Inside No. 9
Season 2

s02e01 / La Couchette

26th Mar '15 - 10:00pm
La Couchette Summary

On board the sleeper from Paris to Bourg St. Maurice, a motley collection of passengers try to get a quiet night's sleep as the train makes its way across France. But as the sleeping compartment fills up, the chances of that begin to look highly unlikely. In Deuxième Classe, everyone can hear you scream...

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s02e02 / The 12 Days of Christine

2nd Apr '15 - 10:00pm
The 12 Days of Christine Summary

Christine Clarke takes a new man back to her flat following a New Year's Eve party, and immediately her life begins to unravel.There is a terrifying stranger that keeps appearing in the flat at night.

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s02e03 / The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge

9th Apr '15 - 10:00pm
The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge Summary

Two of England's most notorious and feared witch-finders are summoned by Sir Andrew Pike to the unassuming village of Little Happens in order to try an old woman. Elizabeth Gadge stands accused of consorting with the Devil, most lewdly and on divers occasions. If she is found guilty, she will burn. It is very definitely the most exciting event in Little Happens since the business of the escaped cow.

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s02e04 / Cold Comfort

16th Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Cold Comfort Summary

It's Andy's first day as a volunteer at the Comfort Support Line call centre, which offers the lonely and desperate a chance to talk about their problems. All the CSL counsellors have their own ways of dealing with clients, coping with the emotional stress and hugging time between phone calls. But is Andy really prepared for what's to come?.

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s02e05 / Nana's Party

23rd Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Nana's Party Summary

Nana celebrates her 79th birthday and she is looking forward to spending the afternoon with her whole family. Angela has put on a lovely spread, including a massive cake.

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s02e06 / Seance Time

29th Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Seance Time Summary

Not having tried to consult the spirit world before, Tina isn't quite sure what will happent. A visit to the spiritualist medium Madam Talbot has been arranged by her sister.

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