Law & Order: SVU
Season 13

s13e01 / Scorched Earth

22nd Sep '11 - 2:00am
Scorched Earth

Andrew and Kathleen Raines are powerful New York political couple. When their son is involved in a sex crime, wife Kathleen finds out during the investigation that her husband's affair with someone from the couple's "inner circle" resulted in an illegitimate child.

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s13e02 / Personal Fouls

29th Sep '11 - 2:00am
Personal Fouls

A youth basketball coach is under suspicion as a sexual predator. Prince Miller, a basketball superstar, was once one of the coach's prodigies. Anthony and Bosh will appear in the opening scene and episode climax.

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s13e03 / Blood Brothers

6th Oct '11 - 2:00am
Blood Brothers

When a pregnant thirteen-year-old girl refuses to identify her baby's father, Benson and the SVU squad work to determine if she was raped.

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s13e04 / Double Strands

13th Oct '11 - 2:00am
Double Strands

Detective Rollins believes she has picked up a thread on a cold case from back home when she investigates the rape of a dancer by a tattooed man. Although the suspect maintains his innocence, Rollins is sure he is her serial rapist.

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s13e05 / Missing Pieces

20th Oct '11 - 2:00am
Missing Pieces

The detectives investigate the disappearance of a baby who has apparently been abducted on Halloween. But when the parents' stories don't match the evidence, a deeper investigation reveals a surprising truth.

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s13e06 / True Believers

3rd Nov '11 - 2:00am
True Believers

A young music student is raped at gunpoint in her own apartment, but with her help, the SVU squad makes a quick arrest. Bureau Chief Mike Cutter takes over the case when he finds that opposing counsel is high-profile defense attorney Bayard Ellis

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s13e07 / Russian Brides

10th Nov '11 - 3:00am
Russian Brides

When a young woman is found brutally cuddled, the SVU detectives use her distinctive tattoos to identify her as a recently engaged Russian mail-order bride. Upon questioning her distraught fiancé, they learn that she was kidnapped and held for ransom the night of their engagement party.

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s13e08 / Educated Guess

17th Nov '11 - 3:00am
Educated Guess

A man in custody at a mental hospital claims to have witnessed a rape in a break room. Despite the witness\' shaky credibility the SVU begins an investigation, but the alleged victim, Gia Eskas, denies being assaulted.

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s13e09 / Lost Traveler

1st Dec '11 - 3:00am
Lost Traveler

A Romani child disappears on his way home from school. Benson and Amaro interview the distraught parents, who are distrustful of the police. The initial investigation leads Fin and Rollins to the powerful leader of the Romani community, but he denies any involvement.

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s13e10 / Spiraling Down

8th Dec '11 - 3:00am
Spiraling Down

A military colleague of Detective Amaro's wife reports his 14-year-old daughter missing. The detectives find the girl working as a prostitute under a possessive pimp. They quickly set up a sting operation to entrap Johns on rape charges with a minor, and arrest aging pro quarterback Jake Stanton.

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s13e11 / Theatre Tricks

12th Jan '12 - 3:00am
Theatre Tricks

An actress in an interactive theater production is raped on stage, while the audience believes it to be part of the show. The SVU detectives hit a dead end in their investigation when they learn the show's passionate director gave the audience, including the assailant, masks to wear during the performance.

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s13e12 / Official Story

19th Jan '12 - 3:00am
Official Story

The powerful CEO of a private military contractor is confronted by protesters and later found drugged and sexually assaulted in a park. Detectives Benson and Amaro begin their investigation but find the victim unwilling to cooperate.

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s13e13 / Father's Shadow

9th Feb '12 - 3:00am
Father's Shadow

An aspiring actress is found unconscious in Central Park with drugs in her system and evidence of sexual trauma. Detectives Benson and Amaro pay a visit to the reality show producer for whom she had auditioned just before the attack, and stop him from assaulting another actress on the casting couch. The detectives arrest the producer, but the situation turns dangerous when his distraught son takes drastic action in order to get his father out of jail.

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s13e14 / Home Invasions

16th Feb '12 - 3:00am
Home Invasions

A gunman storms a family's home, killing the parents and leaving their teenage daughter in critical condition. When a hate crime investigation turns into a dead end, Benson and the SVU detectives struggle to find a motive for such violence. The clues lead to a surprising revelation about Detective Rollins, which threatens her future in the Special Victims Unit.

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s13e15 / Hunting Ground

23rd Feb '12 - 3:00am
Hunting Ground

Detective Benson and Executive ADA Haden's romantic weekend is interrupted by news that an underage prostitute has gone missing. As the SVU detectives dig into her disappearance, they find a pattern of several missing escorts who all posted ads on a popular newspaper's website. The line between Benson and Haden's personal and professional lives starts to blur as the squad races against the clock to find the girl before it's too late.

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s13e16 / Child's Welfare

1st Mar '12 - 3:00am
Child's Welfare

Detective Benson's half-brother Simon Marsden turns up in New York after a five year absence, and asks for help - Child Services is threatening to take his children away from him. She asks defense attorney Bayard Ellis to represent her brother, but the seemingly simple case turns into a disaster for Ellis and his client. Meanwhile, a homeless couple finds a newborn baby abandoned near a hospital, and Detectives Fin and Rollins follow the evidence to a shocking discovery.

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s13e17 / Justice Denied

12th Apr '12 - 2:00am
Justice Denied

A rape victim is brought to the hospital after a harrowing hours-long ordeal, and Benson recognizes the suspect's M.O. from a case she solved eight years ago. The jailed rapist confessed to Benson after a tough interrogation but has been claiming his innocence ever since his conviction. The SVU squad is forced to reopen Benson's old case to determine if they are dealing with a copycat or a case of wrongful imprisonment. As Benson's detective work is challenged, her personal relationship with Executive ADA Haden is also placed in jeopardy when Counselor Bayard Ellis gets involved.

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s13e18 / Valentine's Day

19th Apr '12 - 2:00am
Valentine's Day

While video chatting with his wife on the way home from an international business trip, a Wall Street executive watches an intruder assault and abduct her. The kidnappers demand ransom, and Detectives Benson, Amaro, Rollins, and Tutuola are on the scene when the missing housewife arrives to pick up the money. She frantically tells the detectives about her ordeal, but Benson grows suspicious of her story.

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s13e19 / Street Revenge

26th Apr '12 - 2:00am
Street Revenge

A string of rapes in West Soho inspires a group of vigilantes to organize against both neighborhood crime and the NYPD. While Reporter Dennis Griscomb takes every opportunity to publicly criticize police efforts, the SVU squad struggles to find a lead in the case until one of the vigilantes is attacked. As the other detectives fight for control over the investigation and angry citizens, Amaro is distracted by the suspicion that his wife is seeing another man.

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s13e20 / Father Dearest

3rd May '12 - 2:00am
Father Dearest

Detectives Benson and Amaro investigate the disappearance of a teenaged girl after her young brother calls 9-1-1. While Fin and Rollins look into a possible abduction, they discover the girl had been searching for her biological father, an anonymous sperm donor. The investigation takes a startling turn when a suspect is found to be targeting several young, vulnerable women, all with the same personal connection. But the suspect isn't what he seems, and Dr. Huang must delve into his past to save the women.

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s13e21 / Learning Curve

10th May '12 - 2:00am
Learning Curve

As Detective Tutuola's son Ken prepares to tell his father that he is getting married, his fiancé is brutally assaulted by a street gang. He's the latest in a string of recent hate crimes against gay men, and before the SVU squad can arrest a suspect, a school teacher is similarly brutalized even though he doesn't fit the pattern. As the detectives search for a connection, they learn that he was dismissed from an elite private school for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. In trying to make their case, they quickly realize the facts don't add up and another teacher may hold the clues to what really happened.

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s13e22 / Strange Beauty

17th May '12 - 2:00am
Strange Beauty

While off-duty, Detective Rollins spots a young woman screaming in the back of a moving taxi. The SVU squad quickly identifies the victim as a rebellious teenager, estranged from her family and experimenting in the world of tattoos and self-mutilation. The case takes an unexpected turn when the Medical Examiner presents the detectives with a cleanly severed leg, reminiscent of a similar finding in an old unsolved case. The detectives are drawn into the psychological elements of self-mutilation and ritual amputation as they investigate two brothers in order to link the cases and find the missing woman.

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s13e23 / Rhodium Nights

24th May '12 - 2:00am
Rhodium Nights

An underage escort is found dead at a wild bachelor party, and Captain Cragen cautions his team to investigate with discretion, as there were several high-profile people at the scene. In their efforts to question a well-known leader in the New York escort world, Benson and Amaro encounter former SVU detective Brian Cassidy, who's been working undercover. With his help, the detectives dig deeper into a vicious power struggle between the two top escort businesses, but before the case is cracked, a shocking event threatens to destroy the life of one SVU squad member.

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