Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Season 2

s02e01 / Stayin' Alive

12th Mar '17 - 2:00am
Stayin' Alive

While trying to dispose of Thanos' asteroid, the Guardians discover it has been taken to a secure facility that belongs to the Avengers.

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s02e02 / Evolution Rock

12th Mar '17 - 2:30am
Evolution Rock

The Guardians and the Avengers team up to find out what powerful secrets lie inside Thanos' asteroid.

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s02e03 / Lyin' Eyes

19th Mar '17 - 1:00am
Lyin' Eyes

When Rocket and Drax wake up with absolutely no memory of the night before, the Guardians must piece together their adventures.

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s02e04 / Free Bird

26th Mar '17 - 1:00am
Free Bird

While the Guardians search for the missing sarcophagus, Groot finds a mysterious egg and does everything in his power to protect it.

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s02e05 / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

9th Apr '17 - 1:00am
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When the Guardians are charged with escorting the young and rebellious Rigellian Princess Tana back home, Drax's hardened heart melts as he is reminded of his own daughter.

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s02e06 / Black Helmet Woman

15th Apr '17 - 4:00pm
Black Helmet Woman

After being infused with incredible power from a Nova helmet, Gamora leads the Guardians and her sister Nebula on a mission to infiltrate the Believer flagship.

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s02e07 / Right Place, Wrong Time

15th Apr '17 - 4:30pm
Right Place, Wrong Time

Quill and Gamora battle the High Evolutionary, his minion hybrids and a teleport-hijacking Nebula.

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s02e08 / Me and You and a Dog Named Cosmo

15th Apr '17 - 5:00pm
Me and You and a Dog Named Cosmo

Cosmo goes undercover on the Believer flagship but loses his powers when his cover is blown.

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s02e09 / Can't Get You out of My Head

15th Apr '17 - 5:30pm
Can't Get You out of My Head

When the Believer flagship embeds itself in Knowhere's brain, it causes a planetoid-wide telekinetic zombie outbreak.

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s02e10 / Rock Your Baby

15th Apr '17 - 6:00pm
Rock Your Baby

When the cocoon opens and reveals a baby warlock inside, the Guardians have to step in to be a positive guiding force to keep his powers in check.

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s02e11 / Symbiote War Part One - Wild World

6th May '17 - 3:00pm
Symbiote War Part One - Wild World

The Guardians discover Groot's homeworld, Planet X, has been overrun by Symbiotes who will stop at nothing to get Groot's restarted World Pod for themselves to conquer the galaxy.

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s02e12 / Symbiote War Part Two - I Will Survive

6th May '17 - 3:30pm
Symbiote War Part Two - I Will Survive

As a comet covered in Symbiotes comes barreling towards Spartax, the Guardians must team up with Quill's sister Victoria to save the planet.

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s02e13 / Symbiote War Part Three - Thunder Road

6th May '17 - 4:00pm
Symbiote War Part Three - Thunder Road

When the Symbiotes escape to Asgard and venomize Thor, Odin and the other Asgardians, it's up to the Guardians to save them, the World Tree and all of existence.

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s02e14 / Back in Black

8th Jul '17 - 3:30pm
Back in Black

Captain Victoria contacts Star-Lord telling him that there is an Earthling using the missing Nova Centurian helmet and that the Nova Corps have issued a bounty of 10,000,000 units. Rocket Raccoon and Groot head out and find the helmet in the possession of Sam Alexander. When the other Guardians of the Galaxy members catch up, they learn how his father Jesse used the helmet and didn't come home causing Sam to search for his dad. Following Star-Lord's attempt to scare him straight at Starlin's Bar on Knowhere with the help of Kraglin and the Ravagers with him, Nova follows a signal to Spartax where he encounters Mantis who states that the Universal Believers' Patriarch will lead him to Nova's father.

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s02e15 / Knights in Black Helmets

8th Jul '17 - 4:00pm
Knights in Black Helmets

Now that Star-Lord knows that his father J'son is the Patriach of the Universal Believers and that Nova has freed him, the Nova News has issued a bounty of Nova. The Guardians of the Galaxy trace J'son's Elemental Blaster to the inside of a space whale where a Xandarian ship is. When J'son and Mantis trap the Guardians of the Galaxy, they manipulate Nova into attacking the Guardians of the Galaxy as a way for Nova to find his long-lost father using the true Nova Centurian Helmets on board that don't have dire consequences.

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s02e16 / Nova Me, Nova You

8th Jul '17 - 4:30pm
Nova Me, Nova You

Rhomann Dey and the Nova Corps catch up to the Guardians of the Galaxy at the time when they are pursuing J'son and the stolen Nova Centurian Helmet. Nova escapes where he managed to make it back to Earth only to be attacked at his school by J'son who discovered that he can't removed the helmet from Sam due to it being tied to his DNA. Following the the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova's fight with J'son at Sam's school, Sam finds that J'son knows where he lives and finds J'son confronting his mother and little sister Kaylen posing as a police officer. The Guardians of the Galaxy must help Sam keep his family safe from J'son.

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s02e17 / Mr. Roboto

8th Jul '17 - 5:00pm
Mr. Roboto

Following the fight with J'son on Earth, the Guardians of the Galaxy work to find the stolen Nova Centurian Helmets. To have an anti-Nova Corps Helmet weapon, the Guardians of the Galaxy plan to head to the planet Cindra in order to seek out the known weapon designer Ja Kyee Lrurt. When they find her, she is a prisoner of her sentry robots where her robotic Sentries have only the knowledge of war where the Sentries seek to have her build a doomsday weapon that would take out their Ultroid opponents. Now the Guardians of the Galaxy must obtain a doomsday while dealing with the war between the Sentries and the Ultroids.

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s02e18 / Destroyer

5th Aug '17 - 11:00am

When the guardians travel to Drax's home planet in hopes of summoning Warlock, they discover Xeron seeks to destroy Adam and Drax's homecoming, which becomes a fight to protect his friends.

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s02e19 / You Can't Always Get What You Want

5th Aug '17 - 11:30am
You Can't Always Get What You Want

Rocket and Warlock travel to Halfworld to try and re-evolve Rocket's family.

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s02e20 / I've Seen All Good People

29th Oct '17 - 12:00pm
I've Seen All Good People

Gamora trains Warlock to be a strong and powerful warrior like herself, but when Gamora's lessons become too intense, Warlock clams up and is kidnapped by the Collector.

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s02e21 / Another One Bites the Dust

29th Oct '17 - 12:30pm
Another One Bites the Dust

When Quill and Warlock are hunted by J'son and the Black Order, Quill teaches Warlock the importance of never letting himself slip into the path of evil.

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s02e22 / It's Tricky

5th Nov '17 - 1:00pm
It's Tricky

During the Xandrian Feast of the Three Grinning Moons, the Guardians must pull a reverse heist by planting a dangerous weapon inside a Nova Corps vault.

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s02e23 / You're No Good

12th Nov '17 - 1:00pm
You're No Good

Warlock has gone dark! By absorbing J'son into his gem, Warlock has become Dark Warlock with his sights set on conquering the galaxy, starting with Spartax.

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s02e24 / Behind Gold Eyes

12th Nov '17 - 1:30pm
Behind Gold Eyes

The Guardians and Nova battle Dark Warlock and J'son on Planet Y. Can our heroes save their friend Warlock and the universe before it's too late?

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s02e25 / Unfortunate Son

3rd Dec '17 - 1:00pm
Unfortunate Son

In order to save the Guardians from the ruthless asteroid Korvac, Quill must bust J'Son out of prison on Spartax and in the process he sees a new side of his father.

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