Amish witness comes into the program and must learn to adapt.

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s04e07 / I'm a Liver Not a Fighter

20th Jun '11 - 2:00am
I'm a Liver Not a Fighter Summary

A terminally ill father wants to reconcile with his children.

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s04e08 / Kumar vs. Kumar

27th Jun '11 - 2:00am
Kumar vs. Kumar Summary

A couple in WITSEC wants to get divorced.

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s04e09 / The Rolling Stones

11th Jul '11 - 2:00am
The Rolling Stones Summary

A witness must enter the program because of his twin brother.

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s04e10 / Girls, Interrupted

18th Jul '11 - 2:00am
Girls, Interrupted Summary

Marshall and Stan contend with a rock-star witness and her controlling mother while Mary is away on a WITSEC-mandated road trip.

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s04e11 / Provo-Cation

25th Jul '11 - 2:00am
Provo-Cation Summary

Mary protects a deeply remorseful Army veteran and clashes with his military lawyer. Adding to her worries is a visit from her ex-husband.

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s04e12 / A Womb With A View

1st Aug '11 - 2:00am
A Womb With A View Summary

Mary protects a courtesan from a gangster, who's the father of her unborn child. While Mary gets a crash course in childbirth, she must also decide if she can trust the woman.

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s04e13 / Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up

8th Aug '11 - 2:00am
Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up Summary

On the day of her sister's wedding, Mary is flown to Miami in order to protect her least favorite witness from hired mercenaries.

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