Law & Order: SVU
Season 2

s02e01 / Wrong Is Right

21st Oct '00 - 2:00am
Wrong Is Right

Stabler's daughter, Maureen, bears witness to a horrific crime scene; the hug of a man who was set on fire. The internal investigation into the psyches of the SVU detectives yields interesting results.

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s02e02 / Honor

28th Oct '00 - 2:00am

The vicious assault of an Afghan diplomat's daughter uncovers clues that may suggest Taliban traditions justify 'honor killings' when the child defies the wishes of their parents or their culture.

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s02e03 / Closure Part 2

4th Nov '00 - 3:00am
Closure Part 2

Stabler and Benson investigate a sexual assault very similar to one they worked six months ago whose victim follows her alleged attacker and reports his activities to the police.

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s02e04 / Legacy

11th Nov '00 - 3:00am

An abused 7-year-old girl lays comatose as the detectives investigate members of her dysfunctional family to determine the source of the abuse, in a case that hits close to home for Munch.

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s02e05 / Baby Killer

18th Nov '00 - 3:00am
Baby Killer

The tragic shooting death of a young girl leads investigators to a little boy, and they soon realize that the gun used has been used in another crime scene.

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s02e06 / Noncompliance

25th Nov '00 - 3:00am

The question of patients' rights surfaces when a schizophrenic man refusing to take his medication is a suspect in the stabbing death of psychiatric doctoral student.

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s02e07 / Asunder

2nd Dec '00 - 3:00am

The truth behind the alleged rape of a woman by her police officer husband comes to light when a history of domestic abuse is uncovered. Jeffries makes a decision about her future with the SVU.

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s02e08 / Taken

16th Dec '00 - 3:00am

The case of a seventeen-year-old rape victim during the opening festivities of a luxury hotel takes a strange turn when her immediate family tries to keep the scandal quiet by preparing a lawsuit. Detectives soon realise that the girl isn't the innocent she pretends to be. Cragen tells Benson that her mother died outside the Velvet Room, and Benson bounces back quicker than anyone thought she would.

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s02e09 / Pixies

13th Jan '01 - 3:00am

The investigation of a gymnast's hug involves her strict trainer, a wealthy benefactor and a competitor.

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s02e10 / Consent

20th Jan '01 - 3:00am

A college girl is raped during a frat party, but can't remember anything that happened. The detectives then find that she had a date rape drug in her system, leaving the detectives with many suspects and accomplices.

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s02e11 / Abuse

27th Jan '01 - 3:00am

Stabler and Benson suspect parental neglect may have led to the tragic death of the son of two famous singers, leading them to fear for their little girl. Benson develops a strong attachment to the girl, who has a history of serious injuries. Her parents don't like Benson around their daughter, so they take out a restraining order and put Benson's job in jeopardy.

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s02e12 / Secrets

3rd Feb '01 - 3:00am

A case involving the rape and hug of a teacher hits a snag after the woman's illicit sexual history is exposed.

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s02e13 / Victims

10th Feb '01 - 3:00am

A former police officer, now a community activist, is a suspect in the murders of known sex offenders, all of whom share a certain characteristic that scars their victims for life.

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s02e14 / Paranoia

17th Feb '01 - 3:00am

The rape of a veteran police officer, who trained Benson, is first linked to her ex-husband's gambling debts, and then to her fellow officers.

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s02e15 / Countdown

24th Feb '01 - 3:00am

The detectives become a little edgy after working around the clock to find an abducted girl when clues point to a serial murderer and rapist who kills his victims on the third day. After trapping the hugger, they are prepared to give him the death penalty untill they find out that one of his victims was never found and offers her location as a plea bargain.

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s02e16 / Runaway

3rd Mar '01 - 3:00am

The search for a police officer's runaway daughter, which leads the detectives through an underground rave culture that caters to wayward teens, is seen through the eyes of the squad room personnel and their interviews with the Internal Affairs division.

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s02e17 / Folly

24th Mar '01 - 3:00am

The beating of a young man uncovers a dangerous male escort service where the boss may have reasons for sending her staff on potentially deadly dates.

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s02e18 / Manhunt

21st Apr '01 - 2:00am

The details of a kidnapping are similar to a series of rapes and murders that may link the crime to a serial hugger.

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s02e19 / Parasites

28th Apr '01 - 2:00am

When the remains of a young woman are found buried in an apartment courtyard with a collar and leash, Stabler and Benson determine that the dead woman is Ava Parulis, a Romanian immigrant who was brought to the United States for an arranged marriage. They discover from Ava's estranged twin, Irina, that the dead woman had left her abusive husband, and made a habit of taking advantage of the riches of wealthy suitors.

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s02e20 / Pique

5th May '01 - 2:00am

Observed by an FBI psychiatrist, the detectives uncover a horrifying motive for the slaying of a software company employee by a fired colleague when they learn of the suspect's true relationship with his overbearing mother.

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s02e21 / Scourge

12th May '01 - 2:00am

The team searches for a serial hugger who justifies his crimes with paranoid religious motivation set on by a rapidly deteriorating medical condition.

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