Inside No. 9
Season 6

s06e01 / Wuthering Heist

10th May '21 - 10:00pm
Wuthering Heist Summary

Pantalone is planning the heist of the century - a tasty twelve mil in rough cut diamonds. But if you're going to hire a bunch of complete clowns to carry out a robbery, and half of them are planning to double-cross the other half, you've not just got a recipe for disaster, you've actually got the ingredients of a Tarantino Commedia dell'Arte.

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s06e02 / Simon Says

17th May '21 - 10:00pm
Simon Says Summary

Everyone says the Season 7 finale of fantasy epic The Ninth Circle was pretty disappointing; even show-runner Spencer Maguire is keen to move on to new projects. But not everyone thinks that it has to be the end of the matter. In fact, Ninth Circle obsessive Simon Smethurst decides to visit his hero to help put things right. Because that's what the fans would want...

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s06e03 / Lip Service

24th May '21 - 10:00pm
Lip Service Summary

Felix is pretty certain his wife is up to something with her boss Dmitri, so he decides to hire some help to prove things one way or the other. When professional lip-reader Iris arrives with her powerful binoculars, the couple stake out a hotel bedroom and start to gather their evidence.

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s06e04 / Hurry Up and Wait

31st May '21 - 10:00pm
Hurry Up and Wait Summary

Actor James is waiting for his big moment on the set of ITV's prestigious new crime drama, and this holding area should be the ideal place to relax and go over all three of his lines - except he's actually in a static caravan owned by Oona and Stan. The more he learns about this couple and their strange daughter, the more disconcerted he becomes.

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s06e05 / How Do You Plead

7th Jun '21 - 10:00pm
How Do You Plead Summary

Webster, the famous barrister, is not well and not an easy man to look after. His carer Urban knows how to take the rough with the smooth, dishing out the drugs or appealing to the old man's vanity. But on this particular night, something is coming that will test Webster's resolve and legal skills to the very end.

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s06e06 / Last Night at the Proms

14th Jun '21 - 10:00pm
Last Night at the Proms Summary

Dawn and Mick are hosting their annual Last Night of the Proms party, the perfect antidote to post-Brexit Britain. But not everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

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