Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Season 3

s03e01 / Mission: Breakout

18th Mar '18 - 12:00pm
Mission: Breakout

The Guardians must work together to escape the elaborate prisons created for them by The Collector.

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s03e02 / Back in the New York Groove

18th Mar '18 - 12:30pm
Back in the New York Groove

The Guardians meet up with Spider-Man in New York City to defeat Thanos' super-powered symbiote.

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s03e03 / Drive My Carnage

25th Mar '18 - 12:00pm
Drive My Carnage

The Guardians team up with Spider-Man to battle Thanos, who has harnessed the power of the Carnage Symbiote to become the ultimate weapon.

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s03e04 / I Fought the Law

1st Apr '18 - 12:00pm
I Fought the Law

The Guardians run into trouble when they attempt to transport the notorious criminal, Thanos, across the galaxy.

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s03e05 / Titan Up

1st Apr '18 - 12:30pm
Titan Up

The Guardians chase Thanos and Sam Alexander to Thanos' home planet of Titan, where they discover a gladiatorial arena featuring Jesse Alexander - Nova's father.

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s03e06 / Money Changes Everything

8th Apr '18 - 12:00pm
Money Changes Everything

As the Guardians of the Galaxy get everything they want after handing Thanos over to the Nova Corps, Rocket Raccoon goes looking for a bounty. He competes with Wraith in capturing alien con artist Ichthyo Pike. Meanwhile, Groot looks for Rocket Raccoon where two criminals rob him and dump his body on a desert planet. He is found by it's inhabitants who use him as a scarecrow to protect their water and crops from a group of Gerboids.

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s03e07 / Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves

8th Apr '18 - 12:30pm
Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves

At the Morag Temple, Gamora finds Nebula there and brings her along in atoning for the damages she has caused to other planets by giving them units which would also have them chased by it's inhabitants. Unfortunately for them, Yondu and Kraglin lead the Ravages into raiding the same planets in order to steal the units given to them. Now Gamora and Nebula must work together to reclaim each of the units and defeat the Ravagers.

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s03e08 / We Are the Champions

15th Apr '18 - 12:00pm
We Are the Champions

Drax decides he no longer wants to be a Destroyer and looks into new occupations.

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s03e09 / Fame

15th Apr '18 - 12:30pm

Quill starts his own talk show after beating Thanos! But to his dismay, everyone seems to hate it, especially the Grandmaster who is rigging the segments to destroy Quill.

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s03e10 / Happy Together

22nd Apr '18 - 12:00pm
Happy Together

The Guardians squander their riches and take on a simple transport job. It turns out that they are stealing from the Kree, and Phyla the Accuser will do anything to get it back!.

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s03e11 / Gotta Get Outta this Place

22nd Apr '18 - 12:30pm
Gotta Get Outta this Place

The Guardians find themselves in prison for stealing a mysterious package from the Kree - but it was all a set up by Howard the Duck.

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s03e12 / Long Distance Runaround

29th Apr '18 - 12:00pm
Long Distance Runaround

The Guardians track down Howard the Duck to find out who set them up and why, but they don't get far before Phyla the Accuser catches up to them to deliver some Kree justice.

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s03e13 / You Don't Own Me

29th Apr '18 - 12:30pm
You Don't Own Me

Phyla-Vell reluctantly teams up with the Guardians to bring The Collector to justice for destroying her home planet.

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s03e14 / Black Vortex, Part One

5th May '19 - 12:00pm
Black Vortex, Part One

When the Guardians become separated in the Black Vortex, Gamora wakes up in a children's fairy tale, while Drax is trapped in a comic book. (Part One).

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s03e15 / Black Vortex, Part Two

5th May '19 - 12:30pm
Black Vortex, Part Two

While caught in a CG sinister packing factory, Rocket must search for his best friend Groot and escape. (Part Two).

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s03e16 / Black Vortex, Part Three

12th May '19 - 12:00pm
Black Vortex, Part Three

Quill finds himself in a claymation world where the Milano is flying into the sun, threatening to melt him. Meanwhile, Groot and Drax must fight Ronan in a Golden Age world. (Part Three).

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s03e17 / Black Vortex, Part Four

12th May '19 - 12:30pm
Black Vortex, Part Four

Gamora and Quill battle their way through an 8-bit Super Marvel World. (Part Four).

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s03e18 / Blame It On The Boss Of Nova

19th May '19 - 12:00pm
Blame It On The Boss Of Nova

The Guardians finally make it out of the Black Vortex, only to find that the galaxy has been taken over by sinister robots called the Darkhawks, who are disguised as their friends.

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s03e19 / The Real Me

19th May '19 - 12:30pm
The Real Me

The Guardians don't know who to trust as the Darkhawks seem to have duplicated everyone, including Quill!.

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s03e20 / Paranoid

26th May '19 - 12:00pm

Now in Asgard, the Avengers and Valkyrie meet up with Thor who just returned from the Galactic Council where they plan to stop the Darkhawk invasion. After a fight with the Destroyer, the Guardians of the Galaxy are imprisoned along with Thor and Loki for disobeying Odin's laws while Heimdall and Valkyrie are reassigned to guard Odin's chambers. During this time, it is revealed that the Darkhawks were created by Odin's brother Serpent in an earlier plot to conquer Asgard. The Guardians begin accusing one another of being Darkhawks, unaware that they brought along a robot duplicate of Rocket.

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s03e21 / Darkhawks on the Edge of Town

26th May '19 - 12:30pm
Darkhawks on the Edge of Town

With Odin approving their plan, the Guardians of the Galaxy travel to the Darkhawk Realm to free Rocket, the whole Galactic Council, and the entire population of Knowhere while also planting the explosive from the Darkhawk Rocket Raccoon at the energy core in the Darkhawk Realm. Though they will have to contend with Serpent.

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s03e22 / Holding Out For A Hero

2nd Jun '19 - 12:00pm
Holding Out For A Hero

The Guardians have to team up with Loki in Asgard when The Serpent infects the World Tree and threatens to destroy the universe.

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s03e23 / With a Little Help From My Friends

2nd Jun '19 - 12:30pm
With a Little Help From My Friends

As the Guardians prepare to take the fight to The Serpent, they Bifrost around the galaxy to gather reinforcements.

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s03e24 / Breaking Stuff Is Hard to Do

9th Jun '19 - 12:00pm
Breaking Stuff Is Hard to Do

The Guardians and their friends search for the fragments of Dragonfang, a legendary weapon that will finally be able to defeat The Serpent forever.

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s03e25 / Killer Queen

9th Jun '19 - 12:30pm
Killer Queen

The Guardians, Loki and Iron Man travel to the castle of the evil Hela to ask her help in fighting The Serpent.

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s03e26 / Just One Victory

9th Jun '19 - 1:00pm
Just One Victory

With the Nova Corps defeated and the fate of the entire universe in jeopardy, the Guardians must turn to an unlikely ally to stop The Serpent.

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