Masterchef (US)
Season 10

s10e01 / The Epic 10th Season Auditions - Pt. 1

30th May '19 - 12:00am
The Epic 10th Season Auditions - Pt. 1

Thirty-six of America's finest home cooks enter the MasterChef kitchen in hopes of making it into the Top 20. After a few surprise visitors greet the eager contestants and the cooks learn they will participate in audition rounds, undergoing evaluation from the judges. Only the best of the best will earn an apron and move forward in the competition. A special twist called the "Judges' Pass" will prove to be extremely valuable to one lucky individual. Find out who makes it to the next round.

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s10e02 / Auditions: Part 2 / The Battle Round

6th Jun '19 - 12:00am
Auditions: Part 2 / The Battle Round

With only eight aprons remaining in the audition rounds, the search for the next MasterChef continues. The pressure is on as the home cooks rush to create their signature dish for the judges in just under 45 minutes. A select few will have to concoct a dish so impressive that it wins over all three judges. See who takes the final aprons, marking their spot in the Top 20.

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s10e03 / Gordon's Mystery Box

13th Jun '19 - 12:00am
Gordon's Mystery Box

The competition kicks off for The Top 20 with a culinary boot camp to weed out the cooks from the chefs. For a chance at immunity, the chef-testants' skills are put to the test in a quick-fire evaluation of their culinary expertise. Then, the home cooks face their first mystery box challenge of the season, in which they will make a dish inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay or be at risk of elimination. Two people will be sent home.

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s10e04 / 10th Season Pool Party!

20th Jun '19 - 12:00am
10th Season Pool Party!

The Top 18 contestants face their first team challenge in a MasterChef 10th anniversary-themed pool party. The home cooks will be dishing up party food for 100 VIP guests, including former MasterChef contestants and winners. Divided into two teams of nine, it will be a non-stop battle to stay out of eliminations with only one team gaining immunity! Find out who makes the cut and who will fight it out.

s10e05 / The Blind Chicken Show

21st Jun '19 - 12:00am
The Blind Chicken Show

The top 18 battle it out for immunity in an epic team challenge. With only 45 minutes on the clock, the losing team has to break down a chicken to make a delectable dish in a crucial elimination challenge. Watch as the top 18 cook for their lives and discover which contestant has to hand over their apron.

s10e06 / Hot & Spicy

27th Jun '19 - 12:00am
Hot & Spicy

The Top 17 remaining home cooks compete in a high-pressure mystery box challenge, inspired by special guest Alessandra Ambrosio, for a shot at immunity. When the judges throw the contestants a curve-ball half-way through the challenge, the home cooks need to use all their skills to win. See who is granted immunity, going straight to the Top 15.

s10e07 / Gordon Takes on a Tarte

28th Jun '19 - 12:00am
Gordon Takes on a Tarte

The contestants compete in another elimination challenge, in which they must replicate the dish du jour in just 60 minutes or risk being sent packing. Gordon's demonstration is for tarte tartin - a perfect French dessert accompanied with a silky Crème Anglaise sauce. One contestant's journey comes to an end.

s10e08 / Season 10, Episode 8

4th Jul '19 - 12:00am

s10e09 / Season 10, Episode 9

5th Jul '19 - 12:00am
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